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NCAA Issues Hostage Demands

The NCAA, putatively a nonpartisan college athletics organization, has now demanded that the sate of North Carolina laws enact laws that the NCAA approves of rather than those legislated by the representatives of the citizens of the state or the NCAA will not allow any special NCAA events take place in the state, like, forevuh!

It is specifically trying to promote laws favorable to “transgender” people rather than the vast majority of citizens of the state. It is estimated that “trangendered” people make up less than 1% of the population. In other words 99+% are supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate a confused <1%.

North Carolina’s representatives in Washington need to move against the NCAA and remove its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status since it has become highly politically active, in opposition to its charter. Additionally, the state should move against the organization in civil courts.

The NCAA has become nothing more than a political activist organization and should be treated as such. It is an ally of the Democratic party.

Interestingly, the NCAA has been very circumspect on allowing “transgender” athletes, there are very few of them, to play on the teams they want to play on. Of course hypocrisy is the mark of the liberal.

I have been boycotting the NCAA for awhile now… And found I can live without it. And it also bleeds ESPN. Join me!


NCAA Decides to Punish North Carolina

No, no, not the University of North Carolina and the long-running investigation of academic fraud and the university’s sports program’s relationship to a pair of black-oriented academic “departments” that handed out positive grades to hundreds of athletes over many years so that they could stay in school.

No, the NCAA would never drop the hammer on a powerful school like UNC — better to hammer small private schools for minor infractions.

What I’m talking about here is the NCAA deciding to punish the state of North Carolina for its refusal to grant special rights to sexually confused people (and sexual predators) to choose what restroom/locker room/dressing to use and not be prosecuted for trespassing as 99% of the population would be.

Admittedly, the NCAA’s protection of the disturbed, perverted or scary seems odd but it is an institution taken over by liberals. And they will use their institution as a hammer to get their way, help their allies or promote the destruction of decent society.

So to punish the insufficiently progressive state the NCAA has decided not to play any “Championships” in North Carolina.

Yet, if the NCAA feels that North Carolina is such a horrible place for its friends, that they are threatened or at a minimum proscribed in the very practice of their being (I pervert, therefore I am), why do they not demand that no NCAA games or events ever be played in the state?

Going to the bathroom or disrobing wherever the hell you want has never been a right. It’s not a right for anyone. We ALL have to get along and be cognizant of our neighbors.

Besides, these types of state and community codes  are long-established. These are not new and the LGBTQEIEIO community” has always understood that it need to curb its desires for the good of the community. This is not some kind of damaging stricture. It is a simple expectation that they will behave as everyone else in the state behaves.  No one is being tossed on a fire. It’s human history.

So, c’mon, tough guys, go for it. Don’t do the Nancy-Boy “Championships”-only tack but step up to the plate like men. If you feel that strongly on the “Championships” why doesn’t that translate to all the time? Or do you think the N.C. code of conduct only pertains to around “Championships” time? Well, it doesn’t.

All of which reveals that this move isn’t about some bizarre definition of “civil rights,” but is rather a power play. An allegedly academic organization is trying to control a whole state. To make it dance to the NCAA’s sick tune. To garner special rights for its friends to not be prosecuted for behavior that others will be.

It wants to make the state feel some financial pain.

And it makes it clear that the NCAA doesn’t respect the Constitution or the concept of individual states being different than other states or allowing them to mostly govern themselves.

Well, I encourage the state to hold strong. It too has weapons. It can withhold money sent by state schools to the NCAA — for the NCAA’s discriminatory practices (hang the libs with their own ‘equal access’ canard). If the NCAA has any operations (like all those NCAA games) in the state, its tax exempt status can be revoked and then sued for those moneys. North Carolina’s senators and representatives in Congress can do the same thing. The NCAA is a cash cow so forcing it to pony-up taxes will definitely be felt.

It also needs to understand that its demand for special rights for less 1% of the population, and a mentally unstable lot at that, is a hostile act against a far larger number of people.

And I’ll do my part. As sports is increasingly politicized, aggressively, by liberals, I find my sports watching options shrinking. I abandoned the NFL years ago when it decided that people like Rush Limbaugh were unacceptable. I had avoided most NCAA football games over a number of issues — favoritism shown to large state schools, the obsession with money, the chaos among conferences, etc. — fro several years. I had been watching small conference games for the most part. I abandoned the NBA earlier this year over Adam Silver’s decision to make the NBA an arm of the Democratic Party (they had been on probation with me for a number of things) and now I’m going to have to abandon college basketball and the other NCAA sports too.

I’m now watching more baseball, hockey and I’m learning golfers’ names on The Golf Channel.

As I’ve said, make no mistake on this, these people are at war with us. And if they have to they will destroy every institution in America to get their way. They do not hide the fact that they view themselves as creating a new America. They think the old one stinks.

And we are supporting our own destruction by supporting them.

One last, semi-related point. At the bottom of a Yahoo! Sports story on this topic was one of those recommended stories listings. Here they were: “A man punched and grabbed protesters at a Trump rally in North Carolina;” “One of North Carolina’s most prestigious universities is backing the NCAA boycott;” and “A man punched and choked protesters at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina.”

