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Mercy For Griffin

Yeah, that’s a tough one and though she doesn’t deserve it but I’m actually advocating some mercy for “Comedienne” Kathy Griffin after her foolish participation in some “performance art” featuring a fake severed Donald Trump.

Performance art has long been a scam. Was it ever anything else? It’s been the forum of the talentless and angry.

I have little doubt that Griffin’s apology is probably more motivated by the backlash and sudden realization of the mortality of her own career than any heartfelt understanding that what she did really was wrong.

She’s been a long-time twisted liberal hatchetwoman, little different than so many TV comics. That she’s found a home on CNN for so long tells you about where there head is.

Having said all that, I do advocate some mercy for her.

Our society, led by the liberal cultural commissars, has become vicious often seeking metaphorical bloodsport, in destroying people’s careers over the slightest “outrageous” transgression. Liberals love to seek and be “outraged.” There are times when it seems all that liberals live for is to be “outraged” by something.

Conservatives are used to this as they are the ones usually on the receiving end of these outrage fits.

The list of folks whose careers were dented or destroyed over some “outrageous” comment

My response on all of this is for people to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

Yeah, there was no humor involved in this incident but performers like Griffin need some latitude for the occasional faceplant. ALL performers need this.

Comics do go too far sometimes. It’s what many do and ideally they learn.

On the other hand, she has repeatedly demonstrated she is a horrible person so she should have some humility. I’m not advocating she go tearfully onto the Ellen or Oprah shows (and give one of those nonapology apologies) but it would be nice to see real contrition. Maybe an afternoon in some stocks in a public square in a Texas town and children pelting her with rotten fruit and vegetables – on live TV. For charity, of course.

Griffin is so illustrative how far out the American left is. How easily “Death to Trump” rolls off their tongues.

Imagine if this was a conservative comic – there are a few out there but they don’t get big-time jobs on TV like a low-rent comic like Griffin gets. But imagine the nuclear holocaust that would have been visited on, say, Steve Crowder if he’d displayed a plastic head of Obama. The energy radiated alone in vaporizing him would have raised the Earth’s surface temperature by a couple of degrees. Every Republican on the planet would have been asked/required to denounce him… Remember how “everyone” went ape poop when a cartoonist had Obama as an organ grinder’s monkey? Oy!

Yeah, it’s not fair but we’ve become a hypersensitized society and that only plays into the hands of the liberals.

I Love Stacey Dash

Concerning the liberal cause du jour, not an acceptable amount of “black/African-American” people nominated for the Oscars, Stacey Dash tells it like it is. “I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration.

Dash has been staking out a position of pure color-blindedness and I applaud her for that. She even went so far as to insist on the elimination of racially-oriented television network BET and the odious Black History Month.

Of course BET — Black Entertainment Television — responded but did they do it civilly?

Did they say something along the line of, “We disagree with her but she has her opinion and we have ours. We feel that BET makes programming that serves an underserved market. We’re more nimble than bigger producers and are able to focus on a niche market just like National Geographic, Lifetime and ESPN do. No program producer can be all things to all people. Bob Johnson’s millions show that we’re doing a good job at serving our viewers. We’re for more TV choices for everyone. We hope Ms. Dash agrees with us.”

I’m a fairly libertarian fellow and would have bought that. I’m not for censorship or taking away entertainment choices that people want and will pay for. BET’s “Criminals at Work” or “Real Husbands of Hollywood” or awards shows (lots of awards shows) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what freedom and all those channels on your cable TV guide are for. You couldn’t pay me to watch a reality TV show but a lot of people love them.

But BET couldn’t do that. It’s a leftist-run operation (they hate Donald Trump too). They showed their cleverness by riffing on “Clueless,” playing on the name of the movie for which Dash made her name.

Somehow I doubt BET execs would insult “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone in that way.

Isn’t making fun of a woman’s intelligence considered sexist?

But why worry about analogy purity when you’re dishing out the beatdown? Snark rules! Face! Dash!

And BET was not the only one. Pretty much every media outlet or attention urchin had to lob in their insults of Dash (demonstrating, once again, the ‘show trial’ mentality of the Media-Liberal Complex).

