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NCAA Issues Hostage Demands

The NCAA, putatively a nonpartisan college athletics organization, has now demanded that the sate of North Carolina laws enact laws that the NCAA approves of rather than those legislated by the representatives of the citizens of the state or the NCAA will not allow any special NCAA events take place in the state, like, forevuh!

It is specifically trying to promote laws favorable to “transgender” people rather than the vast majority of citizens of the state. It is estimated that “trangendered” people make up less than 1% of the population. In other words 99+% are supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate a confused <1%.

North Carolina’s representatives in Washington need to move against the NCAA and remove its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status since it has become highly politically active, in opposition to its charter. Additionally, the state should move against the organization in civil courts.

The NCAA has become nothing more than a political activist organization and should be treated as such. It is an ally of the Democratic party.

Interestingly, the NCAA has been very circumspect on allowing “transgender” athletes, there are very few of them, to play on the teams they want to play on. Of course hypocrisy is the mark of the liberal.

I have been boycotting the NCAA for awhile now… And found I can live without it. And it also bleeds ESPN. Join me!


A Trump Gift

I just came from checking in on my Yahoo! Sports fantasy hockey team. Whenever you log out of your fantasy team you are dumped onto Yahoo!’s news page. It has for months done nothing more on the political front than run anti-Trump stories. I have yet to see a positive story or anything negative on Hillary Clinton.

That’s not an accident.

Sadly, this is typical of every major news outlet (with the exception of Fox News and it has been drifting leftward lately).

If nothing else, Donald Trump needs to be congratulated for wiping away any doubt (if there had remained) that the American news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm and disinformation agent for the Democratic Party.

I’ll not catalog their calumny beyond noting that if a Republican candidate had Hillary Clinton’s record of incompetence and criminality they’d have been destroyed long ago. Clinton makes Nixon and Harding look like choirboys. Her email server and the compromising of American secrets, American institutions and employees under her may be unmatched in history. The failure of the media to even do the basic in reporting is unforgivable.

So what to do?

I doubt the media will reform itself. Liberals do not hire conservatives or anyone that isn’t going to toe the line and swear fealty to gods of liberalism. And increasingly the corporate suites are packed with liberals — many now out of the closet and unafraid to use their companies as weapons of mass destruction against their American enemies and in servitude to international socialism.

One thing that can be done is to boycott what you can. After the hockey season I expect I’ll abandon Yahoo! completely. Does anyone know a good fantasy sports website? I have to admit that Yahoo! did fantasy sports well.

I make it a point to avoid linking to MSM (e.g. major networks, Washington Post, et al) stories in the blog. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. It’ll cut down on the click numbers for them.

Don’t buy their papers. I doubt sending letters to the editors mean anything any longer. I think they just dismiss the writers as racists, Nazis, bigots, etc.

Avoid the big TV networks and their programming.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m now boycotting the NFL, NBA and NCAA. I haven’t slipped yet and supposedly ratings for the NFL are down.

I’m learning and enjoying hockey and catching the last of the baseball season. I’m watching golf more and David Feherty is clearly a conservative but politics are basically left out of these sports and no one seems impelled to let the viewers know how hip, cool or progressive they are.

The liberal media corporations (and their sports allies) need to feel the consequences of their actions.

Thornton Nails Liberal Hypocrisy

Bruce Thornton has written “Trump, Politics, and Our Sexual Schizophrenia,” a perfect crystallization of the recent (and latest) L’Affair Trump.

This is a great piece. Read it. I can’t do it justice it with my words. Thornton perfectly recounts the decades-long degradation of sexual values, mores and intercourse (not the act but the conversation) by Democrats and liberals and their utter hypocrisy by blushing at Trump’s language. It’s as if a lifelong prostitute complained that she was outraged that women were being treated like sex objects to be bought.

The gall is astounding, yet they get away with it.

So read it.

This leads me to the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins. She had a Tuesday column, “No Leader Says Things Like That in [the] Locker Room,” wherein she claimed, vis a vis Donald Trump’s claim that he was just engaging in “locker room talk,” that “there is no such thing as ‘locker room talk.’”

Saying something like this reveals an obtuseness that should get her removed from the job she is supposedly paid to do.

She then lapses into accidentally acknowledging that such talk does exist while denigrating anyone that talks that way. Along the way she tut-tuts like a Victorian finishing school marm.

She gets around to labeling such talk as more like “sauna chatter between a couple of junior brokers.” While Jenkins has been in professional sports locker rooms as part of her job, I seriously doubt she’s ever been in a men’s sauna, especially when junior brokers were conversing.

She then gathers a handful of pro players in a painfully politically correct lecture. Professional gay Scott Fujita chimes in that he heard a lot of course talk in locker rooms but nothing about “casually boasting about a criminal sexual act…” Clearly Scottie wasn’t catching any of the rap tunes pounding around the room nor paying attention to any of the talk about the cheerleaders… But Scott’s gay so he probably tuned out all that het-sex stuff. Great choice of sources, Jenkins.

