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A Big Story You Haven’t Heard

One of the biggest stories in Washington is a story most of America hasn’t heard — because the MSM has decided you can’t hear it since it would reflect badly upon the Democrats. That’s the way the MSM rolls.

A former IT guy for Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill looks to have been doing something funny with the IT system. Helping may have been several family members and in-laws. The guy was from Pakistan. He worked for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who, defended the guy, has since clammed up to investigators and she threatened them to get back possibly incriminating evidence.

Read more here for the bonus discovery of smashed hard drives at one of his properties.

Wow, what a great story, too bad our media won’t cover it.

The latest, the guy was caught on Monday trying to escape the country.

Ah, imagine if this involved Republicans or Trump in the way it involves Democrats — you’d never hear the end of the story… but the press, including the local Washington press such as WTOP, is too busy running the fourth Trump Russian Collusion story of the hour to squeeze in any real Washington news.


And This Guy Goes to Jail?

The Democrats and the media (one and the same) claimed another pair of Republican scalps with the conviction of former Chris Christie aides Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly concerning traffic on a New Jersey bridge. Somehow Baroni and Kelly engineered for the New Jersey transpo people to realign some lanes on the bridge to cause chaos in retaliation for the local mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie’s run for governor.

Yes, monkey with traffic lanes — you know, kind of like what Democrat politicians do all the time when they want to cause chaos to press for more highway funds. “If we only had more (Federal) money we could fix these problems!”

But these were Republicans so the book was tossed at them.

However, my big point is that these two got actual jail time (he two years and she 18 months) for what was a messy political tug of war. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Crew are still free despite committing several high crime felonies, notably the whole email server setup and then lying about it and then destroying evidence and then dissembling to investigators, etc…

Meanwhile, we have a steady state of leakage of classified (anti-Trump) information by Obama holdovers in the government and no one, at least in the Democratic Party or the media, benefiting from these leaks, is demanding investigations and then some hides in jail.

Then we get the Evelyn Farkas revelations that she was an (anti-Trump) information wrangler in the later days of the Obama administration. She had been a deputy assistant secretary of defense in the Obama administration (Oy!) until she left to join the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2015. So, after Hill was put down, Farkas (and others) apparently spent the interlude before Trump was inaugurated collecting and pushing dissemination of negative Trump info throughout Capitol Hill (and the media). Much, if not all of this information, was classified. Oddly, she was apparently, technically, unemployed at the time, yet had quite a bit of access to various intelligence agencies.

It’s wholly possible, and unclear from her MSNBC interview, that she may have been dealing in this classified information before the election and while still employed by the Clinton campaign. Imagine if this had been a Republican…

Farkas actually seems quite proud of what she did and completely oblivious that she looks to be confessing to a series of felonies and outlining a major Washington-based felony conspiracy that sounds like something out of a movie.

She perfectly characterizes the modern liberal’s belief that they are just so great, and their cause so pure that mere laws do not apply to them.

And they are all scot free…

The Left Hates You — Act Accordingly

Kurt Schlichter absolutely nails it with his “The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.”

This is a very important statement. The left is playing to win and playing to eliminate any resistance to its belief in its historical progression to omnipotent power over all before it.

La Media

The indispensable Mollie Hemingway gets straight to the point in yet another ridiculous media-generated fake news story — the Steve Bannon says “Shut Up” to the media.

Hemingway nails the media on its misreporting, blatant deception (Hey, did you know Obama aide Anita Dunn said almost thing to the media at the beginning of the Obama administration? Their was no angry response from the media lapdogs then.) and ultimately takes them to task for massive failure in their duty, noting that they have misinterpreted this large portion of the citizenry and instead of apologizing and trying to correct their error, they’ve redoubled their mistaken efforts.

What’s more infuriating, the media’s purposeful misreporting of the story through clipping the quote to make “Trump advisor” Bannon, and thus Trump, look bad or their puffed up pomposity that they are making some kind of brave stand and striking a great blow for democracy through their unremitting counterrevolution against the fascist Trump junta?

Do they stand in front of a mirror while reciting these lines with trumpet flourishes playing through their earbuds? They often now seem to be modern incarnations of goofy characters from some forgotten opera, La Media.

They are playing a dangerous game increasingly alienating a significant portion of America with their nonstop naked partisanship and ceaseless attacks on anyone who isn’t a fellow traveler. The media comes with a smile but looks to bear a knife.

This odd story makes one wonder, “Insiders Say NBC Is Building ‘the Next Fox News.’” I’m not sure whether NBC understands what made Fox a success. Is this an honest attempt and a realization that maybe they’ve overplayed their hand or is it just a ruse? Do they understand that declaring cultural war on over 30% of the country might not be the greatest business decision — especially when there are several competitors plumbing the increasingly extreme libtard well.

Well, we’ll see. I’ll believe it when I see it.

CNN Awakens

This story from TV Week is amusing, “CNN Launches New Investigative Unit.”

I guess CNN thinks that this is like the turning point in Dune, “Father, the sleeper has awakened!” After eight long years of snoozing and waking only to bake cupcakes for The One, the alleged cable “news” channel suddenly remembers what its job is. Uh-huh…

Of course CNN insists they were planning the unit all along. No, there’s no sudden surge of anti-Trump psychosis…er… energy… nothing at all to do with the current White House occupant. Uh-huh…

Yes, I’m sure if we were talking in a world of Pres. Hillary “Historic” Clinton, CNN would be outfitting an “investigative” unit to peer into her administration… hah, hah, hah… Okay, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. CNN couldn’t even be goaded into looking into her felony-ridden tenure at the State Dept.

