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Defund CPB

A long-running soap opera in Washington is the campaign to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and all other government funding of the arts.

Yet somehow, no matter how clear it appears like it’s going to happen, somehow it doesn’t get done. There’s always some Republican pol, or half-a-dozen, that go back on their word – charmed by Jane Alexander as Zach Wamp was back in the 1990s, or recently, Rep. Tom Cole who doesn’t see anything wrong with CPB.

He said, “If you look over a 50-year [CPB] history it is a pretty impressive record of enriching the content of public dialog, opening doors to communities that don’t often have these kind of opportunities and living within what is by any measure at the federal level a comparatively modest budget, which you manage to leverage and multiply many times over.”

He must be seeing and hearing a different PBS and NPR. Maybe he sees the goateed CPB in an alternate universe.

America’s Public Television Stations President Patrick Butler said, “We know how challenging the fiscal situation is for appropriators and the Congress in general, and we are grateful for this important vote of confidence in our work in education, public safety and civic leadership in hundreds of American communities.”

He added, “We’re especially honored that Chairman Rep. Tom Cole identified the Corporation for Public Broadcasting among the ‘popular programs’ for which funding is preserved.”

Yes, popular with one segment but not all Americans.

The question that needs to be asked is, has CPB (PBS, NPR) ever done any programming favorable to conservatives or Republicans? The last episode of “Firing Line” was 1999. Despite the popularity of the program, PBS has never revisited programming where conservatives aren’t treated as ogres or buffoons.

Admittedly, not all of CPB-funded programming is anti-conservative/Republican, but when it delves into culture or politics you can set your clock by how it’s going to go – standard issue liberalism: America bad, racist, sexist, colonialist, bigoted, oppressive, etc.; international socialism good, capitalism bad; foreigners good, Americans ugly and imperialist…

Why? Because the people who make the programming are liberals. The people appearing on the programs are liberal. The people who decide what gets made are liberals. The people buying the programming and doling out the money are liberals.

Conservatives don’t get hired nor does anything they pitch or produce get on the air.

And CPB is clever at getting away with it.

One example is CPB President Patricia Harrison. Though it probably wasn’t hard, she’s been thoroughly co-opted into defending CPB and enlisting other Washington Republicans into her cabal.

Hey, fun fact, Rep. Tom Cole used to work for her! What a co-inky-dink!

Harrison is a typical Washington “Republican.” She may have co-chair of the Republican National Committee but she’s always been more comfortable with Democrats than Republicans from out of town. She likes the Georgetown cocktail circuit and wants to continue getting invitations to them. She is a member of the GOPe, having spent most of her adult life in the Washington/Boston corridor hobnobbing with political and big corporate interests.

No “conservative” Republican could sit on top of that trash pile and not smell the stench or do something about it.

Now, Cole, given the choice, has chosen to side with the Washington establishment rather than Oklahoma or U.S. taxpayers.


Liberals Behind Fake News

I gotta give credit to NPR for at least doing this piece, “We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned,” and not spiking it when it turned out the fake news generator was a Southern California liberal and not Tea Party Neanderthal Racist Rethuglikans or a gang of greedy sociopathic teen thieves in Romania as we’ve been told by the MSM.

But is anyone really surprised that liberals are the (at least partial) creators of the problem they are so deriding and trying to use as an excuse to shut down any news they don’t control?

If you know hardcore liberals, you know the answer is no.

This is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s attempt, during the Clinton admin, to discredit a Washington Post reporter, Sue Schmidt, who had had the gall to ask a few hard questions. Clinton and her cronies wanted to feed Schmidt a fake story and then after it was published, bust Schmidt for publishing incorrect news. The implication would be that everything Schmidt had published was part of the Wast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Yeah, Hillary went after a reporter for a paper that for the most part covered for her and the Big Pig. That’s how much lockstep loyalty the liberals demand. Step out of line by an inch and they’ll drop a ton of bricks on you.

One thing that has been left out of all the talk about “fake news” is that Trump was usually the victim of fake news stories. How many “stories” did you see highlighted in the ad/sponsored/trending boxes on websites about “The Daughter Trump Won’t Talk About,” “Economists Thumbs Down Trump Economics Plans,” “Shocking Stories From ‘The Apprentice’” or some other story hostile to Trump. Many of those were exaggerated or simply made up out of whole cloth.

Yet the target-rich environment of the Clintons, far past and recent, somehow was missing from those boxes.

Well, in the end we learn that much of the “Fake News” story is really a distraction or part of a disinformation campaign by the MSM.

Oh, and here’s a little dessert, watch the execrable Cenk Uygur and his band of hyperarrogant libtard twits feel the pain of Hillary losing on election night. Drink it in slowly and savor. (They actually thought Hillary could win Mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Conspiracy to Keep You Stupid (and Liberal)

Power Line’s John Hinderaker catches NPR’s Terry Gross (surprise!) and the New York Times’ Nicholas Casey  (double surprise!) playing dumb about socialism and the effects of it. Obviously, acknowledging the failure of socialism, in Venezuela in this case, would scotch the whole grand socialist plan, currently in its “Elect Hillary” or “Elect Bernie” edition.

Check out “NPR + NYT: A Recipe for Cluelessness” and spread it around.

Take special note of their attempt to equate Donald Trump with Venezuela’s failed socialist enterprise.

This is one way the leftists and their media attack dogs keep people ignorant of what leftism is about.

Oh, and it’s also a reason to make sure we stop funding and never further develop national “public broadcasters” of any kind. Make NPR survive on its own. There are plenty of wealthy socialists out there that could spend their dime, not mine, to keep it afloat.