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The Susan Rice Story: Crickets and Squirrels

Last weekend it broke that former Obama apparatchik Susan Rice apparently spent 2016 and the transition period collecting classified intel on Donald Trump and his campaign/transition staffs. For exactly what purposes is unclear. Rice’s responses have been of the “You can’t prove it, I didn’t leak it and It wasn’t illegal” variety.

You might recall Ms. Rice, was the chief disinformation dispenser for the Benghazi cluster-eff.

This was a follow-on to the Evelyn Farkas fark-up, adding fuel to the fire that there was vast, Obama administration-wide conspiracy to gather and distribute classified surveillance intelligence that could be portrayed as embarrassing to Trump and his people.

An interesting sidelight about this bombshell of a story is its coverage or lack thereof. It broke last weekend yet, somehow, the major media, those great guys and gals that cover every utterance of Trump and so many Republicans, have helpfully relayed the “Trump is a Putin puppet” meme slavishly almost every hour of every day since it surfaced last year, have yet to get to the story, and I write this Thursday night.

Wait, I tell a lie. There have been a couple of odd stories about Susan Rice issuing mysterious denials concerning something that is entirely legal and hardly anything at all… The inestimable Mollie Hemingway has a great piece here.

The Farkas revelations too have been ignored.


Yeah, no media bias here… move along.

Obviously, the MSM is waiting for their cues from the DNC, via the New York Times, Washington Post and AP — all of which have turned a blind eye to a story that if it was committed by a Republican would be 24/7 news.

Eventually we’ll see a few dimwitted Dem parrots… er… politicians will chime in reinforcing the anointed meme. Clearly the DNC hasn’t figured out the angle yet.

Question, if the MSM doesn’t cover something, is it still news? (Their answer is ‘No.’)


So Let Me Get This Straight…

… when somebody (think: Russians) hacked the Democratic National Committee and leaked a bunch of embarrassing emails that revealed Dem. leaders to be a pack of cynical, craven, power-hungry poopyheads, we were supposed to focus on the alleged source of the hacks, not the content…

But when it came to the leaks concerning Mike Flynn we were supposed to focus on the content (alleged since it has not been seen publicly) not the source of the leaks (though those are high-level intelligence executives who have committed several felonies in their political vendetta).

Okay… Hey, mainstream media goobers insisting on this line of thinking, does the word “hypocrisy” mean anything to you?

And then we have one of them from Goober Hypocrite Central, the Washington Post, insisting that the media isn’t biased against Republicans, conservatives or Donald Trump at  all (and if you say we are we will ruin you!!!!). You could actually die from laughing too hard or your jaw simply dropping off at Marty Baron’s venture into an absurd upside-down world. John Hinderaker has more at, “Washington Post: We Aren’t Biased!

You have to wonder, are they that delusional or do they simply find it so easy to lie – almost like a small child caught filching cookies or breaking mom’s favorite vase? Of course the child has the excuse that they are young and haven’t quite grasped right and wrong. These people have no excuse.

And they wonder why circulation drops and their businesses are circling the toilet…

The Madness of the Liberal

The Post Drops Into St. Cloud is one of those must reads from Power Line that has to be read to be believed for its description of pure idiocy. The Washington Post story in question is truly Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medal-winning in its ability to twist logic into a pretzel and turn the world upside down.

The Washington Post reporters do everything but say that the horrible, bigoted people of St. Cloud, Minn., had it coming to them because they’ve been so mean to and misunderstanding of those kind, harmless, pacific Somali immigrants.

It would be impossible to find a better example of typical, daily modern journalistic malpractice. Journalists are completely clueless on how much they are despised, not trusted and they are similarly clueless on how most Americans live and feel. And they wonder why their subscribers, readership and audiences have dropped over the last few decades. Washington Post circulation was plummeting even before the internet started hollowing it out. Treating a substantial portion of your readership (i.e. conservatives in the Washington area) as fools, idiots, bigots, etc., is a recipe for disaster. And that happened. The internet simply meant that conservatives didn’t have to bite the bullet to get sports, classified ads and movie reviews. The internet also hammered its loyal liberal readership.

The reporters seem to be from a whole ‘nother planet and see something completely different than what the rest of us see.

Media bias aside, there remains the question — What are they thinking?

