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As the Bern Turns

So another crazed Bernie Sanders supporter goes nuts and starts shooting… This time in Alexandria, Virginia and at Republican congressmen and stafffers.

But unlike the Portland shooter from last month, the MSM couldn’t bury this story when it comes out that the maniac shooter is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

If you remember, the Portland killer was a “white supremacist” with clear anti-Muslim and racist intentions in initial reports, then he was nobody when his Bernie affiliation became apparent.

This time we have the more predictable MSM and law enforcement response — “We just can’t figure out this guy’s motive.” Despite his Facebook pages and a lengthy, well-documented hardcore lefty political trail, this clown is just as much a mystery as those Muslims yelling “Allahu, Akbar!” right before they detonate a bomb or stab a poor girl to death. “I do this in the name of Allah!” they shout and somehow our media mavens and law enforcement pros can’t figure out why they do it…

It’d be funny except people are getting killed in the forced pretend ignorance of moral equivalence.

And naturally something else is missing. Oh, yeah, the enforced groveling that comes when anyone to the right of Stalin does something or, more likely, says something the liberals don’t like. Then every libtard politico, celebrity and so-called journalist demands every Republican from the dogcatcher in Buttscratch, Utah, to the president of the United States condemn the perp.

Yet when a lefty goes on a rampage it’s crickets…

It took King Barry I, et al, about 2.9 seconds to blame conservatives and Confederate history for racist nutjob Dylann Roof yet somehow the far more commonplace lefty violence requires massive, lengthy investigations into “motive.”

Has any high-profile libtard been asked or voluntarily condemned the leftwing violence we’re seeing, especially on college campuses?

I know, silly question.

So how’s the MSM going to dissipate this embarrassment away?

More Trump-bashing!

My local radio news station WTOP just announced that Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice. No quibbling there, even though it’s coming from one of those WaPoo stories based on leaks from mysterious unnamed insiders…

And there’s always Pizzagate guy… Any port in a storm for the MSM.

And there’s NPR pushing the condemnation of white racism in the Alt-Right movement by the “Southern Baptist Convention.” Though in the actual report the convention was condemning all racism… Nothing like twisting the news for the good of the liberal cause, or to get it out of the spotlight it suddenly found itself in.


No More ISIL

Hey, notice something?

There’s no more “ISIL.”

Not that they’ve been exterminated (IF ONLY!) but no one seems to be calling ISIS ISIL any longer.

If you remember, like a snotty college sophomore trying to demonstrate his college smarts at Thanksgiving, The One, AKA Otard the Malignant, AKA Pres. Barack Obama, called ISIS ISIL (while also describing them as ‘The J.V.’). He was wrong on both counts.

Anyway, now they seem to get described everywhere as ISIS.

And speaking of ISIS, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, there is the dawning realization that our intellectual and political leaders, seemingly on both sides of the aisle (other than Trump), are simply incapable of embarking upon a solution — “Buck up,” is their turn the cheek advice. Rather Chamberlain-like (a decent man completely inappropriate for the time).

Libtards, Democrats, socialists, Millennials, all do don’t understand that the Islamofascists are not guiltable, they don’t care about political correctness, they aren’t cowed by cries of “racism,” “bigot,” or “sexist.” They’ll still pull the trigger.

All those candles, Teddy Bears, flowers, moments of silence, hashtags, etc. won’t do a thing. If anything the terrorists are encouraged by such a patronizing response. Hey, Michelle Obama, Jen Psaki, et al, how’d that #bringbackourgirls hashtag work out in Nigeria? Yeah, it didn’t move the dial a hair, did it?

But that never was the point, was it?

Surprisingly, Muslim terrorists don’t subscribe to the symbology that makes college kids, celebrities, cultural commissars, elite bureaucrats, Democrats and European socialists, et al, all gooey. The libtards simply wanted to feel good about themselves that they were “doing something.” And, most importantly, signal their virtue to each other. They could look like they were doing something when, in reality, they never intended to do anything but they felt awesome and superior to those who actually want to get their hands dirty and really do something that might involve breaking some windows, or some people.

