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The Susan Rice Story: Crickets and Squirrels

Last weekend it broke that former Obama apparatchik Susan Rice apparently spent 2016 and the transition period collecting classified intel on Donald Trump and his campaign/transition staffs. For exactly what purposes is unclear. Rice’s responses have been of the “You can’t prove it, I didn’t leak it and It wasn’t illegal” variety.

You might recall Ms. Rice, was the chief disinformation dispenser for the Benghazi cluster-eff.

This was a follow-on to the Evelyn Farkas fark-up, adding fuel to the fire that there was vast, Obama administration-wide conspiracy to gather and distribute classified surveillance intelligence that could be portrayed as embarrassing to Trump and his people.

An interesting sidelight about this bombshell of a story is its coverage or lack thereof. It broke last weekend yet, somehow, the major media, those great guys and gals that cover every utterance of Trump and so many Republicans, have helpfully relayed the “Trump is a Putin puppet” meme slavishly almost every hour of every day since it surfaced last year, have yet to get to the story, and I write this Thursday night.

Wait, I tell a lie. There have been a couple of odd stories about Susan Rice issuing mysterious denials concerning something that is entirely legal and hardly anything at all… The inestimable Mollie Hemingway has a great piece here.

The Farkas revelations too have been ignored.


Yeah, no media bias here… move along.

Obviously, the MSM is waiting for their cues from the DNC, via the New York Times, Washington Post and AP — all of which have turned a blind eye to a story that if it was committed by a Republican would be 24/7 news.

Eventually we’ll see a few dimwitted Dem parrots… er… politicians will chime in reinforcing the anointed meme. Clearly the DNC hasn’t figured out the angle yet.

Question, if the MSM doesn’t cover something, is it still news? (Their answer is ‘No.’)

And This Guy Goes to Jail?

The Democrats and the media (one and the same) claimed another pair of Republican scalps with the conviction of former Chris Christie aides Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly concerning traffic on a New Jersey bridge. Somehow Baroni and Kelly engineered for the New Jersey transpo people to realign some lanes on the bridge to cause chaos in retaliation for the local mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie’s run for governor.

Yes, monkey with traffic lanes — you know, kind of like what Democrat politicians do all the time when they want to cause chaos to press for more highway funds. “If we only had more (Federal) money we could fix these problems!”

But these were Republicans so the book was tossed at them.

However, my big point is that these two got actual jail time (he two years and she 18 months) for what was a messy political tug of war. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Crew are still free despite committing several high crime felonies, notably the whole email server setup and then lying about it and then destroying evidence and then dissembling to investigators, etc…

Meanwhile, we have a steady state of leakage of classified (anti-Trump) information by Obama holdovers in the government and no one, at least in the Democratic Party or the media, benefiting from these leaks, is demanding investigations and then some hides in jail.

Then we get the Evelyn Farkas revelations that she was an (anti-Trump) information wrangler in the later days of the Obama administration. She had been a deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Obama administration (Oy!) until she left to join the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2015. So, after Hill was put down, Farkas (and others) apparently spent the interlude before Trump was inaugurated collecting and pushing dissemination of negative Trump info throughout Capitol Hill (and the media). Much, if not all of this information, was classified. Oddly, she was apparently, technically, unemployed at the time, yet had quite a bit of access to various intelligence agencies.

It’s wholly possible, and unclear from her MSNBC interview, that she may have been dealing in this classified information before the election and while still employed by the Clinton campaign. Imagine if this had been a Republican…

Farkas actually seems quite proud of what she did and completely oblivious that she looks to be confessing to a series of felonies and outlining a major Washington-based felony conspiracy that sounds like something out of a movie.

She perfectly characterizes the modern liberal’s belief that they are just so great, and their cause so pure that mere laws do not apply to them.

And they are all scot free…

Democrats and Double Standards

Have you ever noticed that when anything bad happens that can in any way be connected to Republicans or conservatives, the media immediately grabs any Republican in site and demands to know whether they “condemn” the activity or person?

Yet when some lefty does something, the very same media doesn’t bother to rouse themselves to demand the same of a Democrat? Have you seen any media personage ask any Democrats whether they condemn the string of often violent anti-Trump protests that have festered since his inauguration?


I’d use the word “hypocrisy” but somehow that seems to be the equivalent of calling Mt. Everest a molehill.


Maybe you’ve heard some of the stories whipped out by the “Fashion” industry and its media acolytes have been lamenting the departure of heretofore unrecognized fashion plate Michelle Obama and her replacement by the apparent frump Melania Trump.

Yes, that’s a real story. Here’s the prime example from the appropriately-named Fashionista, “How We Plan On Covering (or Not Covering) Melania Trump’s Fashion Choices.”

Somehow, in this upside-down world, the lumpen White Housefrau is held up as the second Jackie O while a major league hottie and an actual former professional model like Melania is derided as if she were some four-eyed wallflower wearing a potato sack.

You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s like Sports Illustrated refusing to cover Major League Baseball because it is “too white” but giddily covering the more disproportionately racial NFL and NBA.

Admittedly, the fashion world is wildly liberal (and the few conservatives keep their mouths shut) but it seems to me that they are walking out on a limb here. But then, high fashion has never had much of a relationship with the average American. It’s for sniffy rich elites who use it to mark their exclusivity.

