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Dao Played the Race Card

As details emerge from the “Dr.” David Dao-United Airlines incident, it is quickly beginning to resemble an urban myth like “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

It turns out that when Dao was first asked to leave, steeped as he no doubt is in politically correct grievance-mongering, he immediately reached for the race card and asked if he was being asked to leave because he is of Asian descent.

When police officers arrived he challenged them to drag him out of the seat. They proceeded to do that while he squealed like a misbehaving child being sent to “timeout.”

My guess is that Dao is a long-time bully, playing on political correctness to get his way all the time. He’s not used to be told no and thus he reacted like a spoiled child.

This cannot stand. Terrorist planners watching this incident are taking notes and will see that the best way to get onboard, possibly unexamined, will be to send a minority who will play the race card if confronted. Or play the Islamophobia card.

If Dao triumphs, most gate and ground crew will simply avoid examining or confronting a minority for fear of their jobs and retribution from Twitter mobs and possibly PC enforcers in the government.

We have been warned.


The Walking Dumb


I have no idea what actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s politics, and they shouldn’t matter, but I hope he’s one of us or at least not being a liberal after this ridiculous incident — “‘Walking Dead’ Star on T-Shirt Hassle: ‘People Are Stupid.’

Ian Lucraft is a loser looking to be offended. Most people, probably 99% of them, are not going to have any idea what Lucraft’s whining about so how can the masses he alludes to be “offended?”

Can you be offended if you don’t realize that you’re supposed to be offended? Can you be offended if you aren’t, um, actually offended?

Buddhist koans have been built on less.

Perhaps Mr. Lucraft is angling to be Secretary of Offense (without portfolio).

Hey, Lucraft, you missed an offense — the differently-abled, legless division, are offended by the mention of “toe.” They are missing some of theirs. The trauma! The horror!

Mr. Lucraft, a lot of things offend me but I don’t demand that they be removed from the public. I understand that there might be people who like those things. I’m willing to take one for the team, obviously you aren’t. You demand that everyone kowtow to your tastes. (Ooooh, ‘kowtow,’ that’ll crank Lucraft’s Offense-O-Meter to 11).

You, sir, are a Nazi.

I’m offended by Lucraft’s stupidity. I guess it’s too much to hope he’ll be pulled.

Cavalier — The Other Meaning

As a Virginia taxpayer, therefore a funder of the University of Virginia (‘Mr. Jefferson’s Learning City’ UVA recruiters used to say in every other sentence to us high school kids decades ago), this story about the UVA men’s basketball team deciding to go Black Lies Matter/Colon Kaepernick is most disheartening.

Yes, nothing like kids who are getting a free ride to one of the more expensive and elite schools in the nation complaining about injustice and inequality. As a Virginia taxpayer I say enough, send the lot of them packing if they hate America so much. I’m sure they can find equal opportunity and justice in Africa.

Hey, notice something, look at the picture in question, that team is actually disproportionately black. I’m sorry, in the spirit of racial “equality” at least four of the darker skinned fellows will have to be booted off the team. If you don’t leave then that proves you are a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite.

Wait, to be truly “equal” and in line with social justice, half the team needs to be female. And then we can get down to racism and divvy the team up by skin color. So ultimately only one or two of the players can be black. Hmmmmmm, I suspect they didn’t actually think their “virtue signaling” all the way through. But then they are at a school, allegedly to learn. Too bad nobody actually teaches them anything useful.

We are reaping the whirlwind of decades of miseducation. Kids are at school to learn but they’ve been coddled to think they are geniuses and are there to lead. The only thing “taught” at campuses these days is liberal/socialist propaganda.

It doesn’t help that the NCAA has suddenly decided to become highly politicized itself. It’s hard to tell kids to calm down when some of the adults themselves are using sports as a political weapon.

It seems that we’ve reentered another period of “youthful” insanity.

The ’60s kids thought that somehow they could live in a world where everyone could sit around staring at their navel, getting high and slinging clay or playing music and somehow the world would continue to work. Food would get grown and delivered, the electricity would flow, products would get made, bad guys would be kept at bay, etc…

That didn’t actually work out.

And kids are still stupid… But, hey, they’re kids. Too bad they don’t understand that. They seem to think they are supposed to be in charge. If they aren’t there to learn maybe we can just shut the whole place down…

This Is Racism

This column hounding a CBS TV exec because the writer doesn’t think that CBS has enough black people working for it or on its shows or as lead actors on its shows or something demonstrates how deeply ingrained racism has become in our major media institutions.

Perhaps the most appalling thing is the ease with which the reporter tosses around racial classifications like “a very white, male network” and “A decade of whiteness.” They read like excerpts from a meeting of Nazis or the KKK. Of course this “TV Critic” feels he is noble in his racism (as if the Nazis and the KKK didn’t) so he’d say it’s okay.

Judging people by their skin color is racism, pure and simple. If you are advocating giving people jobs based upon the color of their skin, that is racism. If you are advocating not hiring people or removing people from their jobs based on the color of their skin, that is racism. (And using sex/gender as the criteria is sexism.)

Does the writer really think that black viewers will only watch shows with blacks in them? I don’t, but then I have a higher opinion of those people than the writer clearly does.

Does the writer think that the Hollywood/New York liberals that populate the corporate rungs of CBS (and all of Hollywood) sit around plotting their racist schemes to exclude blacks?

Ironically, for the record the writer is Tim Goodman, about as pasty-faced white as they come. I suspect the irony is lost upon him. Liberals have an uncanny ability to think that the policies and attitudes they aggressively advocate somehow don’t apply to them.

