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Misunderestimating the Enemy

Many conservatives are ecstatic that Donald Trump consistently outplays the socialist party (i.e. the Democrats) and their media skirmishers.

They applauded his assertion that Obama had “tapped his wires,” many claiming this rendered the “Trump is a Putin puppet” and “Russia hacked the election” memes moot.

Just this week there’s talk that Rachel Madcow’s “exposure” of Trump’s tax returns from 2005 now washes the “Trump & Taxes” meme away because the returns don’t show anything negative (begging the question why Madcow breathlessly pimped these things — did she not understand them? Very possibly.) Some have even suggested that Trump himself may have done it just to neutralize the issue.

The problem with these angles is that they rely on the public comprehending the points and following the argument. In other words, it relies on a “rationality.”

This works fine on conservative websites with knowledgeable readers but your average person, reliant on getting the information from, or rather filtered by, the lamestream media, the propaganda arm of the socialist party.

It also relies on the dubious point that the media is rational and cannot ignore particular details of the story.

If you don’t think the media can peddle two conflicting narratives at the same time, you haven’t been paying attention for the last few decades. The Democrat-Media Complex can easily trot out Trump=Russian Puppet narrative while burying or soft-peddling Obama administration wiretapping.I hear it all the time.

Didn’t you notice how the media managed to whitewash the Clinton email scandal — rarely, if ever, mentioning felonies, FOIA, Hillary’s endless contradictions and changing story, and more? How many major media stories did you see on the Clinton Foundation’s various scams? That number would be zero…

Remember the whole Scooter Libby farce?Reported from Day One exactly as the Democratic Party fed it to the media.

No, my friends, sadly, festering Black Plague stories can easily be buried by the MSM.

It is precisely because this threatens liberal icons and shibboleths that these stories are distorted or selectively reported.

What the public is hearing is Trump=Russian Puppet, Election=Hacked by Russia because that’s what they are being told by the media. The propagandists are not obligated to report the truth or facts that they don’t like. This morning on WTOP they easily skipped that the tax returns did not have any “gotchas” in it. They quickly and seamlessly focused on points such as Trump hasn’t released all of his returns and winked that there must be bad things in those others; these returns had to be “leaked“ (without even exploring on the illegality of such an act); and, everyone knows, that the public has demanded that Trump release his tax returns but he hasn’t.

WTOP featured some reporter from CBS News Radio who effortlessly danced around the facts and hammered on the “politics” of the issue, which he was confident were a loser for Trump. Trump is always a loser in the eyes of the media folks.

The end result is that much of the public, catching bits and pieces of a complicated issue, imbibes Trump & Taxes=Bad. They really don’t know why it’s bad, it just is because it was reported as so.

This is how the “free press” is working these days.

Similarly, over the weekend and this week was the “U.S. Attorneys” story. Talk about fake news.

WTOP radio giddily repeated the talking points handed out by the Democrats, with breathless whining that several of these attorneys were caught off-guard and were frantically trying to get their subordinates up to speed on cases (Um, WTOP, it is those lower level attorneys who are actually up to speed since they do the work). It was only the last sentence wherein the newsreader quietly mentioned that the replacement of U.S. Attorneys by incoming administrations wasn’t unusual.

So the media is in the job of reporting things that are not unusual, WTOP?

But at least WTOP mentioned the truth, most others left the typical citizen completely in the dark and thinking that the outrageous Trump had perpetuated another outrageous thing (because that’s what he does), maybe even another “Saturday Night Massacre.” That’s a bad thing.

Then there was the absurdity of someone like Preet Bharara and several other Obama admin leftovers implying they didn’t have to resign their posts, as if those jobs belonged to them for as long as they wanted them. That they served at the pleasure of the president was rarely ever pointed out and never the subject of any MSM treatment of the story.

Were these angles used when the incoming Obama administration began removing Bush-apppointed U.S. Attorneys? No. The last timed those angles were explored was when the incoming Bush administration began relieving Clinton holdovers. This is only a story when it’s a Republican administration.

Hey, MSM how about this story angle, “Power-Crazed Political Appointees From Previous Administration Refuse to Leave Offices”? It’s more accurate than what you went with.

If the media had any decency, ethics or shame they’d hang their heads in shame.

But that’s not the goal of this exercise in disinformation. The goal: the public hears Trump & U.S Attorneys=Bad.

Mission accomplished.

As we have learned time and time again, when it comes to the media and the socialist-controlled public culture facts don’t matter.

The Clintons have painfully taught us on numerous occasions — perception is all. Libtards understand this, conservatives by and large still don’t. They are too busy trying to win a debate with the facts and rationality, failing to understand that the media will distort the debate, pluck emotional strings, spin it in the Democrats’ favor and that is all most people will ever see.

