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First They Came for the Hoopskirts…

With all due apologies to Niemoller… this is becoming serious business.

You knew when they stated ripping the Confederate flag down, the Social Justice Warriors would not stop there.

Here’s a continuation that almost reads from The Onion (what doesn’t these days with these people?) but it is true – the banning of hoopskirts. Et tu, UGA?

Sadly, the University of Georgia has been taken over by liberals, mostly from out of state. It’s rather like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” They appear Southern but they are in reality alien agents intent upon conquest. This is happening all throughout the South in academic institutions, most recently at TCU.

Adding salt to the wound is this bit of idiocy from a “research associate” (what is that?) from the University of Maryland in The Washington Post. I gather that this “research associate” has no idea what women of the North wore nor fashionable young gals in London were wearing during those years. And, of course, the young dames of Paris could be the hoopiest of them all.

Bushy dresses predate the existence of the United States.

It’s madness. We’ve entered a period of pure delusion, overlorded by cocksure youngsters seeking to expunge anything of the past they might find uncomfortable for their delicate, sheltered sensitivities (a bill of lading that is quite lengthy).

Follow the Global Warming Money

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a can’t miss piece, “Global Warming: A $1.5 Trillion Industry.”

It examines the increasingly lucrative Global Warming/Climate Change Industry. Besides noting the obscene amount of money involved, the real point is that this industry is heavily, and I mean HEAVILY, dependent upon government coercion for its existence.

Not only is it requiring government power to force the private sector to support it (shakedowns, regulatory mandates, etc.), it also needs the government to literally foot the bill in so many cases, e.g. “consultants,” “studies.”

This is just another case for getting the government out of businesses that it has no Constitutional mandate for being involved with in the first place. Shrink government and many of these rent-seeking industries will dry up – other than what is legitimate.

How Do These People Keep Their Jobs?

According to this post at Hot Air, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart said he was shocked to see Hillary Clinton “underwater” in some recent polls. (Underwater in this case means higher unfavorable ratings than favorable ratings.)

Can he be serious? Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarizing people of the last three decades. Capehart is a high-profile writer for one of the top newspapers in this country. He can’t believe Hillary Clinton is more disliked than liked? If he is that clueless, and he supposedly covers politics for a living, how does he keep his job? How do his bosses justify keeping him employed (other than as a toilet scrubber)?

I know, he’s a loyal liberal soldier, doing everything for the cause.

Just another day inside the Liberal Bubble.