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NCAA Issues Hostage Demands

The NCAA, putatively a nonpartisan college athletics organization, has now demanded that the sate of North Carolina laws enact laws that the NCAA approves of rather than those legislated by the representatives of the citizens of the state or the NCAA will not allow any special NCAA events take place in the state, like, forevuh!

It is specifically trying to promote laws favorable to “transgender” people rather than the vast majority of citizens of the state. It is estimated that “trangendered” people make up less than 1% of the population. In other words 99+% are supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate a confused <1%.

North Carolina’s representatives in Washington need to move against the NCAA and remove its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status since it has become highly politically active, in opposition to its charter. Additionally, the state should move against the organization in civil courts.

The NCAA has become nothing more than a political activist organization and should be treated as such. It is an ally of the Democratic party.

Interestingly, the NCAA has been very circumspect on allowing “transgender” athletes, there are very few of them, to play on the teams they want to play on. Of course hypocrisy is the mark of the liberal.

I have been boycotting the NCAA for awhile now… And found I can live without it. And it also bleeds ESPN. Join me!


Silver Formalizes NBA as Arm of Dem. Party

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has essentially formalized the National Basketball Association as an arm of the Democratic Party by pulling the 2017 NBA All-Star Game from Charlotte, where it had been previously scheduled for several years, and is now shopping it around to other cities (gay-friendly cities, no doubt).

The reason, North Carolina’s “restroom law.” The law makes it clear that “transgender” people, homosexual people and others sexually confused folks will not be given special rights but rather have to follow the laws that the vast majority of us have to follow.

This did not make Silver and his fellow alternative sexuality activists happy. Silver and others apparently feel that homosexuals and “transgenders” make up a significant portion of the “NBA community” and would be inconvenienced in Charlotte during the game festivities. That’s his priority, folks, not basketball.

That the law actually changes nothing from what has taken place before, and the NBA has been playing games there for decades, is ignored by Silver & Co., who prefer to claim that the state is initiating some kind of Inquisition-style environment. I guess in the Silverized NBA homosexual activity and transgenders are considered commonplace in the league.

The NBA, and its redheaded stepdaughter, the WNBA, are being rapidly politicized – and it’s only liberal, Democrat-friendly politics that are welcomed by these self-professed “tolerant” and “diverse” cultural commissars. The WNBA, long with an open lesbian cohort, is even more political – often resembling a Women’s Studies Center on a college campus. The WNBA’s current political bone is mandatory Black Lies Matter support. Its players seem to think that its handful of fans are paying to hear their thoughts rather than watch them play. Who knows, perhaps they are right.

But as an NBA fan, I know most basketball fans are paying to see the players play, not lecture us politically.

Sadly, as I’ve noted before, liberals will politicize everything; sports included. Unless they are stopped.

So I’m taking a stand. I will henceforth boycott the NBA. No more NBA Network – and  I watch a lot of games – I even watched most of the Summer League games. No more broadcast NBA. No more Comcast Sports Washington Wizards games. No more Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball – I  won my league last year and I’ve been doing it for more than 10 years.

Until the NBA gets back to what it is supposed to do, playing basketball, I’m cutting it off, Commissioner Silver. It can no longer claim me as a fan or a viewer. But I’m sure that Adam Silver’s gay and transgender buddies will make up for the loss of my eyes. After all, that’s who he thinks are the important people for the NBA.

I guess I’ll be watching more baseball and more hockey (I’ve given up on the NFL and most college football). I will still watch college basketball.

The Arrogance of the Star

This is just depressing. It seems that numerous NBA stars are wanting to go full force into turning the league into an arm of the Democratic party.  And, yes, when they talk about politics, they mean liberalism.

These stars need to understand that they are popular because they play well not because anyone cares what they think on other topics.

If you want to do politics, quit the game and run for office or go on a lecture tour. Or wait until retirement. Be judged on that, not your athletic prowess.

Do not confuse your skill and popularity on the court, the field, the diamond, the ring, etc., with approval of your other thoughts and actions outside of athletics. This is the mistake that Wade, Paul, James, Anthony, et al, are making. Hollywood celebrities also make this mistake.

Please, stop turning every minute and activity of our lives into a political stage to be fought over.

