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Best Legs – Journalism-wise That Is

When I first heard about the mess down in Charlottesville, I said to myself, I bet this story has better legs than the attempted mass murder of Republican politicians and their staffers several weeks ago.

So far doesn’t look like I’ll lose my money.

A few thoughts…

Funny how quickly this story was labeled “terrorism” (8.6 seconds by my watch) but a guy shooting people or wielding a knife, yelling “Allahu akbar!” somehow must require months of deep investigation before it can be considered “terrorism.” And in the end it still might be dismissed as “workplace” violence. (How often do you see crimes categorized by the local rather than the nature of the act? Only when it suits lefties…)

It seems that the Charlottesville town government tried to prevent the “Alt-Right” from having their protest but may have approved the counterprotest. This sounds strange to normal people – a counterprotest without the protest it is countering – but in the liberal mind it makes perfect sense. It’s a warped form of virtue signaling. Liberals are often against things that don’t exist… but a great effort needs to be mustered to stamp them out!

Interestingly we’re now hearing that the local and state authorities, including our execrable governor former Clinton bagman Terry McAwful, were ordered to stay put as the bused in professional protesters, anarchists and the fascist “Anti-Fa” movement, and a few local provocateurs, made their move to create a story about violent right-wingers.

And, to some extent, that’s how the story has been played: Violent right-wingers attacking harmless counterprotesters though none of the videos posted so far show anything but lefties instigating conflict with the dimwitted “Alt-Right” meatheads.

“Alt-Right” is heard more about on the left than the “right.”

Lessee, it took about 20 minutes (by my watch) before the Dept. of Justice decided it needed to get a piece of the action and investigate “Civil Rights Violations.” By the way they were describing, they weren’t referring to the civil rights of the original protesters, whose rights were slightly violated, but rather those of the counterprotesters. I guess it is like someone demanding satisfaction after breaking their hand while breaking the jaw of someone else with their fist.

And that brings us to the “car attack,” a newly minted phrase from the MSM. So a knucklehead may have run someone over on purpose. Okee-doke, try him and let’s move on. We don’t need some kind of national spectacle where the left does nothing but beat its moral breast and a few Republicans try to hop on-board and share some of the limelight.

Martin Cothran makes some excellent observations in “Why Liberals Need David Duke.”

Cothran is especially pointed on the bizarre Cultural Revolution Theatre of liberal complaints that Trump didn’t tweet fast enough nor voice sufficient condemnation of the original protesters for exercising their rights.

The watching Republicans scurry to try to get on the right side of the cameras was embarrassing.

I don’t remember anyone getting the same treatment when Republicans were shot.

You do remember that story, don’t you? You better remember it since the MSM has already forgotten it and won’t remind anyone of that embarrassing incident…

One final note – history.

This whole frewfraw started over the proposed removal of a Robert E. Lee statue that’s been in a Charlottesville park for, well, seemingly forever.

It’s part of the left’s campaign to expunge or rewrite parts of history of which it disapproves of. To the left history is a tool, rather a club, to be used to get its way, support its climb to totalitarian power.

To most everyone else history is agnostic. It is what it is, but not the left. For them it has to politicized, as everything else is politicized for deployment in service of its mission.

Recently, also in Virginia, practically down the street from me, Jeb Stuart High School was suddenly renamed by the school board. Well, not actually renamed yet, the board didn’t have another name handy. This happened after some liberals squawked, one complaining that her property values were plummeting were brought down by the name (this in an area that has seen asset appreciation drive homes to some of the highest in the United States). The board turned on a dime though the increasingly liberal area still had enough old-timers to keep the issue evenly divided.

No surprise that the board is packed with professional educational and community types, few of whom have ever been employed in the private sector, and those that have been are inevitably lawyers, activists or contractors/consultants to the federal government.

They are the creatures of the ever-expanding swamp that will consume us all.

The question becomes, under the coming liberal dictatorship, will it be possible to teach any history at all. Or will their be spots where no-longer-existing people and historical characters, erased from history, exist as phantoms that heroic folks battle and overcome.

In such a time will copies of Panzer General be hunted down? In such war sims will it any longer be possible to play as Confederates, Germans, Japanese or even, Mongolians, Romans or Crusaders? Any grouping disfavored by the cultural commissars?


A Few Quick Thoughts on Comey

Now that James Comey’s “Historic” has turned out to be a dud for the liberals — at least until the networks, WaPo, NYT, AP, CNN managed to dig something up to distort or simply lie about — here are a few quick thoughts on Comey.

I was surprised that he used the phrase “independent DOJ and FBI.” He has a law degree from the reliable University of Chicago so he must know that the Department of Justice is part of the Executive branch not the Judicial Branch (though he wouldn’t be the first to make this mistake). Has he not been aware that he works for the President all these years. During the Obama administration he certainly seemed to know who his bosses were — Obama, Holder and Lynch.

