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NHL, Please Don’t Go There

Over the last two years I’ve gravitated towards the National Hockey League, somewhat out of desperation to find a sport where politics (always liberal) isn’t a growing concern.

The NHL has occasionally tipped a hat to the global warming scare — the ice is melting! But by and large it is all about playing the game along with harmless, anodyne community activities.

Sadly, last week I was visiting NHL.com and I spied two LGBT stories. One of them looked to be about a man claiming/pretending to be a woman and playing in a women’s league or maybe it was vice-versa. I didn’t click on it because that would simply encourage them to do more. The other story offered a rainbow hockey stick as the graphic. Oy!

NHL, please, don’t go there anymore. There’s no reason to emphasize the mental instability or confusion of a handful of people. This has nothing to do with playing hockey. There is no reason to address the issue.

Don’t follow the NFL, NBA and so many more entertainment outlets trying to foist upon us the propaganda that there’s no such thing as gender or it’s some kind of eons-old conspiracy of the patriarchy/heteroarchy to keep people from frolicking.

And don’t even get me started on Katie Couric’s National Geographic channel propaganda series on “redefining” gender away to whatever the heck you’re feeling at the moment…


Silver Formalizes NBA as Arm of Dem. Party

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has essentially formalized the National Basketball Association as an arm of the Democratic Party by pulling the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it had been previously scheduled for several years, and is now shopping it around to other cities (gay-friendly cities, no doubt).

The reason, North Carolina’s “restroom law.” The law makes it clear that “transgender” people, homosexual people and others sexually confused folks will not be given special rights but rather have to follow the laws that the vast majority of us have to follow.

This did not make Silver and his fellow alternative sexuality activists happy. Silver and others apparently feel that homosexuals and “transgenders” make up a significant portion of the “NBA community” and would be inconvenienced in Charlotte during the game festivities. That’s his priority, folks, not basketball.

That the law actually changes nothing from what has taken place before, and the NBA has been playing games there for decades, is ignored by Silver & Co., who prefer to claim that the state is initiating some kind of Inquisition-style environment. I guess in the Silverized NBA homosexual activity and transgenders are considered commonplace in the league.

The NBA, and its redheaded stepdaughter, the WNBA, are being rapidly politicized – and it’s only liberal, Democrat-friendly politics that are welcomed by these self-professed “tolerant” and “diverse” cultural commissars. The WNBA, long with an open lesbian cohort, is even more political – often resembling a Women’s Studies Center on a college campus. The WNBA’s current political bone is mandatory Black Lies Matter support. Its players seem to think that its handful of fans are paying to hear their thoughts rather than watch them play. Who knows, perhaps they are right.

But as an NBA fan, I know most basketball fans are paying to see the players play, not lecture us politically.

Sadly, as I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize everything; sports included. Unless they are stopped.

So I’m taking a stand. I will henceforth boycott the NBA. No more NBA Network – and  I watch a lot of games – I even watched most of the Summer League games. No more broadcast NBA. No more Comcast Sports Washington Wizards games. No more Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball – I  won my league last year and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Until the NBA gets back to what it is supposed to do, playing basketball, I’m cutting it off, Commissioner Silver. It can no longer claim me as a fan or a viewer. But I’m sure that Adam Silver’s gay and transgender buddies will make up for the loss of my eyes. After all, that’s who he thinks are the important people for the NBA.

I guess I’ll be watching more baseball and more hockey (I’ve given up on the NFL and most college football). I will still watch college basketball.

The Misreporters

I’m returning to a theme I’ve hit several times — the purposeful misreporting of the whole “transgender” and bathrooms issue, especially by Washington’s news radio station WTOP.

Once again on Thursday morning a WTOP reporter reported on an incident and essentially read from what was likely a press release from an LGBT activist group.

According to the reporter a “transgender woman” was “assaulted” in a bathroom at a local grocery store by a security officer. The officer was trying to remove “her” from the women’s restroom. What prompted this was unsaid. Were there complaints about “Ebony,” a very butch-sounding “woman”? Or did the bigoted officer just do it for fun? The skeletal information tells me what likely happened but the reporter was trying to spin it gay-friendly. One trick reporters use is to leave out facts that don’t fit the narrative.

But let’s circle back to “transgender woman.” Is that a man wanting to be a woman or a woman wanting to be a man? Is it a man claiming to be a woman or a woman claiming to be a man? Is it a man dressed as a woman or vice versa? Is it someone seeking to change themselves into the opposite gender of their birth or is it simply a transvestite? It was never explained.