It’s clear that the Somali immigrants, at least some of them, are ingrates. An American community has taken them in, provided them with homes, education, charity, welfare and opportunities. And they’ve given them safety. Had they stayed in Somalia where would they be? How many would be dead? Enslaved? Press-ganged into a Muslim militia or warlord gang? How many would be living day-to-day, just trying to eke out a life? Very likely most if not all.

Did I mention these people are ingrates?

It is also clear that a significant portion of the St. Cloud Somali “community” hasn’t assimilated into the local actual St. Cloud community. It seems to be that the Somalis have no interest in assimilating.

So why did we/do we import people unwilling to integrate? It’s one thing to allow in the cream of the crop — those who want to come to America because they want to change their lives for the better and understand America’s greatness. That may have been 10,000 or so but mass immigration from people who will brook no assimilation and plan to simply move their physical presence from a hellhole to a nice place and then take advantage of the generosity of America, the local hosts and glom onto every welfare benefit they can – enabled and encouraged by bureaucrats and Democrats — is a recipe for disaster.

We did not allow the immigration of millions of communists during the cold war – that would have been foolish (even most Democrats, then, did not want that). We took in the refuseniks and objectors not the ones wanting to turn the U.S. into a copy of the home they left. So why are we practically begging to bring in hundreds of thousands, nee, millions, of Muslim immigrants, most of whom have no interest in assimilating?

This is madness. What is wrong with you, liberals?

Why import people who hate us? Do you think it really makes you superior? It only makes you a delusional fool. Along with suicidal and dangerous.

Do you travel to the tropics and eagerly seek out pestilential mosquitoes? Would you have eagerly sought out AIDS? Ebola?

Stop it!

One final point, Hillary Clinton wants to continue this suicidal parade. Donald Trump has questioned it.

Obama vs. Trump: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition

Have you noticed that when Donald Trump says something remotely outlandish, the MSM deploys two-dozen fact checkers to tear it down, prove Trump wrong and make him/Republicans look bad?

They most recently expended enormous amounts of resources on the “Muslims cheering in New Jersey Streets on 9/11 video” imbroglio.

Now, I for one, think that Trump was conflating a story that he heard about a few New Jersey Muslims celebrating with the Palestinian videos of thousands cheering. Like our Narcissist in Chief, he cannot admit he was wrong or partially wrong but that’s not the point. In this case the media went to extraordinary lengths to prove him wrong — even to the point of trying to shove down the memory hole a couple of small stories about some Muslims possibly celebrating in Paterson, N.J. The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” went so far as to pretend its  story on that by Serge Kovaleski’s never existed and even Kovaleski himself tried to deny its obvious existence — all in service of their Get Trump agenda. (I won’t go into The Donald’s mocking of the hapless Kovaleski beyond noting that the media even tried to distort that by leaving out Trump’s reason for going after Kovaleski — the MSM simply made it seem that Trump was randomly lashing out at a disabled reporter.)

Yet when The One says something absurd (and easily refutable), such as at high tide in Miami fish swim down the middle of the streets (because of “Climate Change”), no one in the MSM makes a call to the Miami bureau or hops a plane to Miami to find out if this is true. Fish swimming down the streets at high tide? That should be a big story! Anyone want to check that out?


Hey, how about Obama’s insistence that radical Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how many terrorists say it’s their prime motivation?


ISIS has been defeated?


What about that whole “You can keep your insurance…” Ah, why am I wasting my time?

Just making a point…

Media Bias — Who Wrote That Headline?

A lot of people don’t realize that at large newspapers the people who write the stories don’t have final say on the headline that accompanies their story.

I suspect that explains this inexplicable headline in the Washington Post: “Conservatives Convinced College Board to Rewrite American History.”

That’s quite a scathing headline. One that’s not borne out by the relatively fair piece by Lyndsey Layton.

The story covers the recent revisions made in Advanced Placement United States History texts put out by the College Board. Previously the board had suddenly and quietly produced a shockingly left-wing retelling of U.S. history for students. Once the new texts were produced they were roundly blasted. These “revisions” were corrections of that misinformation and disinformation.

As noted above, the story is relatively fair and anodyne. The headline is something entirely different.

Question for the WaPo editorial staff, who wrote that headline and why is it so wildly exaggerated?

Needless to say, the comments of local Washington Post readers are hilarious and frightening. Remember America, these people are the ones working in the federal government, on Capitol Hill and in the NGOs/nonprofits that have undue influence on the central government.