Samantha Bee Thinks Mexico Is Part of the U.S.

Mark this one down as further proof that our media culture is run by ignorant libtards.

TBS has been heavily promoting late night talk show host Samantha Bee as some kind of female pioneer and an inheritor of Jon Stewart’s crown as guide for low-information voters.

I caught some recent promos for Bee’s show (I’ve never seen it). They are filled with anti-Trump diatribe (much of it from before the election). In one of them she whines that Trump asks for unity and then she snarks about his hypocrisy while showing a map of the of the United States and Mexico separated by a border.

Apparently she thinks that Mexico is one of those 57 states that King Barry I and Barbra Streisand think make up America. It’s so heartening to know that such ignoramuses are the chief informers of our more-knowledgeable-than-thou youth.

No doubt she thought that was some kind of snarky put-down. She was probably pumping her fist as the bit went-down.

Bee is originally Canadian so she might actually think that everything south of the Canadian border is one big country, especially with the number of illegal Mexican “immigrants” making certain areas resemble Mexico (or a Latin American country).

Bee, like so many of the celebrities complaining about Trump, is a foreigner, and, like those foreign celebrities, eagerly sought out U.S. citizenship. Hmmmmmm, who’s the real hypocrite?

In addition, like most libtards living in their media bubble, she believes that snark and emotion win a debate not facts and reason.

Mr. TBS Network Executive, is this who you want representing your network? Someone whose “pointed,” “edgy,” “truth-to-power” jokes aren’t based on facts?

Now for a little fun. Here’s a video covering some of the best media meltdowns from the recent election. Visit the video’s webpage for more. How sweet it is!

The Height of Hypocrisy

Or maybe it’s simply the typical cluelessness of the media liberal.

For some strange reason a late night show host named Trevor Noah has taken after Megan Kelly for her interview with The Donald. Noah whines that she pitched softballs at Trump when she should have ripped him, like, he insinuates, everyone else does when interviewing political figures.

Anyone familiar with how the media covers political figures will be given a moment to lift their jaw from the floor.

Is Noah that clueless or did he do it as some kind of winking shtick or just as a ham-fisted cultural commissar?

Has he not watched a single interview of Hillary Clinton this year? Has he not watched any Obama interview since Obama started running for president over nine years ago? Has he somehow missed every interview of a Democrat on shows such as The View? The same for any interview by Oprah, Ellen, Matt Lauer or Barbara Walters? Is he wholly unfamiliar with the famous 60 Minutes interview of the Clintons (arranged by the DNC to repair the bad image and thoroughly coordinated by legendary 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt and the Clinton campaign to soft-pedal them).

Or is he simply referring to the unwritten media rule that Democrats must treated reverentially while Republicans must be savaged?

Or perhaps I’m overanalyzing this and Noah is simply comforting his audience of special snowflakes, assuring them that the bad ol’ Republicans and Fox News are going to get their because that’s what happens to bad people.

Disinformation Peddlers

There comes a point where the consistent misreporting of something by a journalistic entity needs to be as a active disinformation campaign.

A good recent example is the “North Carolina law” which is regularly reported by the largest journalistic organs in America, print and electronic, as taking away “protections for the LGBT community.” Here was my take.

Another example is Hillary Clinton’s email problems.

As I occasionally note here, I listen daily to a little of Washington’s news radio leviathan WTOP. It’s worked hard to not cover what should be a juicy Washington story. You know that there are a thousand liberal journalists crying in their organic kasha and Starbucks mocha lattes that this didn’t happen to a Republican. If this had been a Republican it could have been bigger than Watergate.

Anyway, WTOP took another crack, ever-so-briefly at it Friday morning by regurgitating a couple of sanitized sentences from a Washington Post sanitization attempt. WTOP listeners were assured that as the lengthy investigation continued “there was no evidence that [Hillary Clinton] had any malicious intent.” They offered no explanation of the illegal personal email server controversy and then quickly moved on — nothing to see here, move along.

There’s two interesting points here. The first is that this is part of the new angle the DNC and the Clinton campaign is going to try to sell: “no malicious intent.” Remember, the first defensive line was that she had done nothing wrong/was a technophobe. Then there was the “Others/Republicans did it before me” line. Then the utterly ludicrous “no classified documents were ever received or sent” line. Or maybe those were in a different order. But the point is that they are now morphing the position that they will have their flying monkeys in the press peddle to she meant no harm so everyone should give her a break and just move on (sound a little familiar?).

Hey, let’s ask David Petraeus about “meaning no harm.”

The second point is that WTOP’s listeners are going to be surprised and furious IF Hillary gets indicted since they’ve been told nothing but that this whole thing is a Republican nothingburger. This is one of the most insidious ways the MSM spreads Democratic propaganda — by misleading many people who trust them to tell the truth. Keeping the populace basically ignorant. IF she is indicted many will initially wonder — How’d that happen? It must be a political coup launched by Republicans! That angle will be backed up by hard left members of Congress parroting it much in the same way the peddled Bill Clinton’s impeachment as being a “coup.”

The simple facts are not whether Hillary Clinton could be indicted, there’s already enough publicly known to guarantee that most anyone else in the same situation would have been indicted by now (ask David Petraeus!), but whether the FBI will recommend it and whether the Attorney General will do it.

If it goes forward, a lot of people are going to be shocked because they barely knew she was being investigated.