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Museum of Neosegregationism

You might have caught the story about Clarence Thomas, a sitting Supreme Court Justice, somehow not being included in any exhibits at the newly-opened National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Oh, no doubt you heard about the museum, the MSM and our cultural leaders couldn’t stop talking about it but the exclusion of Justice Thomas, well, that somehow didn’t make the news.


Not really.

The surprising thing is that so many conservatives thought that a museum created solely for politically correct reasons would actually treat conservatives (especially one as villified as Thomas is) with equality or respect.

Paul Mirengoff’s naive piece in Power Line  is typical of these.

The museum was never going to be anything other than a playpen for leftists; an employment and legitimizing program for left-wing black scholars and their guilt-ridden white sycophants; a tool for grievance- and guilt-mongering; a hive of endless Zinn-like anti-American and racist propaganda.

It’s also part of the continuing decline of the Smithsonian Institution into little more than just another once-great American organization degraded and drafted into service of the left.

Mirengoff, et al, when you set up museums for politically correct reasons, why are you surprised that political correctness reigns?

How could you possibly think that a museum based on skin color and whose design from day one was controlled by liberals and whose raison d’etre followed liberal historical memes was going to be anything less than a liberal hellhole.

Have you been under a rock for the last five decades?

It never ceases to amaze me how some conservatives still don’t understand that we are in a war. It’s like in the movie “United 93,” when it dawns on the FAA’s Ben Sliney that “We’re at war with somebody” as he watches planes smash into buildings. He shut the flight system down until it can be determined who’s attacking.

What’s so hard to understand here?

Like the shockingly underwhelming National Museum of African Art, the National Museum of African American History and Culture was created exclusively for political reasons — to placate or fulfill the demands of the neosegregationist movement. It was never designed for actual real scholarship. There’s already a Smithsonian (National Museum of American History) for that.

When I was a kid we had it beaten into our heads that Plessy v Ferguson, the core of “separate but equal,” was a bad, terrible, horrible, grotesque… decision. Yet somehow we’ve circled back to it and it’s not the white majority of the country dictating the separation of the races.


You’re Probably a Zombie…

at least in the eyes of liberals.

Victor Davis Hanson is probably the best socio-political commentator alive. He grasps the details and the big picture. His “The Construct of the White Working-Class Zombies” is a simple must read because I can’t say this any better than he can.

Adam, I’m So Disappointed in You

The biggest mistake I made with my fantasy baseball team this year was letting Adam Jones go. I’m a big Jones fan but he started the year with the dreaded “oblique” injury and was batting around .200 for the first month or so of the season. It was looking like a “lost” year and I’ve long had a habit of loyally holding onto players too long.

So I cut him loose and the next day he started on the tear that he is still on. Oy!

And that’s why I’m so disappointed in him playing the race card.

Baseball is a white man’s game,” says the baseball-playing black multimillionaire.

Why is it a “white man’s game”? Apparently because the black participation level of the MLB is 8% and the overall black population of the U.S. measures around 13% percent.

Wow! Sounds like the KKK is hard at work in baseball!

So is that really a bad thing, Adam? The NBA and NFL are over 2/3 black. Does that make basketball and football “black men’s” sports? They are far more “racially” disproportionate than MLB and yet the only complaints there are that there are not enough black skins in all aspects of those two sports.

One gets the feeling that the complainers won’t be happy until the sports, perhaps all sports, are 100% (or more!) “black.”

The writer of an article quoting Jones, the dependably moronic liberal Tim Brown, begins it with the obligatory roping in of Jackie Robinson, in the form of his daughter, Sharon. She laments that there aren’t enough “brown faces” on the baseball field. A mighty racist statement but Robinson and Brown see it as a plea to right a grievous wrong. As if the sport’s participation level has to magically align with the population (if not exceed it) so that some kind of racial nirvana is reached.

Brown, a white liberal, then begins the slow implication that, somehow, pro baseball must be racist because not enough blacks, by liberals’ accounts, are playing the game. In his eyes it is guilty and has to prove itself innocent. The typical liberal accusation.

One of the damning stats he brings in is that baseball is “27% Latin American,” with the implication that the Hispanics are taking jobs from urban (‘Compton’) blacks.

Now when Donald Trump says something like that people like Tim Brown go nuclear and want Trump banished from society yet Brown keeps that in his back pocket and whips it out to comb his liberal pompadour.


He then goes into the typical, decades-, now generations-old, demand for affirmative action, outreach programs, hand-holding, special treatment by skin color, etc. All to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why must liberals reflexively view everything through a racial prism? Why must sports be seen as “racial”? Why must liberals politicize everything?