So Let Me Get This Straight…

… when somebody (think: Russians) hacked the Democratic National Committee and leaked a bunch of embarrassing emails that revealed Dem. leaders to be a pack of cynical, craven, power-hungry poopyheads, we were supposed to focus on the alleged source of the hacks, not the content…

But when it came to the leaks concerning Mike Flynn we were supposed to focus on the content (alleged since it has not been seen publicly) not the source of the leaks (though those are high-level intelligence executives who have committed several felonies in their political vendetta).

Okay… Hey, mainstream media goobers insisting on this line of thinking, does the word “hypocrisy” mean anything to you?

And then we have one of them from Goober Hypocrite Central, the Washington Post, insisting that the media isn’t biased against Republicans, conservatives or Donald Trump at  all (and if you say we are we will ruin you!!!!). You could actually die from laughing too hard or your jaw simply dropping off at Marty Baron’s venture into an absurd upside-down world. John Hinderaker has more at, “Washington Post: We Aren’t Biased!

You have to wonder, are they that delusional or do they simply find it so easy to lie – almost like a small child caught filching cookies or breaking mom’s favorite vase? Of course the child has the excuse that they are young and haven’t quite grasped right and wrong. These people have no excuse.

And they wonder why circulation drops and their businesses are circling the toilet…

Democrats and Double Standards

Have you ever noticed that when anything bad happens that can in any way be connected to Republicans or conservatives, the media immediately grabs any Republican in site and demands to know whether they “condemn” the activity or person?

Yet when some lefty does something, the very same media doesn’t bother to rouse themselves to demand the same of a Democrat? Have you seen any media personage ask any Democrats whether they condemn the string of often violent anti-Trump protests that have festered since his inauguration?


I’d use the word “hypocrisy” but somehow that seems to be the equivalent of calling Mt. Everest a molehill.

CBS Radio News Goes There

You knew it was probably just a matter of time before one or more of the titans of the American news media would make the charge.

In Wednesday morning’s 8 a.m. segment, CBS Radio News declared the maniac who killed a half-dozen people at a Canadian mosque as a Trump supporter.

I was busy getting ready for work but I believe I heard Frank Settipani say killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, had expressed support for Trump online.

However, they failed to mention that this kid is a useless-degree sociology student and a product of the modern hypersensitive special snowflake academic culture.

Interestingly, CBS Radio News, like its other media brethren, was slow as cold molasses in labeling Muslim terrorist mass killers such as those in San Bernardino and Orlando as Muslim. “We don’t want to rush to judgment or prejudice anyone,” they said in their defense. Hhhhmmmmmm.

They also had no hesitation about labeling Dylann Roof as a right-winger and Confederate-sympathizer after his spree. Am I seeing a pattern here?

They Don’t Get It and Never Will

In my day job I’m a member of the media. Not the big (and high-paying) MSM, but my business-to-business journalism job keeps me in orbit so I get lots of inside-dope. For instance, I got this today, “Journalism Organizations Send Joint Letter To President-Elect Trump.” Fifteen groups sent this letter to The Donald. I’ve added my fisking in red.

Dear President-elect Trump,
We, a group of diverse (They like that word and use it often though they only prefer people who think and act exactly like they do) journalism associations representing thousands of journalists from the nation’s capital to every corner of the country, begin this letter on a hopeful note (Sure you do). Your administration is a blank slate and we are eager to work with you to perpetuate one of this nation’s great strengths: our freedom of the press (Or as they call it when together,  the Democratic Party Propaganda Arm).

As the new leader of the free world, we expect that you will preserve longstanding traditions that ensure coverage of the Trump presidency (Am I getting a little vibe of ‘Nice presidency you have there; would be a shame if something happened to it’?). The idea of a press pool that covers all of the president’s movements is one that dates back to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration. Every president of both parties has treated this important tradition with respect (With the exception of their favorite prezzy, Barack J. Obama, but they gave him a pass cuz he was just so cool.). The role of the press pool is critically important to our country, whose citizens depend on and deserve to know what the president is doing (See previous note). This isn’t about access for the press itself, it’s about access for Americans in diverse (There’s that word again) communities across the country. Your constituents receive information from a variety of platforms to learn about what our president is doing (And they want to be the decider of what Americans see and how they see it.).

Being president is an enormous responsibility and working with the White House Correspondents’ Association (That’s the name of the shakedown racket) ensure journalists’ access is one small but important part of that. We call on you to commit to a protective (?What?) press pool from now until the final day of your presidency. We respectfully ask you to instill a spirit of openness and transparency in your administration in many ways but first and foremost via the press pool. (After the press behavior during the Obama admin and it’s refusal to cooperate with the press that has to be a joke.)

