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A Trump Gift

I just came from checking in on my Yahoo! Sports fantasy hockey team. Whenever you log out of your fantasy team you are dumped onto Yahoo!’s news page. It has for months done nothing more on the political front than run anti-Trump stories. I have yet to see a positive story or anything negative on Hillary Clinton.

That’s not an accident.

Sadly, this is typical of every major news outlet (with the exception of Fox News and it has been drifting leftward lately).

If nothing else, Donald Trump needs to be congratulated for wiping away any doubt (if there had remained) that the American news media is nothing more than a propaganda arm and disinformation agent for the Democratic Party.

I’ll not catalog their calumny beyond noting that if a Republican candidate had Hillary Clinton’s record of incompetence and criminality they’d have been destroyed long ago. Clinton makes Nixon and Harding look like choirboys. Her email server and the compromising of American secrets, American institutions and employees under her may be unmatched in history. The failure of the media to even do the basic in reporting is unforgivable.

So what to do?

I doubt the media will reform itself. Liberals do not hire conservatives or anyone that isn’t going to toe the line and swear fealty to gods of liberalism. And increasingly the corporate suites are packed with liberals — many now out of the closet and unafraid to use their companies as weapons of mass destruction against their American enemies and in servitude to international socialism.

One thing that can be done is to boycott what you can. After the hockey season I expect I’ll abandon Yahoo! completely. Does anyone know a good fantasy sports website? I have to admit that Yahoo! did fantasy sports well.

I make it a point to avoid linking to MSM (e.g. major networks, Washington Post, et al) stories in the blog. I encourage other bloggers to do the same. It’ll cut down on the click numbers for them.

Don’t buy their papers. I doubt sending letters to the editors mean anything any longer. I think they just dismiss the writers as racists, Nazis, bigots, etc.

Avoid the big TV networks and their programming.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m now boycotting the NFL, NBA and NCAA. I haven’t slipped yet and supposedly ratings for the NFL are down.

I’m learning and enjoying hockey and catching the last of the baseball season. I’m watching golf more and David Feherty is clearly a conservative but politics are basically left out of these sports and no one seems impelled to let the viewers know how hip, cool or progressive they are.

The liberal media corporations (and their sports allies) need to feel the consequences of their actions.


Adam, I’m So Disappointed in You

The biggest mistake I made with my fantasy baseball team this year was letting Adam Jones go. I’m a big Jones fan but he started the year with the dreaded “oblique” injury and was batting around .200 for the first month or so of the season. It was looking like a “lost” year and I’ve long had a habit of loyally holding onto players too long.

So I cut him loose and the next day he started on the tear that he is still on. Oy!

And that’s why I’m so disappointed in him playing the race card.

Baseball is a white man’s game,” says the baseball-playing black multimillionaire.

Why is it a “white man’s game”? Apparently because the black participation level of the MLB is 8% and the overall black population of the U.S. measures around 13% percent.

Wow! Sounds like the KKK is hard at work in baseball!

So is that really a bad thing, Adam? The NBA and NFL are over 2/3 black. Does that make basketball and football “black men’s” sports? They are far more “racially” disproportionate than MLB and yet the only complaints there are that there are not enough black skins in all aspects of those two sports.

One gets the feeling that the complainers won’t be happy until the sports, perhaps all sports, are 100% (or more!) “black.”

The writer of an article quoting Jones, the dependably moronic liberal Tim Brown, begins it with the obligatory roping in of Jackie Robinson, in the form of his daughter, Sharon. She laments that there aren’t enough “brown faces” on the baseball field. A mighty racist statement but Robinson and Brown see it as a plea to right a grievous wrong. As if the sport’s participation level has to magically align with the population (if not exceed it) so that some kind of racial nirvana is reached.

Brown, a white liberal, then begins the slow implication that, somehow, pro baseball must be racist because not enough blacks, by liberals’ accounts, are playing the game. In his eyes it is guilty and has to prove itself innocent. The typical liberal accusation.

One of the damning stats he brings in is that baseball is “27% Latin American,” with the implication that the Hispanics are taking jobs from urban (‘Compton’) blacks.

Now when Donald Trump says something like that people like Tim Brown go nuclear and want Trump banished from society yet Brown keeps that in his back pocket and whips it out to comb his liberal pompadour.


He then goes into the typical, decades-, now generations-old, demand for affirmative action, outreach programs, hand-holding, special treatment by skin color, etc. All to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why must liberals reflexively view everything through a racial prism? Why must sports be seen as “racial”? Why must liberals politicize everything?


Yahoo! Sports and Politics

It’s no secret and I’ve complained many times about Yahoo! Sports promotion of liberal politics. The site is obsessed with homosexuality (promoting its activity among athletes, notably in the locker rooms). It never misses a chance to pigeon-hole people along the line of taking note everytime “The first (fill in minority group here) to “fill in accomplishment here,” no matter how petty that accomplishment is. Sometimes it seems to single-handedly keep the “Offensive Mascots” debate alive. Racial politics (they’re for it) have been particularly popular lately. And it never misses a chance to say something nice about Barack Obama or take a shot at any athlete that is openly conservative (e.g. Curt Schilling, Tim Tebow).

On Friday it went to a new level. Sitting at the second spot in its feature stories section was “Inside the First Family’s 16-Day Summer Getaway at Martha’s Vineyard.” This wasn’t some news insert or a sponsored story but rather it was tagged as an NBA story. I refused to click on it though it seems possible that an NBA player or several were vacaying with the First Fan.

To add to the Obamafest were two more stories in the subhead position — “Here’s what Obama is reading” and “Golf sets the pace on vacation.” (Talk about a Duh! Story.)

