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International Without a Woman Day or Whatever…

Yet another shockingly dumb “movement” thing from liberals. And of course it is adopted and whitewashed by politicians, news media and other cultural arbiters as harmless as Arbor Day (but also incredibly important too!!!!).

Believe it or not, a local school system, City of Alexandria (Va.), is giving the students the day off.

Not surprisingly, either, The U.N. is all for it and involved, along with many useless parasite NGOs.

Being left out of all this by our cultural commissars are the hardcore left organizers. Gee, I wonder why?

Lessee, a convicted Palestinian terrorist and the ubiquitous human communist/racist cancer, Angela Davis are involved. And somehow our watchdog media missed this.

Eh, maybe not. Most of them like Angie Davis and they are cool with Palestinian terrorists too (so long as they concentrate on killing Israelis).

Check out these exposés on the march/day leaders from the New York Post, Legal Insurrection, Blue Lives Matter and Front Page.

Hey, how about a Day Without Men? You know, no cops (the serious ones, ya’ know); no firemen (the serious ones, ya’ know); no military (the serious ones, ya’ know); no repairmen; no contractors; no serious outdoor laborers; a serious curtailment of business; etc.

No, you say? Yeah, the idea is absurd. Most men don’t play such nonsense…


CBS Radio News Fails, Again

On Thursday morning CBS Radio News demonstrated again why so many complain about media bias.

Concerning the story of left-wing anarcho-fascists rioting in Berkeley, Calif., and forcing the University of California to cancel a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos (after it had promised to have enough security to prevent such a happening), anchor Frank Settipani described Yiannopoulos as the (or an) editor of the “ultra right-wing website Breitbart.”

Frank, have you ever uttered the term “ultra left-wing”? Like maybe in describing the rioters?

I’d hazard to answer that’s a no.

And that’s part of the problem with the media, most of them don’t see anyone to their left.

Oh, and here’s one of CNN’s contributions afterward, “Milo Yiannopoulos Is Trying to Convince Colleges that Hate Speech Is Cool.”

You see, in their eyes, it was all Milo’s fault that the protestors had to get out of bed or put down their bongs to go riot and stop him from speaking. He deserved to be shut down.

And the media wonders why it is so reviled…

Our Borg Left

Can there be any doubt that anything that the left touches becomes corrupted.

Here is a story about the nominally nonpartisan Committee to Protect Journalists. Now it has come out with a statement that Donald Trump is an unprecedented threat to press freedom though it insists that it’s not taking sides in the upcoming election. They said that with a straight face.


Admittedly any group of journalists is likely to be left-leaning and it is usually just a matter of time before it removes any pretense and just goes whole-hog into auxiliary service of the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton has her own plans to limit press freedoms. She wants to outlaw stories, movies, whatever, that paint politicians in a bad light.

CPJ seems to have missed that. Probably because most of their members decided not to report negative stories about Hillary Clinton.

And then there’s this piece about our wonderful public education system, which was drafted into service of the Democratic Party a long time ago.

I guess the surprising thing about this “letter” drafted by several “Teachers of the Year” is that they hadn’t done this before.

They certainly don’t hold back, pretty much equating Trump with the most heinous villains in history.

They also trot out lots of perfect moppet anecdotes of fear with tots crying on cue, “Mr. Supersmawt teacher, why does that scawwy Donald Twump want to huwt me?”

Our humble teachers are taking this extraordinary step… to save the children (from the Abominable Trumble).

Remember back during the first Clinton interregnum when so much of their calumny (especially at the EPA) was committed “for the children.”

Of course all of this couched in the insufferability that the conceited teaching profession has polished to a high sheen. These people think a lot of themselves and little of anyone who thinks differently (i.e. isn’t a liberal). To think, these people are paid by the taxpayer that these teachers so loathe.

The public education system needs to be torn down, sown with salt and its braying donkey membership put to digging ditches or handing out sippy straws and butt pillows at the old folks home… er… retirement community – actual, productive jobs rather than the well-compensated, publicly-funded liberal propagandameisters that they are now.

I’m not the first to note that the left ruins everything it touches and turns those things into tools of liberal propaganda, coercion, cultural and political warfare. Anything that resists is targeted for destruction.

Like the Borg, you will be assimilated or destroyed. There is no refuge from them.

Thought Police for the Police

The rapid descent into the politically correct maelstrom continues.

First for your dark pleasure is this PC spasm concerning country music singer Blake Shelton (who’s already on PC commissars watch list for transgressions). A small handful of mild tweets from more than five years ago are dug up and PC libtard “social media mavens” go on the warpath (OMG! They’ll squeal, I can’t believe he insulted Native Americans [not that they ever went on the warpath because they were peace-loving…]). These people need to get a life or a shooting war will start and I don’t think any of them has a gun.