These terms are tossed around like everyone is going to understand them, much less agree with them or accept the definitions and situation.

I suspect what the officer saw or heard about from a customer was one of those creepy man-loudly-dressed-as-a-woman heading into the restroom or occupying it for a long time. Or he may have gone in as a man and was using it to change (into a ‘woman’) before a night out on the streets.

No doubt the grocery store will cashier the officer or the contractor. The reporter practically sneered that the officer belonged to a “third-party security firm.” That means they are guilty.

Then the company will croak that this is a learning experience and they will institute training for their workers to be sensitive to the sexually confused and mentally unstable. And who will conduct this training? Some of the very same groups that agitate and raise money on this topic. Talk about a racket.

No longer will the restrooms in the grocery stores be safe. And yet another part of our everyday lives will be taken from us and given to the freaks. The tail wags the dog again.

That “Controversial” North Carolina Law

The law in question is another one of those bathroom laws. Within the last few years liberals, especially the hyperradical “Social Justice Warrior” wing, have been attacking traditional restroom practice — if there’s room, there’d be a restroom for men and a restroom for women and everyone knew where they were supposed to go. Those who might, somehow, be confused were to go to the one that matched their plumbing. But in the upside-down reign of King Barry I, the age of the Millennials and the low-information voter, the SJWs began pushing the once unthinkable concept of allowing men into women’s restrooms under the rubrics of transgenderism, gender dysphoria, etc. (there doesn’t seem to be any matching wave of confused women out there yearning to get into men’s rooms).

Recently the city of Charlotte, run by Democrats, don’tcha know, decided to fall for that silliness and make it legal for men to use women’s rooms under the cover of “supporting” gay and transgender “rights.” The North Carolina state reacted to that law with the “controversial” law to override the city law.

It’s only “controversial” to liberals. In fact, to claim the moral high ground they’ve even tried the trick of implying that the state law is some kind of repeal of long-standing previous practice. You have to give these clowns credit for chutzpah. Reporters, in support of the SJWs (many ‘reporters’ are SJWs), have been aggressively misreporting this issue making it sound as if North Carolina is somehow “out of step” or an “outlier” when in reality it is in the mainstream of America and history. New York magazine described it as a “sweeping anti-LGBT law.” Ah, nothing like idyllic, measured and unbiased journalism…

The actual outliers are the SJWs and those who want to change restroom practice.

“We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

So it is now eagerly reported that some pro sports franchises in the state, NBA Hornets and NHL Hurricanes, are somehow appalled at this “sudden” change. Sporting News, which has become a liberal propaganda tool over the last couple of years, took the NFL Panthers to task for not jumping in with their own angry demands that the bathrooms (locker rooms included too) be opened up to all comers.

Yet it’s funny that these sports franchises are pretending that something has suddenly changed. I don’t recall a vast discrimination surge happening lately that required the city’s legislation. Do you? I haven’t seen mobs of trangenders and other sexually confused folks being refused access to a bathroom. They just can’t go to a bathroom different from their natural gender. What’s so unreasonable about that? (‘Plenty!’ screams the SJW.)

The fact is that the gender-confused are a microscopic part of the population but they have a disproportionate influence in media, education and the Democratic Party. That’s how these issues suddenly appear and then are flogged as if they are an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately.

The sports franchises are squealing that the state legislation will somehow endanger the playing of professional sports in the state and that some future previously scheduled events such as the 2017 NBA All-Star Game (in Charlotte) might have to be relocated outside the state. Apparently there are a lot of players and execs in the NBA and NHL are who are confused and being prevented from getting into whatever restroom/locker room they feel like going to on that particular day. The NBA has gone whole-hog into political correctness and I’m disappointed in Steph Curry for showing increasingly marshmallow-headedness in these things — though it has to be acknowledged that his statement was far softer than Sporting News tried to portray.

Sadly, the NHL is being sucked into liberalism. It has been showing lately on its NHL Network global-warming scare PSAs. It’d have been bad if they were running PSAs from the usual environmental agitprop suspects but they made the PSAs themselves. Stop it, NHL! I turned to you this year and watch more hockey because I’ve turned from the NFL, ESPN and have pared back my NBA diet in protest to its mounting liberalism and activism in nonbasketball activities. Don’t mess things up.