We also call for access to you via regular press conferences and pool sprays and to your key decision-makers (Because they are all fresh after taking the last 7+ years off). You have an opportunity as incoming president to set the tone for your staff speaking on the record for the sake of transparency (Wait, is this Opposite Day?). We also hope your administration will improve response rates to FOIA requests as a way to show the American people (Because the Obama admin had the worst rate in history but the press looked the other way as The One bitch-slapped them daily), and the world, that the republic belongs to the people. (Since Hillary lost they are going to go with that meme. Had she won the republic would belong to her and her progressive cronies.)

A great America depends on having sunlight on its leaders (Democratic leaders excluded, of course). We expect the traditions of White House press coverage to be upheld whether in Washington or elsewhere (So that they can continue to filter ‘news’ through the DNC/socialist filters). Again we, a joint group of diverse (gotta work that back in, in case you missed the first couple of times because that’s what they’re about) journalism associations, speak as one (the united socialist/progressive shock troop front) as we respectfully ask that you take these steps to ensure access to our members covering your administration.

Groups signing this nonsense included, and I’m not making this up, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Native American Journalists Association, Asian American Journalists Association, National Association of LGBTQ Journalists and The International Women’s Media Foundation. Yes, there are such Balkanizing groups and they hold great sway in what we call “The Media.” And, yes, they are all hardcore left.

I hope Trump stiffs these clowns. They savaged him in his campaign while looking a blind eye at Hillary Clinton’s multiple crimes and scandals. They gave Obama a clean pass as well. They will do nothing but run negative stories on Trump, his supporters and family — unless he gives them what they want and sells out.

President-Elect Trump, these are your enemies. Do not give them anything. They want to control the “news” and make you and your supporters look bad. They hate you. You can communicate to the American people without them. You ran a different and pioneering campaign. Run a different and pioneering presidency.

About That “Informal” Agreement

There’s something that James Comey, forthwith to be known as “Jimmy the Weasel,” said in his recent Capitol Hill testimony that seems to have gone unremarked upon.

Jimmy the Weasel explained the granting of immunity to miscreants such as Cheryl Mills as being wise because “You often get more information from ‘informal’ agreements…”

Informal” agreement? An immunity deal is an “informal” agreement?

Immunity agreements are not informal. They are tightly negotiated and have to be approved by many sets of eyes. And from what we keep learning as they peel the onion of these immunity deals that were handed out, aren’t your ordinary immunity deals but apparently quite encompassing, covering many transgressions, some of which we are only now learning about.

Clearly, this was not an “informal” agreement but rather a complicated one covering a great many things that were not clear from day one. Either the FBI was hoodwinked by Mills & Co. or they know a whole lot more about what went on with Hillary’s email server scandal than they are letting on.

I’m thinking it’s the latter. There’s more going on here than we realize. Why the FBI went along is one great mystery.

One theory that was recently bolstered by the apparent discovery that Obama knew all about Hillary’s skirting of the law and participated in it peripherally himself — using a pseudonym to hide his involvement — is that the FBI is trying to protect the president and other White House participants from their participation in a series of felonies.

Remember, King Barry told us he learned about the secret server on the news when everyone else did. Turns out, like the sun rises in the morning, he lied.

Interestingly, on Thursday morning broke news that an employee of Booz, Allen, Hamilton contracted to the NSA was arrested for having some “classified” documents on his home system. It’s not known if he meant to break the law, immediate indication is that he might just be a harmless show-off, but everyone is talking about throwing the book at him. The stories I heard on the radio didn’t invoke the Hillary Defense — I meant no harm. In fact, Hillary wasn’t even mentioned.

Funny how that always seems to happen.

And speaking of Hillary, she seems to have disappeared off the campaign trail again. I’m guessing she’s resting up after the first debate and resting for Sunday’s effort. Rumor is that the seemed so perky at the first debate because she’s using Modafinil for public appearances; then crashing afterwards.

The Double Standard

Here’s an interesting story from Zero Hedge.

The media and Democrats (one and the same) are “fact checking” Donald Trump endlessly. A key “fact” that gets “checked” is a snippet of an interview he gave ages ago to Howard Stern wherein Trump said he supported the second Iraq war. Then he changed his mind and didn’t support it or something like that. This is apparently a bad thing. Trump is condemned for his shifting viewpoints.

Yet, strangely, this is exactly the same thing Hillary did and she was a sitting senator who switched her view when the war became unpalatable to Democrats. She actually voted for the war while Trump just offered some light vocal support. But somehow, the MSM and Democrats, claim that Trump is to be held accountable while Hillary just disappears from the discussion.

In fact, when you talk about shifting policy viewpoints, Trump doesn’t even hold a candle to Clinton, yet somehow he takes all the heat and she doesn’t.

Of course this story also shows another double standard — how Hillary’s behind-closed-doors cynicism and cravenness is not relayed by the media while Mitt Romney’s behind-closed-doors not-particularly-incorrect analysis of who would and wouldn’t support him is exaggerated into a catastrophic gaffe.