Then there was the story making the rounds that Comey asked Attorney General Sessions not to be left alone with Trump. Imagine that, an employee asks his immediate supervisor that he not be left alone with the head of the company. Normally the supervisor would laugh.

But it’s sort of understandable. If you’re a company vet that’s built up a nice little fiefdom where you feel you are judge, jury and executioner, the last thing you want is for a new CEO to come in and shake things up. You damn sure don’t want to be in his office alone and having to explain yourself — especially if you aren’t getting your job done and are dragging the company down.

And that’s what Comey was doing. He knew there was nothing to the investigation, that Trump was not the target yet he did nothing to publicly correct the MSM/Democrat lie swarm. He could have but didn’t.

In fact, Comey looks to have been a leaker himself and aided his colleagues in leaking by providing them with material that could be distorted by media character assassins.

Sean Davis has a good summary at The Federalist.

Oops, spoke to soon. Around 9:30 the MSM began dropping stories that Comey testified that Trump fired him to undermine Comey’s investigation and that Trump was a liar. They’re all repeating the same meme, leaving out all the testimony contradicting their reporting for the last several months. It took them about six hours to get this coordinated disinformation campaign going. As of 10 p.m. the stories were popping up one by one at the major media outlets.

Liberals Behind Fake News

I gotta give credit to NPR for at least doing this piece, “We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned,” and not spiking it when it turned out the fake news generator was a Southern California liberal and not Tea Party Neanderthal Racist Rethuglikans or a gang of greedy sociopathic teen thieves in Romania as we’ve been told by the MSM.

But is anyone really surprised that liberals are the (at least partial) creators of the problem they are so deriding and trying to use as an excuse to shut down any news they don’t control?

If you know hardcore liberals, you know the answer is no.

This is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s attempt, during the Clinton admin, to discredit a Washington Post reporter, Sue Schmidt, who had had the gall to ask a few hard questions. Clinton and her cronies wanted to feed Schmidt a fake story and then after it was published, bust Schmidt for publishing incorrect news. The implication would be that everything Schmidt had published was part of the Wast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Yeah, Hillary went after a reporter for a paper that for the most part covered for her and the Big Pig. That’s how much lockstep loyalty the liberals demand. Step out of line by an inch and they’ll drop a ton of bricks on you.

One thing that has been left out of all the talk about “fake news” is that Trump was usually the victim of fake news stories. How many “stories” did you see highlighted in the ad/sponsored/trending boxes on websites about “The Daughter Trump Won’t Talk About,” “Economists Thumbs Down Trump Economics Plans,” “Shocking Stories From ‘The Apprentice’” or some other story hostile to Trump. Many of those were exaggerated or simply made up out of whole cloth.

Yet the target-rich environment of the Clintons, far past and recent, somehow was missing from those boxes.

Well, in the end we learn that much of the “Fake News” story is really a distraction or part of a disinformation campaign by the MSM.

Oh, and here’s a little dessert, watch the execrable Cenk Uygur and his band of hyperarrogant libtard twits feel the pain of Hillary losing on election night. Drink it in slowly and savor. (They actually thought Hillary could win Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Unconfirmed “Confirmation”

HBO is now airing its custom project, “Confirmed.” It’s a replay about Anita Hill’s attempted take down of Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination in 1991. As you can imagine coming from Hollywood, it is not favorable to or told from Thomas’s viewpoint.

HBO took out high-profile ads in several entertainment industry publications to promote this vehicle. Actress Kerry Washington glares out from behind a microphone: “It Only Takes One Voice to Change History… HBO Films Presents… Kerry Washington Is Anita Hill… Confirmation”

That’s an awfully strange spin on a story that ended up with Hill discredited; the Democrats on the committee committing a number of ethical lapses (especially then Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and his staff, though Slo Joe Biden wasn’t exactly Cincinnatus); National Public Radio’s Nina Totenberg exposed as a leftist tool (as if that wasn’t already known); two big-paper journalists Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson authoring a lie and smear-filled book that was repudiated by its publisher after many of the people quoted in it denied making the quotes (though that didn’t stop it from being made into a movie by Showtime); and Thomas ascending to the Supreme Court.

Perhaps the “change” HBO is referring to is turning public office nominations into World War I-style trench warfare zones; or maybe it is the seemingly never-ending wave of sexual misconduct charges, real and hoaxes, flung around that take their cue from Anita Hill; or making relationships of any kind between supervisor and employee a constantly-shifting minefield; or sending a message to “black” people (especially conservative ones) that they will be annihilated if they dare try to move off of the liberal plantation; or maybe it is all these.

Didn’t Kerry Washington endorse Hillary Clinton… Or was it Bernie Sanders?

I’m sure if quizzed on this, HBO would insist there was no political bias at all in the choice of production or the revisitation again of the discredited attacks on Clarence Thomas.

So, HBO, when can we expect the inside story on Bill Clinton’s satyric romps in the White House? Those are actually documented and the president is a more central figure than a Supreme Court Justice. Remember, he was almost removed from office for these?

Not going to hold my breath.