Even if they had really been planning to create the unit no matter who was president, why do I get the sneaking suspicion that if it were Pres. Clinton, the unit would have as its portfolio something more like “racism” or “income inequality” or “digital divide” or “fair pay” and other fake news like that rather than attempting to bring down a president – which is what this unit is tasked to do.

Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

How do you know the media is lying? Their lips are moving! They are now the equivalent of the Clintons! Well, CNN does stand for the Clinton News Network in more ways than one!


A Trump Gift

I just came from checking in on my Yahoo! Sports fantasy hockey team. Whenever you log out of your fantasy team you are dumped onto Yahoo!’s news page. It has for months done nothing more on the political front than run anti-Trump stories. I have yet to see a positive story or anything negative on Hillary Clinton.

That’s not an accident.

Sadly, this is typical of every major news outlet (with the exception of Fox News and it has been drifting leftward lately).

If nothing else, Donald Trump needs to be congratulated for wiping away any doubt (if there had remained) that the American news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm and disinformation agent for the Democratic Party.

I’ll not catalog their calumny beyond noting that if a Republican candidate had Hillary Clinton’s record of incompetence and criminality they’d have been destroyed long ago. Clinton makes Nixon and Harding look like choirboys. Her email server and the compromising of American secrets, American institutions and employees under her may be unmatched in history. The failure of the media to even do the basic in reporting is unforgivable.

So what to do?

I doubt the media will reform itself. Liberals do not hire conservatives or anyone that isn’t going to toe the line and swear fealty to gods of liberalism. And increasingly the corporate suites are packed with liberals — many now out of the closet and unafraid to use their companies as weapons of mass destruction against their American enemies and in servitude to international socialism.

One thing that can be done is to boycott what you can. After the hockey season I expect I’ll abandon Yahoo! completely. Does anyone know a good fantasy sports website? I have to admit that Yahoo! did fantasy sports well.

I make it a point to avoid linking to MSM (e.g. major networks, Washington Post, et al) stories in the blog. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. It’ll cut down on the click numbers for them.

Don’t buy their papers. I doubt sending letters to the editors mean anything any longer. I think they just dismiss the writers as racists, Nazis, bigots, etc.

Avoid the big TV networks and their programming.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m now boycotting the NFL, NBA and NCAA. I haven’t slipped yet and supposedly ratings for the NFL are down.

I’m learning and enjoying hockey and catching the last of the baseball season. I’m watching golf more and David Feherty is clearly a conservative but politics are basically left out of these sports and no one seems impelled to let the viewers know how hip, cool or progressive they are.

The liberal media corporations (and their sports allies) need to feel the consequences of their actions.

Hollywood’s Misportrayal of Republicans

I read Hank Stuever’s “I’m With Him” in Thursday’s Washington Post. I rarely read anything in the WaPo but I thought I’d get a good laugh at a story about how Hollywood portrays Republicans.

Amazingly enough it’s actually a good piece; wholly without that “Conservatives in the mist” flavor that characterize most stories concerning conservatives/Republicans that are written by members of the MSM.

Stuever flatly acknowledges that Hollywood (focusing on TV mostly though including movies), does a poor, practically clueless, job at creating and portraying Republicans. These portrayals are generally stupid, plodding hypocrites who are either purposefully evil or accidentally malevolent.

He even grants that Republicans and conservatives probably have a legit beef with Hollywood over this. He doesn’t do the usual thing that you’d see at Vox, Slate, HuffPo, et al, of simply blathering that the portrayal is accurate and the lack of conservatives in Hollywood is because they are ignorant Phillistines that only care about business and bigotry.

However, he doesn’t offer any reasons for this blindness, likely because he fears for his job, but he at least goes that far.

He could have noted that most Hollywood denizens don’t know any actual Republicans or conservatives. And unlike active conservatives, who are quite knowledgeable about liberalism (how could we not be since we are bombarded with it in our culture, education, government and, increasingly, every nook and cranny of everyday life?), liberals know little to nothing about conservatives and what little they know is distorted, caricatured or misunderstood.

He could have remarked upon the pressure exerted by politically-active liberal Hollywood producers, directors, writers, actors and executives. Conservatives rarely last long in Hollywood or they keep their mouths shut. Conservative projects, outside of shoot-em ups, military and revenge/vigilante porn, do not get made. Any conservative yelp that creeps into a program is often shouted down and those behind it are chastised and chastened. Apologies will be issued and new, politically-correct characters and story lines introduced in penance.

He could have pointed out that an educational system, especially at elite institutions, has been miseducating students for decades, creating liberal-spiced automatons.

I could go on but I’ll add one final point missed. When it comes to politics/Washington, Hollywood does a terrible job of getting it right. Most Hollywood TV series and movies with a Washington setting are dreadful liberal propaganda that bear no resemblance to the dreadful liberal mess that Washington actually is.

The truth is that politics is, for the most part, boring. It doesn’t have the dramatic dynamic that TV shows and movies need. Most policy is made in bits and pieces by liberal bureaucratic worms at the agency level, slowly digesting our freedoms. It’s not made by pretty, incredibly smart people in the West Wing outwitting the Republican troglodyte retrograde opposition for the umpteenth time.