The NBA Does Politics

I like Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors a lot. I’ve ridden him on fantasy teams for years. He is unusually talented. I also like Chris Paul a lot as well. I’ve seen interviews with him wherein he seems like a very down-to-Earth person — unlike 98% of his narcissistic NBA compatriots. I’ve also liked Joakim Noah, though he seems a bit eccentric at times. He is a hard working player who is very humble. So it was with heavy heart that I ran across this bit of absurdity and saw the  “anti-gun violence” PSAs they delivered during the Christmas Day NBA marathon.

C’mon guys, think. Your good intentions, or “Good Thoughts” as Rona Barrett used to cluck, will have no bearing on the thugs committing murder and mayhem.

In fact, how many of your fellow NBA players openly advocate the “Thug Life”? The “gangstuh” culture? Act like “tough” guys and love to strut around like the cock of the walk?

Why are you in bed with an extreme liberal group interested in confiscating guns and vitiating the Second Amendment?

I realize that the NBA has taken a very liberal and political turn over the last decade. It has upset me greatly. The NBA needs to realize that playing politics rather than basketball gains nothing and alienates many. But it won’t. It thinks being liberal is being cool as it wanders off its basketball path.

You are being used as tools.

Also, your “solutions” don’t address the problems you think you are addressing.

Does anyone not know that guns are dangerous? Does anyone pulling the trigger not know what will happen or what the consequence of that activity can be? Does anyone not understand that shooting someone is considered against the law? Does anyone pulling the trigger give a rodent’s derriere about what these players think about anything other than how to play basketball and what type of shoe they wear? Does a single would-be punk say, “Wow! I was going to be a thug but CP3 would disapprove so I’m going back to math class”?

All of this is an exercise in moral masturbation (perhaps encouraged by an intoxicated naivete), driven by political agendas and misinformation.

Compounding all of this silliness is the rot inside NBA HQ. The putatively basketball organization has a “President of Social Responsibility and Player Programs.” It’s a rather unsavory liberal activist by the name of Kathleen Behrens. When asked if there might be some blowback from people who disagree she dismissed it: “We’re not worried about political implications.” Translation: eff those who disagree with us.

Has anyone noticed this pattern of liberal women being given jobs in major league sports headquarters and then driving those pro sports organizations in a direction away from sports? It’s more of the liberal effort to politicize everything.

Guys, please stop it. I know you mean well, but just play basketball. After your basketball career ends, if you feel strongly about these issues, get into politics, where discussion of these issues is supposed to take place. They aren’t to be debated on the court, gridiron or diamond.

The Enemy Which Dare Not Speak Its Name

Actually the enemy, crazed Muslims, happily says its name, it’s our cultural elite that refuses to acknowledge that we have an enemy, we are at war and the name of the enemy is Islam (AKA Muslims, radical Muslims and similar names).

This is a follow-up to my earlier post, The Missing Muslims.

Watching sports this weekend again led to a mystery — somebody did something in Paris recently but it’s a mystery as to who it was or even what it really was. According to one of the Euroleague basketball commentators, leading up to a moment of silence, something “violent” happened there but the Euroleague was all about peace. What could it have been?

One other sports commentator nit to pick — I believe it was Paul Romanuk while doing the Maple Leafs/Bruins game on NHL Network Saturday night managed to get in a jab at U.S. Republicans. After showing a clip of some player or coach in a locker room repeating himself over and over in answer to questions lobbed at him, Romanuk said (from my memory), “He was repeating himself like a Republican repeats talking points.” Hey, Paulie, when are those Democrat jokes coming? Maybe something like, “The ice is so white that Democrats won’t play on it!”

Arrrrggghh! Hockey is one of the few refuges from political correctness, NHL, don’t let Canadian turds ruin it too.

While I’m at it, let’s go after another enemy – politically correct racism, as practiced in sports.

As NASCAR winds its season up, riddle me this: Why is it that NASCAR is pressured to stop the endless country music playing? Why are there complaints that NASCAR’s audience is too white and it needs to change itself to “attract” minorities? That its events are in “white” areas like the South (I can’t recall any race tracks in inner city Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.) or rural majority white states like New Hampshire?

