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Tim “Butt Hurt” Kaine Speaks

I caught one of my idiot senators on WTOP the other day. Tim “Butt Hurt” Kaine was whining that Pres. Trump was bad and a bigot and a meanie, etc. But what got me was his simple insistence that the Russians had “hacked” the election which caused Tim’s butt hurt (since he was expecting to be vice president at this point).

Now this question has become of interest to me lately. Pray, tell, Timmy, just how did the Russkies “hack” the election?

Because if you don’t have any evidence beyond them being involved in the releasing of the Dem. party emails that revealed Clinton campaign bigwigs and hangers-on as cynical cretins deserving their own special circle of hell then you ain’t got jack.

Are you implying that the cowboys in the Kremlin hacked some votes for Trump in Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin?

Because that’s the only “hack” that could make any electoral difference.


Then STFU.

Oh, hey, Timbo, the Grinch wants his grin back.

(Of course WTOP’s anchors did not ask him to elaborate…)

CBS Radio News Goes There

You knew it was probably just a matter of time before one or more of the titans of the American news media would make the charge.

In Wednesday morning’s 8 a.m. segment, CBS Radio News declared the maniac who killed a half-dozen people at a Canadian mosque as a Trump supporter.

I was busy getting ready for work but I believe I heard Frank Settipani say killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, had expressed support for Trump online.

However, they failed to mention that this kid is a useless-degree sociology student and a product of the modern hypersensitive special snowflake academic culture.

Interestingly, CBS Radio News, like its other media brethren, was slow as cold molasses in labeling Muslim terrorist mass killers such as those in San Bernardino and Orlando as Muslim. “We don’t want to rush to judgment or prejudice anyone,” they said in their defense. Hhhhmmmmmm.

They also had no hesitation about labeling Dylann Roof as a right-winger and Confederate-sympathizer after his spree. Am I seeing a pattern here?

Don Beyer – Hack Representative

Given the choice between doing his Constitutional, Congressional and traditional duty of representing his constituents in an important Constitutional and historical process or being a rank Democratic Party hack flunkee, my Congressional representative, Don Beyer, chose the latter by saying he would “boycott” the Trump presidential inauguration.

He lamely whined that The Donald insulted women during the campaign. Apparently Hillary Clinton’s insults fell on his deaf ears.

It’s all part of the Dems’ plan to delegitimize Trump, making their increasingly antidemocratic activities more acceptable. If there’s a party that would attempt a coup, it is the Democrats. Be forewarned and forearmed.

These groups have been aided by, at least two local schools, The American University and Georgetown University. Both have allowed groups openly planning to “disrupt” the inaugural to use their facilities to plan and organize their possibly illegal activities. The American University even went so far as to ban reporters from covering these nefarious activities (not that the reporters would have reported anything negative), by claiming that a “media review” hadn’t been “completed.” For some inexplicable reason Washington reporters never tramp onto the Georgetown campus though several went there as undergrads.

In other Washington inauguration news, the local radio news station in Washington, WTOP, merrily sputters along seemingly guided now only by talking points issued by the Democratic National Committee (usually via the Washington Post, New York Times or Associated Press).

Today they seemed to feature more stories about people protesting or planning to disrupt the inaugural than straight stories about the inaugural itself. And the reporters certainly did not offer any judgments on such folks. They were treated as if they were merely visiting to take in the Smithsonian or the Lincoln Memorial. One of them even insisted that they would not accept democratic electoral results that they did not like. The reporter didn’t bat an eye, metaphorically, or even pursue the point; such is the leftist lean of the media that the position doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

Of course, when it was reversed and King Barry I was being sworn in, it was all sweetness and light about how many wonderful people were traveling from the hinterlands for the “historic” events. The possibility that anyone would protest, much less try to disrupt them, was so far from the mind as to be science fiction. Anyone making such a threat would have been cast beyond civilized society.

Ah, but that was different!

Now disruption and dissent are once again the greatest forms of patriotism! (This just a few months after leftists insisted that those not in full obeisance to The One were actual traitors. ‘You can look it up in the Constitution,’ they’d cluck).

Out of the Mobs of Babes

We’ve been hearing tales of how college campuses across the country have descended into swamps of depression after the election. These stories, all very similar, actually seem to be parodies. Someone accurately described it as “mass hysteria.” But I’m not here to chronicle that nonsense.