Then there’s this disturbing story about PC indoctrination that the Loretta Lynch’s Dept. of Just-Us wants to foist upon the police departments of the nation.

This is pure Orwell. The term “thought crime” is in play here. This isn’t about weeding out KKK members or some overt racist, this is about supposedly being able to divine the deepest subconscious thoughts of human beings.

Does anyone doubt that these witchsmeller pursuivants will discover hidden “implicit racism” in the souls of policemen? Naturally, the less they find the more they know is buried deeply in those warped psyches so they’ll need increased funding and more power.

They’ll also have the power to ruin people’s careers and lives.

Of course, besides trying to create Cultural Revolution chaos and an ever-changing capriciousness that is redefined constantly and only they know what it is, there is the whole “racket” angle.

Who will be these indoctrinators… I mean… attitude adjustment consultants? Why none other than the same people who run these rackets everywhere else — people with useless “area studies or feel-good studies degrees, highly-compensated government and corporate consultants who just happen to be Democratic party activists.

As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”


I was amused hearing Hillary Clinton castigate Donald Trump because he wants to “Make America great again.” According to her he was implying that it is no longer great. She (and Michelle Obama, the newly crowned Pericles, taking the crown from her husband) insists that America is great right now.

Yet, coming out of the other side of Hillary’s mouth was a series of promises of “change” for America. So, Hill, if it’s so great why the desperate need for “change”? Or is this just a buzzword that polls well with our idiot Millennials (and Gen Xers)?

It’s acknowledged that the “change” pitch is aimed at Sanders’ socialist lumpenproletariat, which of course means that Hillary is actually covertly peddling socialism (as Obama did in his 2008 campaign). She’ll make great use, as Obama did in 2008 with “race,” of masking that with the “Making History” cloak enabled by their practice of identity politics.

I’m also amused about her running a campaign on “competence” and “foreign policy successes.” Like “honesty” and “trust,” those are two terms that one can’t seriously associate Hillary Clinton with. Yet one characteristic of the modern liberal is the belief that one simply has to assert something for it to be true. Its actually truth is immaterial in comparison to the assertion.

We’ve already suffered nearly two terms of one such president.

Do You Feel “Lucky,” Punk?

You might have heard about King Barry’s commencement speech last weekend at Howard University. If not you can read about it here or here.

In it The One was his typical nauseating, lecturing, self-congratulating self. To send the kids out into the world he told them that they didn’t get where they were by their own effort but they had simply gotten lucky in life’s lottery.

It’s a theme Obama has worked in various formats before — “You didn’t build that” (therefore I’m taking some of it from you) being one of his favorite.

As one can see by the links I referenced this dung-heap of a president was called out — though it means nothing to him — so I won’t replow that field.

What I will note is that I think one reason Obama thinks that all people who are “successful” got there by luck is that he himself has succeeded through luck and not much skill.

Think about it. Obama ran in 2008 against the incompetent candidate Hillary Clinton and he caught the Millennial Hyper-PC low-info voter wave to victory. John McCain’s unusually daft campaign helped immensely as well.

But more to the point, if Obama wasn’t black (half black), succeeding through copious amounts of affirmative action, reverse discrimination, low expectations and patronage deployed because of his color, he’d likely be a used car dealer, some mid-level government worker or business bureaucrat or political advisor to an anonymous state senator. He’d have never gotten into Harvard. He’d have never snagged a sweetheart book deal. He’d have never been elected to anything. If he were white and he’d had to survive on his wit — not insubstantial but overrated due to his color — no one but his immediate circle would ever have heard of him.

The man hasn’t really built anything in his life. He’s been a politician in one way or another most of his adult life — somehow effortlessly sucked forward, thanks to his color and ability to BS very well. Politicians don’t build things.

Most of the people hanging around him haven’t built anything or they come from wealth to begin with. The few that have “built” something are often amoral tech or entertainment executives for whom their sudden wealth from a single idea has a “winning the lottery” feel to it.

Much of his time has also been spent around academics, not exactly a den of up-by-their-bootstraps types. Academia has become a world of con men like Obama. Babblers who traffic in sophistry wherein they try to convince impressionable people that something like applying post-colonial queer theory to “The Vampire Diaries” is a worthwhile effort for which they should be permanently employed and nicely compensated.

He’s traveled in racist huckster circles for decades. They build nothing but grievance-monger machines, shakedown rackets and government money siphon devices. It’s all the life of the parasite.

Then there are all those lawyers populating his inner circle. The “law” is often a scam frequently deployed against successful people (the ones who have money). Lawyers build nothing, and then have the arrogance to pat themselves on the back for it.

And he’s hung around many government folks, elected and bureaucratic, along with NGOs and nonprofit groups. All these people want to do is control people, take their money and shakedown other people. None of these people build things. They take things.

Builders are the victims and prey of those I’ve previously mentioned. They are the sheep to be shorn.