Why does Major League Baseball make a big to-do about its “Urban Youth Academies,” designed to recruit more black athletes to play baseball (rather than, say, basketball and football). Why does MLB have a bizarre obsession with Jackie Robinson? For instance every team, even those not in existence when Robinson played, were required to retire his number 42? Why is it the only number featured onstage at MLB-owned MLB Network? Why do people like Chris Rock publicly whine that there aren’t enough black players in baseball yet they would go into nuclear meltdown if someone said that there aren’t enough white players in the NBA or that the rap music played at NBA arenas might be cut back some in favor of something “white”? (Ask former Atlanta Hawks part-owner Bruce Levenson about that last point.)

Despite claims decades ago that whites would abandon sports when black athletes appeared, no such thing ever happened. Yet we have the reverse now — that blacks won’t go to sports wherein they don’t see “enough” black faces competing. Obviously in NASCAR it’s pretty much impossible to see the skin color of the driver but other sports might be subject to such racism. White people flock to the NBA and NFL. Are black people that racist that they won’t go to baseball or NASCAR because of skin colors? I dunno. I see plenty of black people at baseball games.

No one is suggesting a “white” or “suburb” academy for the NBA, NFL (or, for that matter, MLB). Why? Well, obviously it’s a stupid idea. Yet the idea becomes sacred when flipped on its head.

But why should anyone care? Frankly, I find the obsession with skin color to be tiresome. Like most sports fans, I want to see the best — not the skin color. I would love to never have to write about race ever again but liberals will never let it be.

The Missing Muslims

To no one’s surprise, our idiot president managed to speak on the terrorist attacks in Paris but pretty much leave out the attackers. He could not bring himself to utter the word “Muslim.” That’s not an accident.

Unlike some, I don’t think Obama is a covert Muslim. I don’t think he’s particularly religious at all, beyond worshiping himself. He just wants to avoid doing anything about the problem and he does have a soft spot for Muslims. The buddies he had 40 years ago in Indonesia didn’t seem to be terrorists, therefore Muslims can’t be terrorists. That’s the way Obama reasons.

On the other hand, those Christians… Well, they had the Crusades…

Then there’s the bit about everybody’s “shared values.” Well, genius, if everyone has those shared values, then who did all the shooting and blowing up?

He had more silliness. The only thing missing was Marie Harf chiming in on job training for terrorists programs. (Wow, they put Marie away, didn’t they. Where is she these days?)

That our president says such utterly lame, elementary school logic frivolity, is frightening. Did he write that stuff? Did he even read what he said? How does such infantile nonsense get into his speeches? There are bad people out there, you dope! (And no, I’m not talking about Republicans, the Tea Party or the NRA.) They want to kill us!

But he’d rather America be wiped off the map than admit he was wrong.

Anyway, over the weekend, as I worked on my next novel (soon, coming soon!), I had on in the background plenty of college and professional sports. And most every one of them tipped the hat to Paris. Yet none, NONE!, offered any details to exactly what happened.

There was plenty of “Our prayers go out to the people of Paris after this week’s tragedy.” It was as if the city had been hit by a flood, or an earthquake, a hurricane, or a fire or, perhaps, a volcano had suddenly appeared on the Champs Elysees. There was no indication that a group of crazed maniacs, belonging to a certain religion, had purposefully slaughtered innocent people having dinner and watching a concert. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the game with any concerns other than the game… It was an act of nature.

Such ineptitude is not an accident. Either it was ordered by corporate poobahs or it was self-censorship; a willingness to not accept reality; to not name the evil which confronts us, yet we refuse to confront. The unwillingness to do this is part and parcel of why our responses to militant Islam keep failing. We stand around like European leaders in the late 1930s. If we give Herr Hitler just a bit more of another country maybe he’ll go away.

Hey, chuckleheads at ESPN, what do you have to say to Curt Schilling now? You owe him an apology, ass-wipes. (Not holding my breath on that one and I’m sure Schilling isn’t either.)

Cowardly Like the Wolfe

Following up on my post from Sunday night — that didn’t take long.

It’s hard to feel sorry for now former University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, a man so besotted with political correctness that when the love of his life asked him to take a long walk on a short pier because he was making her look bad, he did just that. One gets the feeling that if an alligator approached him that he’d actually start carving himself up to make it easier for the alligator to eat him. He wouldn’t want the reptile to choke on any big pieces…

Still, an innocent man was executed for a crime he didn’t commit. His scalp was handed over to quiet a howling mob that wanted blood because, well, it’s a pack of bloodsuckers.