She also uses a couple of other players who deny they’ve ever heard any naughty talk at all, ever, honest… and to prove it she lapses into cataloguing the charity one of them is involved in. Wow, a guy involved in charity would never say such things… Case closed, Trump is guilty!

One might not like such talk but it’s a tradition from the pros to college to minor leagues and amateur sports; especially when dealing with males that have been idolized, patronized and socially coddled all of their lives.

Yes, there are clucks trying to ban such talk, feminize sports, instill political correctness but such talk happens amongst men. I’d bet that Fujita talks that way among his gay buddies when a hunk of beef goes by. Gays are notoriously fixated on sex and scoring since… uh… that’s their whole definition of existence.

But let’s take her claim on its merits, stipulating that she herself has never heard such talk in a locker room. This leads to several possible conclusions.

One, perhaps she’s never been in a locker room. No, she’s had to be there and has been one of those female reporters demanding access to naked players.

Two, she is deaf or has a lot of wax in her ears.

Three, players and coaches are on their best behavior when she’s around.

Four, she’s a lying politically-oriented hack.

The answer is three and four.

Though female sports reporters claimed that they didn’t want to be treated any different than men and that they are just as tough as the men, they pressured sports teams to have the players and coaches curtail their salty language because the girls found it offensive/harassing/uncomfortable. Surprise! Hypocrisy from liberals… They were aided by beta male journalists.

When the girls aren’t around the talk can revert back to other topics that they would find offensive (and they find most male things ‘offensive’).

Sally Jenkins a terrible sports reporter/writer. She’s an affirmative action hire (aided tremendously by being famed sports writer Dan Jenkins’ daughter) and proves it with nearly every column. She showed time and time again when covering the Redskins that she new little about football and after being given a second chance to cover the beat proved to have learned nothing. Rather than focusing on actual football, strategy, performance, stats, etc. she preferred to emphasize personalities.

A sports fanatic, wanting to learn something about the game or the players, will not read Jenkins. If you want the personality buzz, the scuttlebutt about who’s in or out, the sizzle behind the steak, then Sal’s your gal.

Jenkins, like the revolving selection of talentless female sports writers the WaPo sports section seems required to retain, tends to write less about sports as competition and a day-to-day event than just another politically-oriented venue where she can ultimately rant about injustice, lack of “fairness” and demand “equality.” That the female athletes she often writes about usually wouldn’t make a men’s high school team never enters her mind as she demands increased pay, prizes and facilities for female athletes. That few watch or care about so many female sports is not important to her or, obviously, her bosses.

Jenkins, like so many liberals prefers to live in a fantasy world. She wants the world to be as she wants it and demands that everyone else occupy that world rather than the world they inhabit.

And, finally, oh, yeah, please get your hack politics out of the sports section.

Knicks’ Noah Is a Nitwit

Carrying on the theme of “Our sports/athletics are going in the wrong direction,” here’s this story from last week on NBA player Joakim Noah deciding he’d ditch a traditional team dinner with West Point students because he… uh… doesn’t like war.

(Message to Noah — a lot of those grads don’t like war either but they are mature enough to understand that we live in a dangerous world. ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ — ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’ is a quote all of them know by heart.)

The obvious retort here is that these grads, and those before them, are a chief reason why Noah gets to entertain his own ignorance, while counting his millions.

Noah bent himself into a pretzel, more accurately the pretzel that a pretzel would eat, explaining that he wasn’t dissing the cadets but um… uh… er… he’s not grooving on “Kids killing kids.”

Yeah, who is?

A thought pattern that supremely shallow and dysfunctional shows how far our culture is drifting. But it seems to be increasingly typical of the well-compensated participants in our professional sports.

I’ve always liked Noah. He’s been a hard-working, team-oriented player his whole career. I’ve made use of his once gaudy rebounding stats (plus a few blocks and [bonus] assists) to be very competitive in NBA fantasy leagues.

This is depressing but, perhaps, a fitting end, since I’m boycotting the NBA and therefore the Yahoo! Sports NBA fantasy league.

That’s right, Adam Silver, no more watching the NBA Network and games on TNT or WGN, staying up late catching those West Coast games.

Cavalier — The Other Meaning

As a Virginia taxpayer, therefore a funder of the University of Virginia (‘Mr. Jefferson’s Learning City’ UVA recruiters used to say in every other sentence to us high school kids decades ago), this story about the UVA men’s basketball team deciding to go Black Lies Matter/Colon Kaepernick is most disheartening.

Yes, nothing like kids who are getting a free ride to one of the more expensive and elite schools in the nation complaining about injustice and inequality. As a Virginia taxpayer I say enough, send the lot of them packing if they hate America so much. I’m sure they can find equal opportunity and justice in Africa.