BTW, how did they get to be “Our” girls?

The inimitable prophet Mark Steyn nails it in “‘Dangerous Woman’” Meets Dangerous Man.”

He taps into our absurd culture where a cupcake like former Nickelodeon child star Ariana Grande is ever-so-“dangerous,” all the while ignoring actually, really dangerous people like Muslim extremists who blow up themselves and other people at music concerts.

Of course Ariana is “dangerous” in a cool, sexy, politically correct female empowering way. Kinda not really dangerous at all but pretend “dangerous” so everyone can enjoy being “dangerous” without having to go all Machine Gun Kelly or break any laws.

In the mind of the modern liberal the only really dangerous (and divisive, hateful and oppressive…) people are, and “everyone agrees,” Donald Trump and his supporters.

You just keep telling yourself that, Millennial Pajama Boy and female pugilist punching a bag in a panty hose commercial. That’ll go over well as they puzzle over whether the Muslim terrorist holding a gun to their heads is going to pull the trigger. They won’t have to puzzle long (and as they descended to their eternal fate they still wouldn’t admit they were wrong).

Dao Played the Race Card

As details emerge from the “Dr.” David Dao-United Airlines incident, it is quickly beginning to resemble an urban myth like “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

It turns out that when Dao was first asked to leave, steeped as he no doubt is in politically correct grievance-mongering, he immediately reached for the race card and asked if he was being asked to leave because he is of Asian descent.

When police officers arrived he challenged them to drag him out of the seat. They proceeded to do that while he squealed like a misbehaving child being sent to “timeout.”

My guess is that Dao is a long-time bully, playing on political correctness to get his way all the time. He’s not used to be told no and thus he reacted like a spoiled child.

This cannot stand. Terrorist planners watching this incident are taking notes and will see that the best way to get onboard, possibly unexamined, will be to send a minority who will play the race card if confronted. Or play the Islamophobia card.

If Dao triumphs, most gate and ground crew will simply avoid examining or confronting a minority for fear of their jobs and retribution from Twitter mobs and possibly PC enforcers in the government.

We have been warned.

More Mush From the Wimps

I’ve been a little “out of pocket” with a family emergency lately so I’m playing catch up (and I might be for some time).

I’m not surprised at the endless news stories on all the various “candle light vigils” and other memorials set up in cities, most of them not Orlando, to “show solidarity” with the “LGBT community” post-Orlando. People, usually “LGBT”-types proudly boasting that they “will not be intimidated.” One lady quoted several times on CBS Radio during the week clucked in typically Obama-esque pseudo’Hood lingo that terrorists (er, ‘haters,’ that is) couldn’t “come to my town and get away with this.” But I seriously doubt she was joining the war effort. More likely she was heading for some kind of “LGBT” “rights” rally. She was going to demonstrate her disapproval and that was really going to show those terrorists who was boss.

And it would.

You can give the “LGBT community” (a phrase uttered ad nauseum this week) all the “rights” its most radical members desire and that won’t do a thing to stop terrorism.

Terrorists know that they can inflict damage and death with relative safety under the Obama Regency. They laugh at a people whose response to a mass attack is to collect in saccharine gatherings where everyone stands around and congratulates themselves on how superior the departed were, how those in attendance are really caring and essentially find reasons not to respond “with more violence” or simply change the subject completely (looking at you Obama, Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Chris Murphy, whole Democratic Party, et al). “Gun Control is what we need!” “We need more special rights for the ‘LGBT’ community!” “This happened because the haters won’t let the trannies into the women’s room!” etc.

To do anything but mention the perpetrator and his reasons. If we refuse to analyze the reasoning of our opponents and then devote our efforts to eliminating the reasons and/or the opponents, we’ve lost.

Our intellectual elites seem to think that they can shame the terrorists into changing their behavior. That they can cast their eye of disapproval and sign a petition that will stop the terrorists. That these terrorists are no different than the lone Republican at the city council meeting or the Christian florist down the street who can be bullied into submission.

The terrorists actually like this response. It plays right into their hands. Have all the candle light vigils and petition-signing KY parties you want, terrorist command functionaries cheer. Show that “solidarity with the LGBT community!” It’s easier to kill you in unarmed groups and that is our job and only goal, they plot.