In King Barry’s kingdom businessmen are a source of money — electoral funds, taxes and “gifts”; people to be regulated; people that must provide jobs; and lately, a force to be deployed for “social justice” against political enemies. Businessmen are also tools of the government. The government lets them survive in exchange for their submission. The government tolerates businessmen as long as they do the government’s bidding. Businessmen “succeed” and are allowed to keep some of their money (if they make any) at the magnanimous indulgence of that government. They should be grateful, in the eyes of The One.

Obama simply hasn’t spent much time around people who have worked hard and slowly built up a business. Those people aren’t part of the bubble he’s inhabited all of his life. He has no concept of their lives or their efforts so he assumes they don’t really exist or they are mistaken or lying about their situation. Like most things, he figures he knows more about their lives than they do. And he can sleep at night by convincing himself that no one built anything so therefore Obama’s not stealing anything. He’s just directing it where it really belongs. (Of course with a small handling fee extracted.)

He simply assumes that everyone is as duplicitous and superficial as he is.

And don’t even get me started on Michelle Obama…

What I just said also applies to everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders to Martin O’Malley. It is the belief system of the media, the low-information voter and all the members of the modern Democratic Party.

Our Lord of the Flies

When I was a kid and a young adult in the 1960s and 1970s (even into the 1980s), my grandparents in rural northern Texas loved Roosevelt, FDR, that is. Heck, everyone of that generation did. They praised him because he took care of them and saved them from the clutches of those awful Republican businessmen (who were out to steal their land — often to sell it to the railroad or some mysterious bogeyman — and take their money). The Republicans had  who had started the Depression after all. Or so they thought. Those small towns and counties and others like them throughout the South and rural West voted Democrat as sure as the sun was going to come up, decade after decade. If Satan had run as a Democrat, it’d be Mayor Satan.

Then they’d sit around the table and wonder why Washington couldn’t (magically) solve their problems. Yet, strangely, often they’d sound Republican, complaining about high taxes, big government, stupid policies, regulations and powerful bureaucrats controlling their lives… “Those ‘fellers’ in Washington,” simply didn’t understand, they’d complain. If only Roosevelt were back, he’d fix things right.

That Roosevelt had fixed nothing (arguably made things worse) was a proposition that could not enter their minds. They simply recalled things like getting electricity or telephone service “out to the farm” during his administration (technically it was probably late Hoover but…), a highway finally got paved (though most of the farm roads were still dirt roads) or often-unemployed Uncle Harry had joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and wrote them about it from Idaho. At least he wasn’t bumming around any longer… And even if not everything had been fixed, well, at least Roosevelt put the businessmen in their place and made them poor too. And there wasn’t a Republican in sight.

Then World War II came along and everything changed for those communities. All the kids and younger men “went off to war.” Most didn’t come back but resettled in a city somewhere. But the important thing was that Roosevelt won the war (and died for it) and prosperity came. See, his plan had worked, despite Republican machinations.They were pro-Nazi, in case you hadn’t heard.

For the most part, however, these people simply wanted to be left alone to get on with their lives and dealings. Roosevelt had done that too. It was the Republicans who were for the regulations or rigging the market that would “cheat” a farmer out of his profit or take money from a “widow woman and her children.”

There was an immutability about this world view.

I remember one time, in the early 1980s, when I had graduated from the kiddies’ area to floating on the periphery of the grown-ups table, pointing out that some bugaboo they were on about was actually a “Democrat” proposal. Needless to say, I never made that point again (and beat a retreat to the outdoors to play with my cousins). One grandmother was completely convinced for years that Reagan was going to raise “the taxes.” That’s what Republicans did to the little man. Then they were going to give that money to the rich people, bankers and their businessmen cronies. That’s how those folks got rich. She had seen it “on Dan Rather.” They religiously followed the TV news, Cronkite, then Rather. It was Gospel.

Roosevelt, and therefore Democrats, were always good and Republicans were always bad — that could never change no matter how much my elders and their neighbors actually sounded like Republicans in their day to day conversations. It was my first real collision with political reality.

It should be noted that as they passed on, bless their well-meaning hearts, those areas have turned and are now solidly Republican.

I bring this up because for many, perception is reality. Most voters really don’t dig into issues, no matter how much they think they are “informed.” Their knowledge comes from their “education” (controlled by Democrats — education unions and the hard left college professoriate), reinforced by the pop culture they read about in newspapers and books, see on TV or in movies (again, controlled by Democrats). They are marinated in this, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year: Republicans and anyone who follows them, e.g. “Big Business,” are bad, mean, stupid, evil, selfish, greedy, uncaring… You don’t want to be any of those things, do you? While Democrats and their supporters, on the other hand, are good and they care about you.

That’s all you need to know.