The Culture Wars

One reason that conservatism constantly seems to be in retreat is that our “culture,” and by that I’m shorthanding for movies, TV shows, newspapers and other news media, the publishing industry, the theater, academia, the arts, et al, is dominated, essentially controlled, by liberals. And they deploy it almost exclusively to promote liberalism, breed more liberals and destroy any who resist.

I’ll save the lengthy disquisition on this to address a few notes that have come my way.

TV talk show host Wendy Williams seems like a level-headed lady, as far as women afternoon talk show hosts go. Recently she echoed what Stacey Dash has said — that organizations such as the NAACP and “historically black colleges” are by definition racist and if one wants to move to the post-racial society such organizations should wither away. Judging people by the color of their skin is racist no matter how you justify it.

Of course in the TV industry you dare not say such things and Williams found herself quickly under attack from the liberal cultural commissar mob. Sadly she muttered her apology. But as with all liberal inquisitions an apology is not enough and the pound of flesh extracted. Several staffers were canned. I’m sure that Williams is probably now writing her check to the Hillary Clinton campaign…

In case you hadn’t heard, HBO is wanting to get into the nightly news business. Their brilliant, never-before-tried plan? Hire a bunch of people from the same places that staff all the other TV news outlets (other than possibly Fox [though it might be turning too]) — New York Times, HuffPo, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, etc. Now more liberal news/propaganda, just in case some HBO viewer missed it on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

Why can’t HBO just stick to entertainment (much of it highly propagandized as well)? Why must everything be increasingly politicized?

So how is everything going for the great liberal propaganda machine? Well, according to this story, the number of pilots being shot in the L.A. area is down to historic lows.

Everyone is absolutely puzzled by how this could be happening. Has not California and the Los Angeles area mandated the highest of wages and the most bountiful worker “rights,” benefits and regulations? Has it not instituted the most draconian of living and environmental regulations and costs? Has it not made employment of labor expensive and the production of product expensive? According to Democrats that is supposed to be the magic recipe for success. What could have gone wrong?

Don’t worry, I’m sure that L.A. and California politicians will be working on turning the dreadful tide.

Los Angeles city and county will pass an ordinance mandating another increase in wages, regulations and some free stuff – and no more cheap interns! Then they’ll demand that the industry shoot more pilots there. (Then they’ll be shocked next year that production fell further.)

The state of California will do the same along with adding some “green” energy regs — because all those lights in Hollywood use energy, dontcha know; mandate the hiring of various Democratic party hangers-on, their children and members of select/approved racial and sexual-orientation groups through the “diversity” rubric; add more employment and HR regulations; and they might entertain a tax break targeted at some of the more politically active producers… And they’ll conclude with a demand that the industry shoot more pilots in SoCal. (And be shocked next year that production fell further because all those progressive producers aren’t so generous when it comes to THEIR money and THEIR productions so they’ve moved THEIR productions elsewhere.)

And the cycle will begin again. Welcome to the mind of the liberal…

This last story followed shortly after the L.A. Story — The California Film Commission is touting the success of its Tax Breaks for Rich Film Makers program. Yes, nothing like those poor, struggling, artists, needing tax breaks. Especially “women of color” like Oprah.

Our media views everything through the race/sex lens. FYI – that’s racist and sexist. Weren’t we trying to get away from that? All of which seems to bring us back to Wendy Williams.

Libtards – Balkanizing the country one item at a time.

Calling Black Lives Matter

Let’s see how long it takes for Black Lives Matter, AKA Black Lies Matter, to mobilize on this killing of an (actually) innocent black man.

In New Orleans, a former New Orleans Saint, Will Smith (not the actor), was killed in a “road rage” incident. Apparently Smith, in a nice Mercedes, was rear-ended by a Hummer. Expensive cars and the incident happened in a nice part of town.

Smith got out and an argument ensued. Smith was shot multiple times by the Hummer’s driver. Smith’s wife was also wounded. Smith died at the scene.

A suspect was quickly arrested. Turns out it was a black thug with a record. Thug driving around in expensive vehicle. Do the math.

Don’t hold your breath that Black Lives Matter will be johnny-on-the-spot demanding “justice” (or “Just Us” in their eyes) and asking why thugs are out of jail, allowed to roam the streets armed. But there doesn’t seem to be a “blame whitey” angle or a way to shakedown the local government so this incident won’t generate any of their protests, riots or even hoodie moments from NBA players. BLM is a thuggish cultural racist and fascist movement and the Democratic Party’s kowtowing to it has only emboldened it.