It’s like sheep gathering out into an open field and promising to do even less in their defense. “Feast away wolves! You’ll eat so many of us that you’ll get sick and who’ll have the last laugh then! ‘We shall overcome…’”

And, of course, these sheople are at constant war with their shepherd dogs. “Why must you be so violent?” “Why can’t you get along with the wolves?” “Have you tried a vegan diet? “You’re no different than them anyway…” “The cycle of violence…blah, blah, blah.”

I’ve gone through this whole screed doing something similar to what Obama, Hilary and most Democrats have done in the wake of the Orlando shootings, not mention Islam. Fail to point to the prime cause of this attack.

So I will make this clear, we are at war with Islam. Call it a “radical” branch of Islam if you wish but it is an Islamic cause. The people involved in this branch are very serious. They take their cause very seriously. They are devoting their lives to it. They have one goal — Islamic domination. In their view you either, join, submit or die. There are no other options.

There terrorists will not be softened or persuaded by our attempts to reason with them, “understand” them or accommodate them. This is not a debate (for them). This is not a city council vote concerning new designs for crosswalks near a school. They view such responses as weakness and conclude that such responses are proof that the terrorists have the true cause. After all, they reason, if the effete people and leaders of the west (or the Crusaders) don’t have strong feelings for their cause or even their own survival, why should they be spared?

This group likely numbers in the upper tens of thousands with tens of millions of sympathizers across the world. And as long as they can do what they did in Orlando (or Paris) with no push back, they’ll have more sympathizers. A lot of people like to follow the winner. There might be hundreds of millions of Muslims who do not follow these people but as long as they keep quiet (possibly intimidated), they need to be understood as unallied with us.

Failure to identify and acknowledge an enemy is a recipe for disaster. As long as the willful blindness of the intelligentsia continues, these things will continue.

A Few Thoughts on the Orlando Shootings

Remember after the maniac Dylann Roof killed those people Charleston, since he had some vague interest in the Confederacy it was deemed that all references to the Confederacy needed to be uprooted from every nook and cranny of the United States — ASAP? All ancestors who had served in the Confederate Army were immediately rendered unpersons. All because it was immediately determined that the Confederacy did it.

We also see the same “rush to judgment” with any crime involving someone claiming to be a “Christian.”

Contrast that with Omar Mateen’s Islamic religion. One can watch the intellectual gymnastics news hosts, reporters and guest go through to avoid equating Islam with the terrorist act. “No need to ban anything Muslim” everyone insists. Islam couldn’t have had anything to do with it. This created and absurd dance by news readers, various reporters and guests desperately trying to avoid saying the “I” word. They were willing to say ISIS, because Mateen had mentioned it but they wouldn’t offer that Islam’s dislike of homosexuals contributed to the choice of targets. The phrase “hate crime” was trotted out regularly, as if there was some form of terrorism that didn’t involve hate.

Of course King Barry I, the self-identifying Pope of Islam, saw no Islamic connection but knew that “hate” was involved. In his mind all Muslims are exactly like the cute little Muslim kids he hung around with as a child. He can’t comprehend them growing into the mad dogs they are.

On my local news, WUSA, a CBS affiliate, there was a strong stress on this being an anti-gay hate crime. A “gay pride” parade got a lot of attention from the news crew, with lots of weepy, “Why won’t people accept us?” Then at numerous press conferences and “vigils” gays and several Muslim groups got together to share their mutual victimness.

As long as we are unwilling to identify the enemy, we can’t win the war.

Why B-52s and B-1s are not cratering known ISIS camps at this moment is beyond me.

On the gun front, of the 50 dozen times I heard Mateen’s AR-15 mentioned on CNN and CBS (local and national) , maybe twice it wasn’t described as an “assault weapon.” I know most reporters know little to nothing about guns so they go with what Handgun Inc. tells them to say but when a “former FBI” guest or a “security consultant” and others like Pete Williams (former Navy) do this, it’s clearly purposeful misreporting. It’s not an “assault weapon.” It simply looks like the M-16 and the M4. Double bonus for the clown who called it a “semiautomatic assault weapon.”