It seems that our high schools have taken up the challenge to be just as unserious as colleges by “walking out” in protest of the election of Donald Trump. Can you imagine the heap o’ trouble any kids would have been in if they had walked out of class on the election of Barack Obama? Yeah, they’d be on a few lists…

The arrogance of these kids boggles the mind. But they’ve been coddled and spoiled all their short lives and told how amazingly smart they are. Surprise, bad parents, these kids believed you. And you can bet that when you get old and they don’t see any further need for you, they’ll commit you to a home, if they don’t slip some “end-of-life” drug into your organic, gluten-free almond milk. You’ve created a generation of budding monsters who throw temper tantrums when something doesn’t go their way (and they expect EVERYTHING to go their way). I hear they like brown shirts.

So here they are in action. Amazingly this is from an MSM outlet that’s been running nonstop anti-Trump news — “Trump supporter, 15, beaten during Rockville protest.”

In salute I offer this Top 10 list of signs seen at these high school anti-Trump “rallies”:

Do What We Say or We’ll Throw a Fit!

Appoint Hillary Queen!

We’re Smart and We’re Better Than You!

We’re Students, We Know Everything Already!

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Democracy!

We Refuse to Accept Anything We Don’t Like!

We’ve Never Even Voted and We’re Demanding You Obey Us!

Is This the Line for the Free Concert Tickets?

Trump Has Cooties!

Anything to Get Out of Class!

The Republic Is Saved!

I’ll admit, I was a coward on Tuesday night. I didn’t want to be depressed so I watched no election news, did not even go onto the internet at all. I watched sports, though no NBA because of my boycott, and entertained myself in other ways. The thought of President Hillary was overwhelming. It would come soon enough, I did not need to be a witness nor suffer the media adulation of Queen Hillary.

It was only on Wednesday morning that I summoned enough courage to turn the radio on to get a quick glimpse of the traffic and weather. The first words I heard were “In this most improbable of victories…”

I had missed the miracle, yet I comforted myself with the knowledge that had I watched, Trump would have lost. So I sacrificed just to save the republic. You’re welcome!

The newsreaders struggled mightily to not choke up too much as the woman they had been running interference for so long had been defeated. Often they treated the election results as if they were describing a car accident they had come across. It was as if the results didn’t pertain to them.

They trotted out various Washington Post reporters to try to explain how the curious situation had come to fore. I’ll give Ed O’Keefe some credit in that he acknowledged that supposedly expert reporters such as himself had dismissed all the talk of “voters coming out of the woodwork.” (This was a disinformation meme the DNC-media complex peddled last week and over the weekend to depress Trump turnout.)

WaPo major domo Dan Balz treated the whole situation as if other reporters had been covering the election, not him. Various other reporters tried the same distancing tactic — it wasn’t them who had been carrying Hillary’s water and savaging Trump for the last six months.

Yet, as they danced it was still clear that none of them had any idea how Trump was elected. Where had all those voters come from? They didn’t know anyone who voted for him (not that the Washington, Maryland and Virginia suburbs had that many conservatives left and, lord knows, the WaPo and the MSM doesn’t hire anyone who would vote for Trump…). Life in The Bubble.

The most amusing recurring question was, “How could the polls be so wrong?” Numerous stories featured puzzled Clinton supporters spouting that question. And, sure enough, no one really could explain it… Finally, a clip of Frank Luntz saying “Trump people don’t talk to pollsters,” was aired. Yet the reporters never could put 2 and 2 together and grasp that it was their own bias that had led to this inability to have any kind of understanding of half the country.

By 10 in the morning the MSM was beginning to recover from their shock and a new shift of reporters changed the dynamic. No longer was it “Trump Wins” but “Putin Wins” (and sophisticated Europeans are stunned by the United Hates of America). Several stories focused on the foreign affairs ramifications of the Trump victory. Conclusion — they were bad and here’s another story about how Russia is delighted with Comrade Trump. Strangely, the name Barack Obama (and the mess he’s made of our international relations) was missing. The famous “Reset” with Russia is so far down the memory hole at this point. But, hey, did we mention that Putin is happy?

Those stories were punctuated by “How to tell your children about a Trump victory.” Yes, the tots needed to be counseled by professionals because they were going to be confused when their friends were deported. And Muslims were worried that Trump was going to ban them, cue some Muslim spokesman to expound on how awful Trump is. Then wrap it up with a woman from something called the Center for Racial Equity insisting that the arrival of Trump was going to set back blacks economically and overall racial relations decades. Of course the reporter took all of this as gospel and didn’t ask a skeptical question. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I turned it off after that. Just a sign of the four-year onslaught we will soon endure (but I’ll take that over four years of Queen Hillary!).