So it should be no surprise now that someone like Obama can get elected and reelected. He cares about you and works hard for you. He said so himself and so did the paper, CNN, Charlie Rose, Katie Couric, etc.

It should be no surprise that someone like Hillary Clinton (or most any other Democrat) manages to survive, even thrive and get rich despite manifest crimes and shocking incompetence. They aren’t Republicans and she says that she cares. That’s all you need to know.

No one should be surprised that so many, especially younger people, have become accustomed to being taken care of, for their whole lives. They are used to “free” things (Mom and Dad paid for it) like Obamacare, soon-to-be-expunged student loans and easy-term “federally-guaranteed” loans and mortgages. They think that big government will make everything right and even tuck them in at night and look under the bed for monsters. And someone else will pay for it, too!

As of late we seem to have entered a new round of this “Roosevelting” of the populace. We have a generation or more of youth entering adulthood and young adults who are bat-poo crazy, if the campus turmoil is any indication.

These people have grown up in the lap of luxury: fed a plentiful diet while living in quarters unseen for 99.9999% of mankind’s history; entertained as if they were Roman emperors; required to do nothing to support themselves; had no expectations expected of them; doted upon incessantly and indulged on most every (childish) whim; basically treated as minor deities all of their young lives. And, yet, somehow, they have convinced themselves that they are “victims;” put upon by vast, dark and unseen racist, sexist, classist forces; afflicted with horrific conditions (physical and mental); or forced to buy defective or dangerous products; eat poisoned food; breathe poisoned air; live in poisoned environments; etc. Every living moment presents dangerous, existential threats to them they are taught to believe.

How is this so?

Look at how they were educated from their first moments of sentience. They are bathed every second of their waking lives in an unending agitprop from newspapers, magazines, books, TV and movies (many songs too), community leaders, politicians and teachers at all levels telling them how awful things are; how so many people are trying to ruin them; how awful and illegitimate the past is; and how life itself is an omnipresent threat to their well-being. Few dare tell them otherwise (not that they would ever see such counters or understand them). They are told how special and smart they are and no one dares tell them otherwise lest they hurt their feelings. Every adult they encounter (like college administrators) bows to them as if they were potentates.

They are encouraged to express themselves, often in dramatic (even histrionic), emotional terms because emotions are considered to be more legitimate and “real” than anything else. They are told that everything they think and know is right and good while anyone who disagrees with them or has a different opinion is wrong, bad, bigoted and possibly dangerous to them. Such people might need to be avoided, exiled, reeducated or destroyed they, not surprisingly, reason.

They are told that most all businesses are bad, act illegally, cheat people, foul the environment, steal from others (including the government), endanger and underpay workers, sell dangerous products or services and are a threat to all that is good. They are told that people who are successful have succeeded by ill means and on the backs of others (including you!). There has never been a good business of any size above a few employees. These people and their businesses must be regulated, taxed, run out of business and have everything taken from them and given to others, allegedly more deserving. The only hope for businesses is to succumb to liberal governance, make little or no profit, hire only liberals and give money to, devote resources to and support only liberal causes. Then they can be part of an economic public-private partnership — and be guaranteed approved business while competitors justly feel the wrath of public and government disapproval and regulatory constriction.

They have grown up in a world where increasingly everything is to be politicized — either changed, banned or redeployed as a weapon to propagandize and remake society from its abominable past and flawed present into a perfect future society. A world where everything and every moment of life needs to be regulated or monitored for deviations from liberal orthodoxy (AKA all that is good).

They are told that all who came before them were flawed and imperfect, if not downright evil. Prime example — the United States. There are few lessons to be learned from the past. They were all racists, sexists, genderists, classists and are against so many things now seen as good by the important people of today. The past needs to be rewritten or disposed of.

They are never encouraged to sacrifice or act modestly, humbly. Those are ideas and behaviors, with a hint of religion around them, from the past (and the past is bad). The past can never be innocent, it must be tried and convicted. If it feels good it must be right is the new motto.

And there are many of those racists, sexists, genderists, classists still around and they need to be defeated, exiled, reeducated or simply destroyed. Their mere existence is an affront to all that is good and wonderful and hinders the coming of the utopian future that can only be inhabited by the young ones — because they are the only pure ones. There is no room for intellectual or personal miscegenation in the future.

This is their world view. It has become their religion (existent religions being one of those bad things from the past that must be disposed of). Is it any wonder that they turned out the way the did. Give a small, ignorant child a loaded gun and guaranteed that someone is going to get hurt.

So now we find ourselves entering some sort of “Lord of the Flies”-style world with liberals occupying the capricious leadership, constantly “saving” us from “The Beast” while eliminating those who do not subscribe to the prevailing groupthink, and all the rest of us are Piggy, Simon, Sam, Eric and the littluns. Of course that story had a happy ending. I’m not so sure ours will.