Jeebus Frickin’ Christ, Yahoo! Can you be anymore liberal?

Addendum: The Atlantic Coast Conference has decided to follow the NCAA’s lead and pull out of select North Carolina-based events. This definitely could get some serious action since the basketball tournament has traditionally been played in Greensboro. There might be some actually legal maneuvering on that front.

Silver Formalizes NBA as Arm of Dem. Party

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has essentially formalized the National Basketball Association as an arm of the Democratic Party by pulling the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it had been previously scheduled for several years, and is now shopping it around to other cities (gay-friendly cities, no doubt).

The reason, North Carolina’s “restroom law.” The law makes it clear that “transgender” people, homosexual people and others sexually confused folks will not be given special rights but rather have to follow the laws that the vast majority of us have to follow.

This did not make Silver and his fellow alternative sexuality activists happy. Silver and others apparently feel that homosexuals and “transgenders” make up a significant portion of the “NBA community” and would be inconvenienced in Charlotte during the game festivities. That’s his priority, folks, not basketball.

That the law actually changes nothing from what has taken place before, and the NBA has been playing games there for decades, is ignored by Silver & Co., who prefer to claim that the state is initiating some kind of Inquisition-style environment. I guess in the Silverized NBA homosexual activity and transgenders are considered commonplace in the league.

The NBA, and its redheaded stepdaughter, the WNBA, are being rapidly politicized – and it’s only liberal, Democrat-friendly politics that are welcomed by these self-professed “tolerant” and “diverse” cultural commissars. The WNBA, long with an open lesbian cohort, is even more political – often resembling a Women’s Studies Center on a college campus. The WNBA’s current political bone is mandatory Black Lies Matter support. Its players seem to think that its handful of fans are paying to hear their thoughts rather than watch them play. Who knows, perhaps they are right.

But as an NBA fan, I know most basketball fans are paying to see the players play, not lecture us politically.

Sadly, as I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize everything; sports included. Unless they are stopped.

So I’m taking a stand. I will henceforth boycott the NBA. No more NBA Network – and  I watch a lot of games – I even watched most of the Summer League games. No more broadcast NBA. No more Comcast Sports Washington Wizards games. No more Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball – I  won my league last year and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Until the NBA gets back to what it is supposed to do, playing basketball, I’m cutting it off, Commissioner Silver. It can no longer claim me as a fan or a viewer. But I’m sure that Adam Silver’s gay and transgender buddies will make up for the loss of my eyes. After all, that’s who he thinks are the important people for the NBA.

I guess I’ll be watching more baseball and more hockey (I’ve given up on the NFL and most college football). I will still watch college basketball.

Misreporters 2

Friday morning, CBS Radio purposefully misdescribed the “controversial” North Carolina law as removing “protections for LGBT people.” It does not do that. What the law does is prevent special rights (AKA exemptions from current laws) for sexually confused people. It requires those people to obey the same laws that you and I have to, i.e. we can’t go into whatever restroom we wish, whenever we want. The North Carolina law is not controversial other than someone simply insisting that it is. It does nothing new but rather reestablishes what was law for 99.9999% of North Carolina’s history.

This wave of misdescribing/misreporting the law is not an accident or through incompetence, it is part of a purposeful campaign of disinformation organized by the pro-homosexual group, the so-called “Human Rights Campaign.” It has many hyperloyal allies in the mainstream media. Many in the lamestream media see themselves as activists in league with this group. They don’t report news but are rather fighting for a cause, issuing propaganda just as any revolutionary or totalitarian lackey would.

This is a simple issue — you go to the restroom where others with your plumbing go. Your “feelings” that day or how you want to view yourself do not count.

Stepping over to misreporting at the Wall Street Journal. Recently, in the “Overheard” column in the April 6 issue, the anonymous writer described Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as “designed to keep citizens of that country [Mexico] out” and “designed to keep their [Mexico] citizens out of the U.S.”

I happen to think such a wall to be foolish and likely to be an expensive white elephant. However, the reporters clearly misreported the purpose and intent of the wall. It is designed to keep illegal immigrants out. That some of those might be Mexican citizens is immaterial (many being kept out or citizens of other countries to the south). Being a Mexican citizen does not provide one with a carte blanche on U.S. soil. Those citizens committing criminal acts are not protected by their Mexican citizenship.

One could just as easily argue that one could break into a retail store because normally people enter the store at other times so the manner of entering the store is not important. One might also argue the same for breaking and entering private homes since the owners probably often have visitors so the manner of visitation is not important. This is completely upside down. Yet such nonsense passes these days as discussion — and a one-sided discussion it is in the news media.

The crux of those laws is the manner of entry.

The wall would not prevent Mexican citizens from entering the United States so long as they enter at the proper points and obey the law. The same is required of U.S. citizens entering Mexico. Why is this so contentious? Why is this so hard for reporters to report?

I think we know why.