How Propaganda Is Masked as “News”

Despite an avalanche of damning Wikileaks releases chronicling the crimes and cynicism of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign, the American news media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Socialism International DBA the Democratic Party, chooses to focus monomaniacally on the petty foibles of Donald Trump.

Witness WTOP radio, the top news station in Washington, D.C. and America, Tuesday morning. Plenty of dirt on Hillary — news that her State Dept., in the form of flunkee Patrick Kennedy, pressured the FBI to change the classifications of some of the emails recovered from Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server. Kennedy even offered some horse trades to the FBI if they covered for Hillary. The FBI, to its credit, refused.

There was also news that Hillary’s security detail at State hated her and had unusually high turnover and that she refused their instructions, choosing to do her own thing and often putting the detail into awkward positions.

So, lots of great news material? Not for WTOP. Somewhere Donald Trump looked cross-eyed at someone and the public needs to know about it!

They then did a story about “Broadway” Bill Clinton. Barely audible, and sounding tired and weak, Clinton attacked Trump in front of a pack of uber-wealthy Hillary supporters. No cutting analysis was offered by the anchors.

Then there was NBC cutting Billy Bush loose. And just in case you didn’t know, Billy Bush was on a tape saying naughty things with Donald Trump!

This is WTOP’s news priorities. They do this diversionary dance basically everyday.

When finally confronting the new allegations, WTOP downplayed them as “Donald Trump claims.”

Ignoring the fact that the origin of the news was not Trump, this was amateur hour. To add to the insult, WTOP didn’t bother to have an actual reporter report the news but rather just read a few lines of copy and then accepted the Clinton campaign’s simple dismissal as nothing worth worrying about.

After a break their decent national security correspondent J.J. Green took on the story. You could tell his heart wasn’t in it as he outlined the new revelations and then summarized the State Dept.’s and the FBI’s spokesmen’s utterly lame denials. The State gentleman apparently told reporters that the accusations that Hillary’s security detail hated her, etc., weren’t actual transcriptions and probably had been “garbled.”

Now if this had been a Republican, this would have set off alarm bells, complete man-the-battle-stations claxons for every news organization. Whistleblowers used to be treated as oracles by Washington-based reporters but now, when it’s a Democrat, they might as well be a lonely wind out in the desert.

No wonder so many in Washington seem unaware of what went down with Clinton, WTOP isn’t reporting anything. (Note, Howard Dean and the searing Washington elite partisan cynicism he displays here is one of the things that is giving rise to Trump.)

The Misreporters

I’m returning to a theme I’ve hit several times — the purposeful misreporting of the whole “transgender” and bathrooms issue, especially by Washington’s news radio station WTOP.

Once again on Thursday morning a WTOP reporter reported on an incident and essentially read from what was likely a press release from an LGBT activist group.

According to the reporter a “transgender woman” was “assaulted” in a bathroom at a local grocery store by a security officer. The officer was trying to remove “her” from the women’s restroom. What prompted this was unsaid. Were there complaints about “Ebony,” a very butch-sounding “woman”? Or did the bigoted officer just do it for fun? The skeletal information tells me what likely happened but the reporter was trying to spin it gay-friendly. One trick reporters use is to leave out facts that don’t fit the narrative.

But let’s circle back to “transgender woman.” Is that a man wanting to be a woman or a woman wanting to be a man? Is it a man claiming to be a woman or a woman claiming to be a man? Is it a man dressed as a woman or vice versa? Is it someone seeking to change themselves into the opposite gender of their birth or is it simply a transvestite? It was never explained.

These terms are tossed around like everyone is going to understand them, much less agree with them or accept the definitions and situation.

I suspect what the officer saw or heard about from a customer was one of those creepy man-loudly-dressed-as-a-woman heading into the restroom or occupying it for a long time. Or he may have gone in as a man and was using it to change (into a ‘woman’) before a night out on the streets.

No doubt the grocery store will cashier the officer or the contractor. The reporter practically sneered that the officer belonged to a “third-party security firm.” That means they are guilty.

Then the company will croak that this is a learning experience and they will institute training for their workers to be sensitive to the sexually confused and mentally unstable. And who will conduct this training? Some of the very same groups that agitate and raise money on this topic. Talk about a racket.

No longer will the restrooms in the grocery stores be safe. And yet another part of our everyday lives will be taken from us and given to the freaks. The tail wags the dog again.