That’s what the left is all about these days — mindless conformity, insults, playground-level bullying, getting people to cry “uncle” or say that the bully is “great” (remember that chestnut from fourth grade?). I bet the geniuses at BET’s offices were calling Dash a “poopiehead’ as well.

But if we’re playing childish name-calling games, it can go both ways. Since BET focuses on programming aimed at people of a certain color, it must be racist. So BET=Racism.

Good News From Al Jazeera

You read that right! In case you hadn’t heard, Al Jazeera America is shutting down its “news” operation, AKA “Proselytizing the infidel.”

If you recall, that “green guru” wheeler-dealer Al Gore was part of a group that sold the unwatched “Current” left-wing programming network to the Middle Eastern media group based in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates for a cool $500 million (Gore kept a chunk of that for himself). The irony was of hydrogen bomb proportion but neither he nor his left-wing supporters acknowledged it.

Of course the news that Al Jazeera America never got any traction with most Americans shouldn’t surprise anyone. The left-wing America-hating audience (especially the Pro Islamic Terrorism Division) is only so big and with it spread between MSNBC, CNN and the major networks (other than Fox), there was only so much audience to go around. Al Jazeera America never developed the psychotic personality of MSNBC; CNN’s audience has been melting away for years as has much of the traditional broadcast news operations. What was the AJA target audience? There was a reason that the old Current network was available. The leftist cultural world has far too many players. Some of them are going to die out.

And speaking of that, Chris Hughes’ experiment as a publishing executive has collapsed in a similar way as he has announced that he’s going to sell what’s left of The New Republic (there’s not much remaining). Turns out his idea of turning it to the rawer and harder left didn’t work out so well. That market is also packed with competitors, e.g. Slate, Vox, Huff Po, Salon, Buzzfeed, etc., who are doing it much better.

There is a rumor that some portion of Al Jazeera America might be sold.

Profiles in Mush

You probably missed this painful story about NBC News President Deborah Turness’s visit to a group of “Hispanic lawmakers” on Capitol Hill in Washington. It didn’t go well for her.

As she groveled before them, begging forgiveness for NBC’s faux paus of having Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (though her division has nothing to do with SNL), and listing all the favorable stories NBC News and its partner Telemundo had done lately, and how they’ve been hiring all sorts of lefty “Hispanic” correspondents, she described illegal immigrants as “Illegals.” At that point a Democratic backbencher, Rep. Juan Vargas of California, stepped in. “I’m going to stop you right there. We use the term ‘undocumented immigrants.’”

Now if Turness had been anything other than the toadying liberal simp that she and most journalists are, she’d have said something along the line of: “Who’s we, Mr. Congressman? All Congressmen? All Americans? I don’t think so, senor. You might use that term but I don’t. Congress passed the enabling laws making crossing into the United States without permission ‘illegal,’ so it seems odd that a Congressman would purposefully mischaracterize that law. Do you understand the law? I can bring in a lawyer to explain it to you. I’ll keep it simple for you because perhaps English isn’t your native language, the fact is that people who are here illegally are illegals.”

But she didn’t and spent the rest of the session grabbing her ankles and asking for more. They didn’t even appreciate her attempts to speak Spanish. But then when you kowtow to a bully you get what you deserve.

Deb, you have to understand, when you walk into a roomful of toughs and start with, “Hey, big boys, how can I pleasure you today?” Things aren’t going to go your way.

She was joined by several other NBC execs, including a couple of “diversity” types. No one defended her and everyone ended up looking around for their panties after it was over.

Cue Nelson Muntz: Ha-ha!

John Oliver Attacks Unnamed Paris-Attackers, Sort of

The Twitterverse and other regions of the intellectual eliteopia are all atwitter about HBO’s John Oliver delivery on Sunday night of an “epic smackdown” of the terrorists that attacked Paris.

Yeah, he just hammered them. Calling them a-holes and using the F-word frequently (which of course means he was like mom-using-your-middle-name serious). He devastated them by calling them “unconscionable.” I’m sure any ISIS folks watching HBO at the time were just crushed. They’ll have to visit their therapists. They are probably feeling marginalized, disrespected and invalidated now. They’ll never be able to terror again…

Ooooooh, he showed them. John Oliver 1, unnamed attackers 0.