This certainly doesn’t excuse or reflect well upon the University of Missouri board or the Missouri state government. That bunch of weasels fed Wolfe to the wolves in the belief that they’d be spared. We’ll see on that. They don’t deserve to survive.

And now, once again, we get the left’s victory dance as it pats itself on the back for righting some wrong that it was the only one that saw the wrong. Patronizing the insane is not a proper treatment. It only encourages them and guarantees that their demands will only grow.

That the board and the state government thinks this will mollify the angry natives reveals a shocking disconnect with reality.

Did they not read the “demands” of the mob? It’s a completely unrealistic set of racial fantasies and grievances that can never be fulfilled. The mob lives in an alternative universe. Most of America would have told this small (and very angry) minority to pound sand and grow up but somehow it was treated as legitimate by Wolfe and the academics. That gained them nothing.

There is something seriously wrong with our academic world when a small group of delusional, paranoid, loud-mouthed racist fanatics, aided by free-riding “student-athletes,” can hijack a campus of 35,000 students. We seem to be reliving the 1960s but instead of encountering a left-wing group of conceited pro-communist meatheads we have a left-wing group of racists caught up in some fantasy that they are the oppressed victims of the conspiracy of the ages.

Remember, the University of Missouri is a taxpayer-supported institution that has 35,000 students, it’s not some absurd private liberal arts hothouse with a thousand or so clueless wealthy and spoiled kids living in an isolated corner of New England or the Midwest. It has a budget in the hundreds of millions.

I found one of Yahoo! Sports writer Pat Forde’s observations interesting. He saw pretty much no fault at all with the whole episode, yet he said this in a surprisingly casual manner — “Fasting student Jonathan Butler and Concerned Student 1950 may be doing heroic work exposing major problems at Mizzou – or they may be opportunistically inflating a couple of somewhat vague grievances into a bigger issue than it really is. That’s an open and vigorous debate at present, and there will be some who say Wolfe’s resignation was the case of a media-savvy and sensationalist tail wagging the university dog.”

Yeah, it’s a debate but the problem is, Pat, they destroyed a man’s life before anyone had finished the debate, much less had any answers. So what are you going to do when they discover the feces swastika was someone’s joke or turns out to be a hoax or isn’t quite what it appeared to be a la the “nooses” at the University of Delaware a few weeks ago; and those racial epithets were a bunch of drunk hooligans yelling at everyone they saw? Are you just going to Emily Littella it, Nevermind, and welcome Tim Wolfe back from his banishment to the farthest reaches of the universe?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. But what’s a man’s life when you can feel really great about how amazingly superior you are?

Forde thinks the students and especially the football team are just peachy keen and he reflects back on all that cool stuff from back in the 1960s… Groovy, man. Forde says he’s a grad of Mizzou, early 80s, and recalls a racial incident. One, that’s it. And divesting from South Africa was cool too. He also remembers the really cool music that the black kids played. To him that excuses anything the angry blacks of today want and apparently that makes Tim Wolfe guilty of whatever he’s accused of. Makes a lot of sense… How do these people keep their jobs. Oh, yeah, they toe the liberal line.

Various Mizzou football players have now begun trying to paint themselves as Francis Assisi. One said, “”Through this experience, we’ve really began to bridge that gap between student and athlete in the phrase student-athlete by connecting with the community and realizing the bigger picture. We will continue to build with the community and support positive change on Mizzou’s campus.”

Let’s look at that “positive change.” You’ve destroyed a man’s life and you’ve accused the 30,000+ white students on campus of being future members of the Ku Klux Klan. Yeah, “positive change.” You might want to get out of your hermetically-sealed bubble sometime and see how the rest of the world sees this. Also, here’s a helpful hint, wear a football helmet when on the field next time, you seem to be a bit brain damaged. But it’s all cool because this football player feels good about himself and that’s what it’s all about.

The only possible silver lining(s) I see is that this unalloyed example of left-wing identity politics fascism will push independents towards law and order Republicans in the next election or two. And it might also bring closer the day when the academic Alice-in-Wonderland will be reformed wholesale.