I’ll not comment on the Obama’s family love of their taxpayer-funded vacations.

There simply is no excuse for such stories on a sports portal. Well, other than their editors and contributors are Democrats and they want to politicize everything in our lives.


Adam’s Appalling Plan

I caught NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Summer League press conference on Tuesday night. Of the three or so big issues he addressed, he went after the scheduled 2017 NBA  All-Star game in Charlotte, N.C. He said that the NBA had yet to make a decision on whether to change the venue. He didn’t mention why they would change venues concerning a long-scheduled commitment but everyone knows it’s because of the “North Carolina Restroom Law.” Silver doesn’t like the law, preferring to grant sexually confused men special rights to use whatever restroom they wish to use – everyone else be damned. When Adam doesn’t like something he expects changes to be made.

Silver, long suspected to be gay, is using the NBA to promote homosexuality and, along the same line, getting it increasingly involved in political issues. In response to a question about the growing political stances (all liberal) that players, teams and the league have taken lately, Silver proudly approved and wanted more. For him everything is political. He’s a deep believer in the left-wing cant that “The personal is the political.”

That is the mentality that dominated the Soviet Union, Red China and other liberal-run countries. Everything was seen through a political lens, especially things like sports. No aspect of daily life could be considered a safe refuge from politics and it eventually led to a society where you were judged (and eventually condemned) on your politics.

That’s the world the liberals and Democrats want to institute. They must be resisted.

On a similar track, another Yahoo! Sports hack writer, Ben Rohrbach, “reported” on four Minneapolis cops walking off a part-time security gig at a WNBA game when members of the Minnesota Lynx wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

Rohrbach castigated the officers for their action. He applauded the gals for their racism however. In the writer’s mind, some opinions are acceptable or even commendable while others (the cops’) are to be condemned.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Bomani’s Big Boner

An ESPN personality by the name of Bomani Jones got a Yahoo! Sports writer all excited by wearing a “Cleveland Caucasians” t-shirt on TV, in an attempt to mock/protest the Cleveland Indian’s famed Chief Wahoo mascot (the bane of ultrasensitive liberals everywhere and a handful of politically active ‘Indians’). Here’s the sorry story.

First I’ll deal with the latest in dimwitted Yahoo! Sports writer, Chris Cwik. Cwik is convinced that Bomani has scored the smackdown of the century. “Down goes the racists! Down goes the racists! Down goes the racists!” no doubt echoed through his empty head in a hollow Howard Cosell cry. That he swallows this silliness is indicative of the weak-minded groupthink in the Yahoo! writers bullpen. He says “Jones is a big-time sports personality.” In what world, Cwik? It’d be more accurate to call him a single-A or double-AA “star” (at best).

He also thinks Jones has hit upon some kind of Earth-shattering gotcha. He seems convinced that after Bomani’s appearance the Indians will be working all night to create new uniforms for the next game. Oy!

Oh, and who is Bomani Jones? Okay, I’ll admit, I pretty much avoid ESPN, all channels out of protest of its liberalism (and some of its business practices), but I still have an idea who the major personalities are. Who the eff is Bomani Jones? His Wiki lists some shows he’s involved with. Nothing big — radio and second-tier low-rent filler. He’s not an ex-athlete. He seems awfully young, but then so many young are full of themselves. Surprise! His parents are “activists” (of the liberal kind). He seems to have been some kind of professional student for many years and then somehow wormed his way into high-profile gigs without any experience whatsoever. The few clips I’ve seen of him do not demonstrate can’t-miss innate talent, say, in the way of a Stephen A. Smith (love him or hate him, the guy has the gift). Jones is clearly in love with his own voice, that’s obvious. Admittedly, that helps in the business he’s in.

But let’s get back to the point.

When you think about it, it’s actually amazingly infantile. I’m sure Jones thought he was scoring some huge points. But what he didn’t realize is that most nonliberal “white” people do not think in terms of race. If anything they are likely to fall back on some ethnicity associated with the family names of the previous generation or two. That several generations of being in the United States makes a complete hash of ethnic identities is ignored.

Remember many years ago Jesse Jackson encouraging young blacks to look in the mirror and be proud of their skins? Part of the whole “Black is beautiful” thing? The average white person would never consider doing such a nonsensical thing. But modern blacks have been taught to view everything through the lens of race. Everything becomes a racial incident.

For Bomani, he hasn’t a clue that most white people, nonliberal that is, would just shrug their shoulders at the name “Cleveland Caucasians.” “What’s the big deal?” If the team is any good they might grow fond of it and if it isn’t they don’t give it much thought. If he thinks they are going to rise up in outrage, he’s seriously deluding himself. They just don’t play the racial identity politics that he does. The racist here is Bomani.

I did find the little dollar sign replacing the brave feather to be funny and also indicative of Bomani’s cluelessness. Clearly he’s unaware that some of the most dollar-oriented people, we’re talking hedge fund fanatic-level obsession, are black rappers. They love all signs of wealth. So Bomani’s “gotcha” detail for his “Caucasian” stereotype isn’t particularly correct. It’s hard to make a good stereotype if you can’t get the details right. But then I don’t think anyone would confuse Bomani Jones with an intellectual, except Bomani and Yahoo! writers.

He’s probably looking in the mirror now and saying, “Bomani, you are one bad, beautiful and brainy black cat!”

Apparently these shirts have been on the market for awhile and the world hasn’t been engulfed in the flames of racial guilt. That should have been Bomani’s first clue.

Of course, if he was really intelligent, he’d actually start marketing the shirts — make a fortune — and then discover most of his buyers are the hated white man.