Oliver’s big takedown point is that these unspecific a-holes are never going to take French culture down because the French have Sartre and Camus and Piaf and Proust and Gaulois cigarettes and wine and cheese and pastry… I guess that’s effective if you want to bond with ennui-infused college students in their Paris Semester but as a weapon against hardened maniacs living in another millennium, it just makes you another easily killed infidel.

Johnny, they don’t play by your rules. It’s not a debate about what culture is most fun. Yelling, “Burn, dude!” and high-fiving your buddies isn’t particularly effective with this lot. They understand only a few basic things – alive, dead, should-be dead/will-be-dead and the power to compel. Junior high-level comedy doesn’t exist in their world. You might as well be reading Aristotle to a case of terminal cancer. That Oliver seems to think he’s won something, is kind of disturbing.

Interestingly, he left out people such as Saint-Saens, Bardot, Pascal, Rabelais, Zola, Monet, Offenbach, etc., and, most importantly, Charles Martel, the one Frenchman (well, Frank) who knew how to deal with Muslims.

Another interesting thing left out of Oliver’s tirade was the “M” word. He could call them effin’ a-holes but he couldn’t call them Muslims. John, professional tip here, if you can’t speak the name of your enemy, you’re not doing much good. Maybe it’s you that’s getting burned.

Oliver is under the delusion that this is some kind of cultural selection contest and naturally people will choose the ooh-la-la French. He has no more better grip on reality than special snowflake college students these days. He even seems to think that the terrorists themselves are probably no stronger than our precious snowflake students. Oliver clearly has no comprehension of who we are fighting or what this is about.

Let’s also not forget that John Oliver will be one of the first people to go after U.S. forces if we decide to put boots on the ground in the Middle East to go after the “a-holes.” He’ll mock them as he mocked Bush, U.S. forces in the Middle East conflicts and the Guantanamo Bay facility. When the going gets tough and some heads have to be bashed, Oliver will be one of the first to look for the exits.

So I’m not sure what he’s hoping will happen with his tirade. There’s nothing like liberal tough talk (said after the bully that gave them the atomic wedgie has left the field, gone home, got drunk, passed out and forgotten the nerd’s name).


Modern Educayshun – Recommended

And speaking of U. Mizzou… Check this video from upcoming videomaker Neel Kolhatkar, “Modern Educayshun.”

The one weakness is, as I have found out in writing my satires, the modern liberal’s rapid descent into insanity makes them difficult to satirize. Last year something like “Modern Educayshun” would have been considered sufficiently enough over-the-top to be satire. Now, in the wake of continuing campus insanity at places like Yale and the University of Missouri, this short film might be a documentary.

Her Name Was Julia

I know I’ll get a bad rap for this but note the name of the blog.

You might have caught the story this week of a new character (and cause) for the Sesame Street universe — autistic Julia.

Yes, Sesame Street now takes on autism or rather the “stigma” of autism or rather the stigma of the autism spectrum.

First point — note the name Julia. When last we saw a “Julia,” she was the Obamaton cartoon character whose whole life was one long dependency upon the government for free stuff and services. All of which made her happy, feel fulfilled and brought purpose to her life. Remember that cartoon?

So why did Sesame Street pick that particular name? If you know anything about Sesame Street and the people behind it, you’d know that it might not just be a coincidence. For decades Sesame Street has been a hive of leftist agitation, pushing left-wing causes du jour, and painfully politically correct behavioral modification for kids.

I was eight when Sesame Street first started and even then I sensed a dark purpose behind behind the unctuous, saccharine patronizing and constant tut-tutting. My younger sister, far more impressionable than I, was turned into a zombie by the whole thing. As soon as the song started playing she’d run to the TV and just stare at it as the show went on. Upon hearing the song, I’d remember I had left some toy soldiers in my room or I’d hear my friends outside. I’d suggest that we turn it to Gilligan’s Island or something but my sister would squeal like a stuck pig.