Remember, these are reporters purposefully misreporting this issue.

And the most ridiculous response is that the Broadway play “Hamilton,” about Alexander Hamilton (not George Hamilton), has now decided to do the play without the Revolutionary-era muskets they use in some of the numbers. Maybe they’ll use mops instead.

It’s What the Scorpion Does

I wanted to take a quick break from final editing of my next Val book to direct your attention to this outstanding op-ed from the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz (one of the best in the business) — Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror.

She takes to task Philadelphia’s idiot mayor, Jim Kenney, a man so daft and slavishly political that he is beyond parody. Within hours after a Philadelphia police officer had been shot by a crazed Muslim declaring that he was shooting the officer in the name of Islam, Kenny proceeded to declare, a la Obama, that the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. He proclaimed that “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam” was a motivating factor in the shooting.

Notice how these sure declarations of “nothing to do with Islam” come from people who aren’t Muslims while the people committing the acts are Muslims. That’s some powerful arrogance there. Too bad these Muslim maniacs aren’t listening to Barack Obama or Jim Kenney or any other legion of Democrats.

Or European elites. You may have been following the wave of sexual assaults and robberies of young girls by men thought to be recent Muslim immigrants in several European countries, notably Germany. In those cases, at first they weren’t reported by the media (for fear of inflaming fear in the citizenry); then the police and political leadership (uniformly liberal/socialist or simply pathetic) denied it happened and then denied it was Muslims and then ensured everyone that the actors didn’t represent Islam. These people making the assurance were not Muslims.

So what is going on here? Why are our ruling elites more interested in protecting immigrants and refugees than protecting the citizens that elected them and they putatively serve?

If you’ve spent much time with liberals you’d know the answers. Liberals by and large view their fellow citizens as dangerous and one step from going on a Nazi-like rampage. The only thing that keeps that from happening are the soft words and protection of the liberals. Liberals also are romantically transfixed by the “other.” They hate America. They hate its history and accomplishments. They hate their fellow citizens. They hate their parent. They hate their own lives. Other people’s lives and countries are so much better and should be emulated, in the eyes of the liberal. To the liberal there is no possible way that someone from one of those “foreign”/exotic religions would ever do anything bad. In their minds the American is capable of horrific evil, the foreigner, not so much. It has to be a misunderstanding or somehow they were provoked, tricked or framed. The Tea Party or white people of some kind were probably behind it.

Rabinowitz notes the liberal hectoring of the dangerous hoi polloi — it’s almost religious in its “lecturing” and instructional tone.

She also hammers home a point that illustrates the bubble that liberals inhabit: “To hear the mayor of Philadelphia was to grasp, more clearly than ever, the fury that has led to Donald Trump’s success in attracting voters — the fury of citizens who know official lies when they hear them, whether about border security, immigration, or the ever-expanding requirements of multiculturalist dogma.”

Liberals like to pretend that America is a nation ravaged with hate, which is why they are needed to rule over us. They can keep us under control, teach us and lead us to the promised Utopia of multiculti love. The reality is that this fantasy is dangerously delusional. Are large proportion of the population is getting angry as it becomes clear that our leaders will side with our enemies. Message to liberals, you won’t like us when we’re actually angry.

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kudos to Kurt Russell (yes, the actor) for blurting out what should be our real policy concerning terrorism. (He also made some good points on the fallaciousness of gun control proposals.)

He made the point in a recent interview that we shouldn’t be worrying so much about what Muslim terrorists are going to do to us but rather the terrorists should be worried about what we are going to do to them.

Yes, let’s go on the offensive. Make them worry about us.

The worldwide Muslim terror conspiracy is probably close to operating at its full capacity but the western response has been negligible in comparison to its vast capabilities (and the amount of money spent on it annually). It’s as if you have a Ferrari and haven’t even bothered to do anything beyond starting it and playing the radio (and it has awesome floor mats!).

Obviously with the current lot of impotent western leaders in charge that’s not going to change but I can still have my fantasies, can’t I?