One more episode of misreporting from the WSJ. The April 1 “Ahead of the Tape” column by Steven Russolillo, who seems to dueling with Justin Lahart as to who can spin unemployment numbers the most favorably for the Obama administration, was rehearsing how great the unemployment situation was becoming — 4.9% unemployment and all that. He acknowledged the labor participation rate was a bit weak, but amazingly, he saw that as a positive. Then he reasoned that if just a few more Baby Boomers retired and some more people would simply join the permanently unemployed, the unemployment rate could fall further.

He said, “And if the participation rate resumes its decadeslong descent by half a percentage point, the unemployment rate would fall to 3.4%. That hasn’t happened since the 1960s.”

That fewer people would be employed and more were actually unemployed did not seem to occur to him or maybe bother him. He focused exclusively on the official “unemployment rate.” This rate has become divorced from reality under the Obama administration propagandists at the Dept. of Labor. Had Russolillo simply acknowledged that, a fact reported several times by his employer, his article might have made more sense in a highly niched, statistically anomalous way. But he didn’t.

Amusingly, he even offered a tip of the hat to the long-discredited phantom of the mid-1970s, the Phillips Curve. He didn’t name it but worried about the phenomenon.

Then he concluded, “With the economy already near full employment, participation arguably matters more now then ever.” Wait, suddenly those permanently unemployed are back on the radar. But you just said we were at “near full employment.” How can we be near full employment when there are legions of unemployed.

Ah, life in the Age of Obama.

To people like Russolillo, the long-term unemployed aren’t people, they are just numbers. Numbers that sometimes get in the way of good news; in which case they can be ignored.

I can make it a lot easier — the unemployment rate is 0%. Why? Because everyone who is employed is employed. Of course that makes the unemployment rate 100% because those unemployed are unemployed. But they don’t count.

That “Controversial” North Carolina Law

The law in question is another one of those bathroom laws. Within the last few years liberals, especially the hyperradical “Social Justice Warrior” wing, have been attacking traditional restroom practice — if there’s room, there’d be a restroom for men and a restroom for women and everyone knew where they were supposed to go. Those who might, somehow, be confused were to go to the one that matched their plumbing. But in the upside-down reign of King Barry I, the age of the Millennials and the low-information voter, the SJWs began pushing the once unthinkable concept of allowing men into women’s restrooms under the rubrics of transgenderism, gender dysphoria, etc. (there doesn’t seem to be any matching wave of confused women out there yearning to get into men’s rooms).

Recently the city of Charlotte, run by Democrats, don’tcha know, decided to fall for that silliness and make it legal for men to use women’s rooms under the cover of “supporting” gay and transgender “rights.” The North Carolina state reacted to that law with the “controversial” law to override the city law.

It’s only “controversial” to liberals. In fact, to claim the moral high ground they’ve even tried the trick of implying that the state law is some kind of repeal of long-standing previous practice. You have to give these clowns credit for chutzpah. Reporters, in support of the SJWs (many ‘reporters’ are SJWs), have been aggressively misreporting this issue making it sound as if North Carolina is somehow “out of step” or an “outlier” when in reality it is in the mainstream of America and history. New York magazine described it as a “sweeping anti-LGBT law.” Ah, nothing like idyllic, measured and unbiased journalism…

The actual outliers are the SJWs and those who want to change restroom practice.

“We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

So it is now eagerly reported that some pro sports franchises in the state, NBA Hornets and NHL Hurricanes, are somehow appalled at this “sudden” change. Sporting News, which has become a liberal propaganda tool over the last couple of years, took the NFL Panthers to task for not jumping in with their own angry demands that the bathrooms (locker rooms included too) be opened up to all comers.

Yet it’s funny that these sports franchises are pretending that something has suddenly changed. I don’t recall a vast discrimination surge happening lately that required the city’s legislation. Do you? I haven’t seen mobs of trangenders and other sexually confused folks being refused access to a bathroom. They just can’t go to a bathroom different from their natural gender. What’s so unreasonable about that? (‘Plenty!’ screams the SJW.)

The fact is that the gender-confused are a microscopic part of the population but they have a disproportionate influence in media, education and the Democratic Party. That’s how these issues suddenly appear and then are flogged as if they are an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately.

The sports franchises are squealing that the state legislation will somehow endanger the playing of professional sports in the state and that some future previously scheduled events such as the 2017 NBA All-Star Game (in Charlotte) might have to be relocated outside the state. Apparently there are a lot of players and execs in the NBA and NHL are who are confused and being prevented from getting into whatever restroom/locker room they feel like going to on that particular day. The NBA has gone whole-hog into political correctness and I’m disappointed in Steph Curry for showing increasingly marshmallow-headedness in these things — though it has to be acknowledged that his statement was far softer than Sporting News tried to portray.

Sadly, the NHL is being sucked into liberalism. It has been showing lately on its NHL Network global-warming scare PSAs. It’d have been bad if they were running PSAs from the usual environmental agitprop suspects but they made the PSAs themselves. Stop it, NHL! I turned to you this year and watch more hockey because I’ve turned from the NFL, ESPN and have pared back my NBA diet in protest to its mounting liberalism and activism in nonbasketball activities. Don’t mess things up.