Hey, notice something, look at the picture in question, that team is actually disproportionately black. I’m sorry, in the spirit of racial “equality” at least four of the darker skinned fellows will have to be booted off the team. If you don’t leave then that proves you are a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite.

Wait, to be truly “equal” and in line with social justice, half the team needs to be female. And then we can get down to racism and divvy the team up by skin color. So ultimately only one or two of the players can be black. Hmmmmmm, I suspect they didn’t actually think their “virtue signaling” all the way through. But then they are at a school, allegedly to learn. Too bad nobody actually teaches them anything useful.

We are reaping the whirlwind of decades of miseducation. Kids are at school to learn but they’ve been coddled to think they are geniuses and are there to lead. The only thing “taught” at campuses these days is liberal/socialist propaganda.

It doesn’t help that the NCAA has suddenly decided to become highly politicized itself. It’s hard to tell kids to calm down when some of the adults themselves are using sports as a political weapon.

It seems that we’ve reentered another period of “youthful” insanity.

The ’60s kids thought that somehow they could live in a world where everyone could sit around staring at their navel, getting high and slinging clay or playing music and somehow the world would continue to work. Food would get grown and delivered, the electricity would flow, products would get made, bad guys would be kept at bay, etc…

That didn’t actually work out.

And kids are still stupid… But, hey, they’re kids. Too bad they don’t understand that. They seem to think they are supposed to be in charge. If they aren’t there to learn maybe we can just shut the whole place down…

Reporter “Embarrassed” to Be American

I caught part of press conference for the European Ryder Cup team right after they had lost to the United States team on Sunday. The cup was held this year in Minnesota.

The first question was prefaced by the reporter asking it that he “was embarrassed to be an American” because a handful of louts (possibly drunk) had yelled insults at the European golfers.

Surprise, a reporter was “embarrassed” to be an American. I’m sure he thought that would endear him to the Europeans.

Class act that he is, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy fielded the question and did not take the bait. He noted that many, if not most, of the European team make their living in the U.S. on the PGA tour. They find most Americans great and aren’t bothered by some drunks in a crowd.

I’m not surprised by this behavior, but rather fascinated by it. The reporter (unnamed) felt the need to express his feelings on the issue, to make himself part of the story that had nothing to do with him (remind you of a certain president?), rather than simply ask the question, “We’re you bothered by the hecklers?”

Obviously had he asked that question the response would have been simple, “No, we deal with it all the time in public. It’s just one of those things you have to deal with as a professional, especially at tournaments like this. Next question.”

Reporters don’t report the news any longer. They want to be part of it and “make” the news.

Why Does the NCAA Have an Office of Inclusion?

If you want a gander at where liberals are steering us, check out the NCAA’s “Office of Inclusion.” Here’s a world where people are measured exclusively on skin color, gender (especially deviation from the norm) and sexual preferences (definitely deviation from the norm).

This is an effort with the same mindset as the old German SS’s office of racial purity.

The home page is enough to make one shake one’s head for the future of our country, at least on the college sports front. The banner of “Inclusion” seems to cover a very narrow group of people.

Ironically, the office itself is very uninclusive — with a staff of six (and two ‘interns’) made up of exclusively blacks and white women, with one “Asian” male, who handles “International Student Athletes.”

You can bet the head guy, Bernard Franklin draws a nice six figure salary. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two “Director(s) of Inclusion” — one for “Gender Equity and LGBTQ” and the other “Race/Ethnicity and Student Athletes With Disabilities,” — were also six-figure deadweights. One has a doctoral in “health and sport studies” while the other sports a doctoral in “sport administration.” Reading the bio descriptions is both laughable and frightening in the academic gobbledygook that describes the enormous Academic Grievance Industry that is dragging academia into the pit of Hell.

Do I even have to say that both are very versed in Title IX????

Sadly, things get no better down the staff directory with one young woman whose “responsibilities include promoting inclusion initiatives in the areas of gender equity and LGBTQ support and programming. She also serves to support the Committee on Women’s Athletics and the Gender Equity Task Force.” Her bona fides include: “She wrote her master’s thesis on the FAIR Education Act, a California law that mandated LGBT curriculum in schools, and how it both supported and negated Queer Theory.”

It could easily be concluded that everyone in the office is way overeducated and an extreme liberal of the politically correct flavor.

Other than the “Asian” male, all the paid staffers are female — not very “inclusive,” huh?

There are two “interns.” One seems to be female though she looks more like a young Kel Mitchell in “Mystery Men.” The other is a black male who, in a politically correct faux pas, seems to have been involved in a Cinco de Mayo planning committee. But he makes up for it in his other PC activities.

The “News” section is typical PC gibberish though amusingly it has one story about how the NCAA now demands that cities interested in hosting championship events must answer a questionnaire about how that city is going to stop discrimination against attendees of such events.

You mean like discrimination against conservative white males that your own office clearly practices?

I once again reiterate my boycott of the NCAA and all its events.