I’ll take Tim more seriously when he resigns his cushy job and demands that a “black woman” be given his job, whether she’s qualified for it or any good at it — just simply because she’s a black woman.

Racism ends when people stop judging people by the color of their skin.

It’s All Your Fault

John Hawkins has a must read at Townhall, “Christians, Conservatives, Men, and White People Are Not Responsible For Your Problems.” All I can say is, ditto.

And for those wondering about Black Lies Matter, er… Black Lives Matter, and the usual guilt-mongering and wallowing in pervasive, omnipresent racism, here’s a devastating demolition courtesy of Heather “The Voice of Reason” Mac Donald.

I Love Stacey Dash

Concerning the liberal cause du jour, not an acceptable amount of “black/African-American” people nominated for the Oscars, Stacey Dash tells it like it is. “I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration.

Dash has been staking out a position of pure color-blindedness and I applaud her for that. She even went so far as to insist on the elimination of racially-oriented television network BET and the odious Black History Month.

Of course BET — Black Entertainment Television — responded but did they do it civilly?

Did they say something along the line of, “We disagree with her but she has her opinion and we have ours. We feel that BET makes programming that serves an underserved market. We’re more nimble than bigger producers and are able to focus on a niche market just like National Geographic, Lifetime and ESPN do. No program producer can be all things to all people. Bob Johnson’s millions show that we’re doing a good job at serving our viewers. We’re for more TV choices for everyone. We hope Ms. Dash agrees with us.”

I’m a fairly libertarian fellow and would have bought that. I’m not for censorship or taking away entertainment choices that people want and will pay for. BET’s “Criminals at Work” or “Real Husbands of Hollywood” or awards shows (lots of awards shows) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what freedom and all those channels on your cable TV guide are for. You couldn’t pay me to watch a reality TV show but a lot of people love them.

But BET couldn’t do that. It’s a leftist-run operation (they hate Donald Trump too). They showed their cleverness by riffing on “Clueless,” playing on the name of the movie for which Dash made her name.

Somehow I doubt BET execs would insult “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone in that way.

Isn’t making fun of a woman’s intelligence considered sexist?

But why worry about analogy purity when you’re dishing out the beatdown? Snark rules! Face! Dash!

And BET was not the only one. Pretty much every media outlet or attention urchin had to lob in their insults of Dash (demonstrating, once again, the ‘show trial’ mentality of the Media-Liberal Complex).

That’s what the left is all about these days — mindless conformity, insults, playground-level bullying, getting people to cry “uncle” or say that the bully is “great” (remember that chestnut from fourth grade?). I bet the geniuses at BET’s offices were calling Dash a “poopiehead’ as well.

But if we’re playing childish name-calling games, it can go both ways. Since BET focuses on programming aimed at people of a certain color, it must be racist. So BET=Racism.

It’s What the Scorpion Does

I wanted to take a quick break from final editing of my next Val book to direct your attention to this outstanding op-ed from the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz (one of the best in the business) — Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.

She takes to task Philadelphia’s idiot mayor, Jim Kenney, a man so daft and slavishly political that he is beyond parody. Within hours after a Philadelphia police officer had been shot by a crazed Muslim declaring that he was shooting the officer in the name of Islam, Kenny proceeded to declare, a la Obama, that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. He proclaimed that “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam” was a motivating factor in the shooting.

Notice how these sure declarations of “nothing to do with Islam” come from people who aren’t Muslims while the people committing the acts are Muslims. That’s some powerful arrogance there. Too bad these Muslim maniacs aren’t listening to Barack Obama or Jim Kenney or any other legion of Democrats.

Or European elites. You may have been following the wave of sexual assaults and robberies of young girls by men thought to be recent Muslim immigrants in several European countries, notably Germany. In those cases, at first they weren’t reported by the media (for fear of inflaming fear in the citizenry); then the police and political leadership (uniformly liberal/socialist or simply pathetic) denied it happened and then denied it was Muslims and then ensured everyone that the actors didn’t represent Islam. These people making the assurance were not Muslims.

So what is going on here? Why are our ruling elites more interested in protecting immigrants and refugees than protecting the citizens that elected them and they putatively serve?

If you’ve spent much time with liberals you’d know the answers. Liberals by and large view their fellow citizens as dangerous and one step from going on a Nazi-like rampage. The only thing that keeps that from happening are the soft words and protection of the liberals. Liberals also are romantically transfixed by the “other.” They hate America. They hate its history and accomplishments. They hate their fellow citizens. They hate their parent. They hate their own lives. Other people’s lives and countries are so much better and should be emulated, in the eyes of the liberal. To the liberal there is no possible way that someone from one of those “foreign”/exotic religions would ever do anything bad. In their minds the American is capable of horrific evil, the foreigner, not so much. It has to be a misunderstanding or somehow they were provoked, tricked or framed. The Tea Party or white people of some kind were probably behind it.

Rabinowitz notes the liberal hectoring of the dangerous hoi polloi — it’s almost religious in its “lecturing” and instructional tone.

She also hammers home a point that illustrates the bubble that liberals inhabit: “To hear the mayor of Philadelphia was to grasp, more clearly than ever, the fury that has led to Donald Trump’s success in attracting voters — the fury of citizens who know official lies when they hear them, whether about border security, immigration, or the ever-expanding requirements of multiculturalist dogma.”

Liberals like to pretend that America is a nation ravaged with hate, which is why they are needed to rule over us. They can keep us under control, teach us and lead us to the promised Utopia of multiculti love. The reality is that this fantasy is dangerously delusional. Are large proportion of the population is getting angry as it becomes clear that our leaders will side with our enemies. Message to liberals, you won’t like us when we’re actually angry.