Second point. It’s only been over the last decade that “autism” has become a cause. For a long time it was seen as a strange, not well-understood, mental affliction, hitting mostly boys. But for some reason, about a decade ago autism went mainstream. Autism morphed into “autism spectrum” so that more victims could be found and funding increased. It needed more funding because it affected, or could affect, “everyone.” It began to appear in TV shows and movies. Activist women, finding a disease that did not feature them as the center of attention, went into overdrive to find female sufferers to claim their share of the funding bounty.

Wiki, surprisingly, has an excellent note on Autism: “The number of people diagnosed has been increasing dramatically since the 1980s, partly due to changes in diagnostic practice and government-subsidized financial incentives for named diagnoses;[16] the question of whether actual rates have increased is unresolved.[18] ”

The “spectrum” is so broad that a large proportion of boys my age (and certainly most in any time before) would have qualified as “autistic.” So many of us were hyperactive, ignored our parents (when it was convenient), spasticly yelled out for seemingly no reason (usually really just trying to get attention), mindlessly banged on things, were often distracted or lived in our own worlds, talked to ourselves, had a couple of obsessive-compulsive habits, etc… I’m still a “perpetual motion machine” as my mom would say — always tapping my foot or drumming fingers — unless I’m actually asleep. Throw in some light or intermittent dyslexic characteristics (like transposing numbers) and we’re on our way to being diagnosed as “autistic.”

But we’re not autistic.

I’m not disparaging autism or downplaying it, it’s bad when it is actually present. My complaint is the attempt to “mainstream” it or pretend it’s everywhere. Sesame Street has autistic Julia wandering around the neighborhood and the only concern is that you might have to speak a little differently to her; that deep down, autistic Julia is just like you and me, except different. Got that?

That’s the Sesame Street world. But that’s not the real world so kids get confused. Julia has a light, harmless, TV- and propaganda-friendly personality disorder. A real sufferer of autism is very different. Kids will pick up on that person fast, assuming the parents would even let a true sufferer wander the neighborhood unsupervised. Kids encountering an autistic “Billy” are going to wonder why he’s pit bull autistic — head wobbling around like it’s on a swivel, incessant babbling, bizarre social skills (even for a young boy), etc — compared to cocker spaniel autistic Julia whose biggest problem seems to be that she can’t make eye contact or “does things a little differently” when they are on the playground. Yeah, it’s just that simple. No biggie.

In reality, it’s the difference between, say, a common cold, and pneumonia.

PBS explains their approach: “provides educational tools in online and printed story books and as a free downloadable app that feature ‘Sesame Street’ characters explaining to children how to interact with friends, like Julia, who have the neurodevelopmental disorder.”

In the Sesame Street world, such things are everywhere. We all have “friends” suffering from autism, don’t you?

The ratio one out of 68 kids have autism is usually tossed around. That’s a liberal reading so you can quickly figure the number of hard cases is much smaller.

So how likely is one of your “friends” has actual autism? Since it develops (and is diagnosed) early, before children form groups of friends, it is highly unlikely that anyone in a group would have it. Later friend groups tend to develop around people sharing similarities so it is still unlikely that a group would encountered and absorb anyone displaying abnormal (for the group) behavior. Sesame Street is treating autism as if it is cancer.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of people who will go their whole lives without encountering an openly autistic person. At the most we might encounter some oddball that we realize later might have been autistic, though they basically functioned.

Such attempts as these at mainstreaming true, full-blown autism, can be dangerous — for the sufferer and for the kids. The afflicted aren’t likely to fit in and guilting the other kids for not being able to fit Billy in, because your world sees Julia rather than Billy, is a disservice.

A better approach, I think, would be to show the autistic Billy. Let Sesame Street’s viewers see the real thing so they get a grasp of what it really is. Lessons can be offered on how to treat such sufferers or how to behave in their presence (though it’s likely that few kids would consistently encounter an actual hardcore sufferer). It could also aid in making it clear that there are sufferers who can function in the real world.

You might think I’m overreacting but this is one way the left infiltrates itself into every nook and cranny of our lives — through little and seemingly harmless, sometimes generous items like this.