Will our sports-obsessed president speak out on this? I’m sure this made Sports Center but maybe The One hasn’t read the paper yet so he can’t be outraged. Then again, there isn’t an America-blaming or Republican Party-blaming political target for him to make hay with in one of his patented finger-wagging lectures to the nation so more likely he’ll just put in another round of golf. He might use it as a chance to whack the “gun control/gun safety” pinata — how convicted criminals (of all colors) shouldn’t be allowed to have guns (unless they’ve paid their debt to society and vote Democrat), “smart” guns could solve that problem, a national gun registry would have prevented this “tragic” incident and we need to make it illegal to move guns across state lines. Nothing about keeping thugs in jail. His usual misrepresentations.

Maybe Eric Holder can be unpacked from wherever he was freighted off to so he can call us all “cowards” for not being willing to talk about race relations.

And the caravan moves on.

Bomani’s Big Boner

An ESPN personality by the name of Bomani Jones got a Yahoo! Sports writer all excited by wearing a “Cleveland Caucasians” t-shirt on TV, in an attempt to mock/protest the Cleveland Indian’s famed Chief Wahoo mascot (the bane of ultrasensitive liberals everywhere and a handful of politically active ‘Indians’). Here’s the sorry story.

First I’ll deal with the latest in dimwitted Yahoo! Sports writer, Chris Cwik. Cwik is convinced that Bomani has scored the smackdown of the century. “Down goes the racists! Down goes the racists! Down goes the racists!” no doubt echoed through his empty head in a hollow Howard Cosell cry. That he swallows this silliness is indicative of the weak-minded groupthink in the Yahoo! writers bullpen. He says “Jones is a big-time sports personality.” In what world, Cwik? It’d be more accurate to call him a single-A or double-AA “star” (at best).

He also thinks Jones has hit upon some kind of Earth-shattering gotcha. He seems convinced that after Bomani’s appearance the Indians will be working all night to create new uniforms for the next game. Oy!

Oh, and who is Bomani Jones? Okay, I’ll admit, I pretty much avoid ESPN, all channels out of protest of its liberalism (and some of its business practices), but I still have an idea who the major personalities are. Who the eff is Bomani Jones? His Wiki lists some shows he’s involved with. Nothing big — radio and second-tier low-rent filler. He’s not an ex-athlete. He seems awfully young, but then so many young are full of themselves. Surprise! His parents are “activists” (of the liberal kind). He seems to have been some kind of professional student for many years and then somehow wormed his way into high-profile gigs without any experience whatsoever. The few clips I’ve seen of him do not demonstrate can’t-miss innate talent, say, in the way of a Stephen A. Smith (love him or hate him, the guy has the gift). Jones is clearly in love with his own voice, that’s obvious. Admittedly, that helps in the business he’s in.

But let’s get back to the point.

When you think about it, it’s actually amazingly infantile. I’m sure Jones thought he was scoring some huge points. But what he didn’t realize is that most nonliberal “white” people do not think in terms of race. If anything they are likely to fall back on some ethnicity associated with the family names of the previous generation or two. That several generations of being in the United States makes a complete hash of ethnic identities is ignored.

Remember many years ago Jesse Jackson encouraging young blacks to look in the mirror and be proud of their skins? Part of the whole “Black is beautiful” thing? The average white person would never consider doing such a nonsensical thing. But modern blacks have been taught to view everything through the lens of race. Everything becomes a racial incident.

For Bomani, he hasn’t a clue that most white people, nonliberal that is, would just shrug their shoulders at the name “Cleveland Caucasians.” “What’s the big deal?” If the team is any good they might grow fond of it and if it isn’t they don’t give it much thought. If he thinks they are going to rise up in outrage, he’s seriously deluding himself. They just don’t play the racial identity politics that he does. The racist here is Bomani.

I did find the little dollar sign replacing the brave feather to be funny and also indicative of Bomani’s cluelessness. Clearly he’s unaware that some of the most dollar-oriented people, we’re talking hedge fund fanatic-level obsession, are black rappers. They love all signs of wealth. So Bomani’s “gotcha” detail for his “Caucasian” stereotype isn’t particularly correct. It’s hard to make a good stereotype if you can’t get the details right. But then I don’t think anyone would confuse Bomani Jones with an intellectual, except Bomani and Yahoo! writers.

He’s probably looking in the mirror now and saying, “Bomani, you are one bad, beautiful and brainy black cat!”

Apparently these shirts have been on the market for awhile and the world hasn’t been engulfed in the flames of racial guilt. That should have been Bomani’s first clue.

Of course, if he was really intelligent, he’d actually start marketing the shirts — make a fortune — and then discover most of his buyers are the hated white man.